What’s easy and what’s hard?

August 31, 2011 | 6 comments

Sometimes when a person is praying with their whole heart to see through a lie, an inside voice exclaims, “This is hard work knowing the truth!” But this impression is not as innocent as it seems.
It’s never hard to know the truth. It’s easy to know Truth! Truth is Love. It’s all good, healthy, uplifting, inspiring, and healing activity to know Truth. What’s hard, is not knowing truth, but believing in error. That’s where the trouble and difficulty lie—in believing a lie to be true that is not true.
So, next time it seems like hard work to know the truth, step back from your state of thought and re-examine what you’re holding as true. Chances are you’re still clinging to some belief of life in matter. Let go of that, and the joy and freedom will return.
Knowing truth is easy. Believing life exists in matter with all its pain and suffering is hard. No peace there…

6 thoughts on “What’s easy and what’s hard?”

  1. Lovely and true, Evan.

    Whenever we see and believe something that’s ugly and evil, we feel a pit in our stomach. That’s because it’s a lie!

    The moment we decide to see and believe what’s good and pure and lovely, the pit in our stomach vanishes. Poof! That’s because it’s the truth!

    Truth is always Life-affirming, Love-motivated, peace-producing.

    So, as you say, Evan, knowing the truth must be “easy.” Easy and effortless for Love and Her expression, us!

  2. This is so true! Recently I’ve been thinking that finding “solutions” has to be easy. It really means knowing the “truth” has to be easy, effortless. I’ve been putting this into practice in so many instances in day to day life – even problems with my car. There was a problem that came up that looked like it would take several hours of work on my car and cost quite a bit. At first, I was impressed with what the mechanic told me would be the difficulty in finding a solution or fixing the problem. Then, came this flash of truth – solutions are easy. As I became convinced of this, sure enough the solution came. A new gas cap, costing less than $20. did the trick.

    Well,I am so delighted to be applying this clearer sense of truth to whatever “problem” presents itself. There is only NOW, and all “solutions” are present.

    Thanks, Evan, so much for the thoughts and ideas you share, and the wonderful comments from the readers of your blog. Sandy

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