Have no fear of challenges

November 30, 2018 | 24 comments

“The roughest road oftentimes goes straight to the top of the hill.”

~ Unknown

Few people look forward to major challenges appearing in their life, but they happen anyway, at times. Have no fear of them. They are opportunities to grow and improve.

God gives us what we need to reach a full understanding and demonstration of eternal Life, where good alone reigns, and evil does not. We never lack. In God, we find the wisdom and understanding necessary to meet any challenge and rise above it.

If you feel like you’re being asked to “go straight to the top of the hill,” today, that’s okay. With God’s help you will succeed. Valuable spiritual lessons will be learned that make you a better person. You’ll get to the summit, and find yourself standing stronger and better off than ever before.

24 thoughts on “Have no fear of challenges”

  1. Thank you for your so encouraging SpiritView of today, dear Evan!
    I am tempted to jump into that foto and run up just to the top of that hill to the peak where from here you already can see that one will have a wonderful outlook if you look around, yes a spiritual and refreshing outlook!

    Thats what is needed so very much – yes God is with us – am so grateful we learn and can discern it every new!
    Looking forward to God<´s day – have you all a gorgeous day – with Love Uta!

  2. Having challenges to deal with makes us grow spiritually! Looking back I can see that the times I made most progress was when I had to dig deep to get the answers I needed and God was there sending me His loving messages. Thanks so much for Spirit View! It’s a beautiful day in my part of the U.K. love to all. X

  3. It seems thought is most open during the challenges. If my thought was as open all the time there wouldn’t be the challenges I think. Slow or fast as Mrs. Eddy says….

  4. Good thought. The path prepares us to operate on the next higher level. Through it we have the opportunity to conquer fear, expose evil’s temptation to quit, express joy for the progress and demonstrate faith through confidence in spiritual understanding. Thank you, Evan, for this post.

  5. So true. We learn very valuable lessons from our challenges. Our challenges give us an opportunity to go closer to God. We learn more of His goodness.
    Actually speaking our hard times are blessings in disguise. Because only during tough times we read, study and pray more, there by getting a better understanding of God, His infinite goodness, our relationship with God as His dear children. We learn to lean more on God rather than trusting in human efforts. We make spiritual progress, rising to higher and lovelier views of God’s glory and grace.

  6. After being offered the perfect job for me after what I call a “job find”, not a job search…the temptation to fear my new challenge tries to creep in. Today’s SpiritView and other’s comments remind me that God only gives us GOOD opportunities through our challenges…opportunities to grow in grace and understanding. This, and every moment is the time to dig deep and know we are God’s reflection and He never struggles!

  7. This post perfectly complemented my focus this morning, based on rereading the article “Being is Unfoldment” by Mary Sands Lee (see Anthology of Classic Articles.) A wonderful confirmation of thought being directed into the right channels. Thanks, Evan!

  8. Thank you Evan. What occurred to me in thinking back on challenges I have faced, and overcome, is this three word sentence you shared with us today:

    We never lack.

    In all cases I have had what I need at every moment to learn what I needed to triumph over the challenge!

    For those of you interested in reading the wonderful article Beth mentioned, you can access it via the link below (thanks Beth!):


  9. Thank You, Evan! What you are doing with this website is just Wonderful! You are showing so many C.Sers and Non C.Sers that the religion of Christian Science is not locked in a box, accessible only through quotes from C.S. Articles, the Bible, Science and Health, Prose Works, etc. The Truth is available in many forms and can be found with an open Heart and Mind, attuned to one’s own individual understanding of a Power Greater Than Ourselves. Blessings All!

  10. The heart of a disciple

    My Lord and teacher
    touched my thoughts
    And all doubt disappeared…

    My Lord and Master
    peered into my heart
    and all feeling became pure.

    I looked into the eyes
    of the Christ
    and saw a reflection
    of myself…

    With open mind
    with open heart
    I now see Christ’s Love
    In the eyes of
    In the mind of
    In the heart of

  11. Your comments today are just what I needed to hear. Such inspiration for myself and other evacuees from Paradise, CA, who lost their homes and all of their possessions in the camp fire.

    1. Dear Kathy, I just wanted to share with you this thought from Science and Health which I hold in my heart for you and your neighbors.

      “Through discernment of the spiritual opposite of materiality, even the way through Christ, Truth, man will reopen with the key of divine Science the gates of Paradise which human beliefs have closed, and will find himself unfallen, upright, pure, and free…”

      The marginal heading for this is “Paradise regained”. Much love to you all!

      1. That’s beautiful Karen. Thanks for sharing that.

        Kathy I too am knowing that all affected by the recent fires (and hurricanes, floods, etc.) are ideas of God and can never be separated from the love of God. It’s become clearer to me in the last few days that the only reason we exist is because we are ideas in Mind. Therefore, we have everything available to us that exists along with us in Mind and that supply comes to us humanly as angel thoughts from God (intuitions, ideas shared with us by others, etc.).

  12. Brian I want you to know how much I have appreciated your furnishing the links to articles others have mentioned in their comments. This one today was especially helpful and inspiring and I have shared it with a friend.

  13. Hope I’m not too late to thank Evan for a wonderful post, and to Brian for so kindly giving us links to outstanding articles….thank you all

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