You do not improve over time

March 25, 2019 | 27 comments


As a spiritual being, you do not improve over time. You are perfect now!

This is an important point to understand in metaphysics, for healing is never about improving mortal existence over time. It’s about waking to spiritual reality now.

God’s man is perfect, now. God’s image and likeness can never be any better than it already is.

Like a circle is always round, God’s man is always perfect. You are God’s spiritual man—this moment. You already have everything you need to be healthy and well. You don’t have to wait for something to change over time to be better off.

Human improvement is the effect of spiritual truth improving human thought. It doesn’t have to take a long amount of time to allow truth into thought and work its remedy. It can be quick, even instant. The bigger question is, “How willing are you to drop false mortal belief and let truth take over thought to reveal your true identity in God’s image?” The sooner, the better!

It’s not the passing of time that brings improvement. A change in thought gets the job done.

So, refuse to wait to be God’s healthy image. Know that you are God’s creation now! It doesn’t get any better tomorrow for the sake of another day. You already have everything you need with God, this moment, to be everything God created you to be.

Humble the mortal mind, dispense with false belief, and let thought rise to spiritual reality. You are healthy and well, strong and free as God’s creation now! There is no need to wait.

“’Now,’ cried the apostle, “is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation,” — meaning, not that now men must prepare for a future-world salvation, or safety, but that now is the time in which to experience that salvation in spirit and in life” Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health, p. 39.

27 thoughts on “You do not improve over time”

  1. Dear Evan, this morning’s View is a perfect treatment! I shall print it out and keep it by me.
    Thank you so much, once again!

  2. Thank you, Evan!!

    This is beautifully expressed, and thank you for addressing the question of willingness. No one wants to suffer, but we place artificial limits on our view of ourselves and God. Our resistance to accepting good needs to be acknowledged. Waiting for improvement is like pushing on a door that opens inward.

  3. Yes, ditto to Annepat’s thoughts. Thank you Evan, for this treatment this morning!
    And thank you Jay, for sharing your last two sentences here! We often wonder
    why that door doesn’t open when we are pushing instead of letting it open
    inward! Love that analogy!:)

  4. Love it! It’s a moment by moment choice of how we think, spiritually or materially. Easy to say and harder to keep thoughts aligned to spiritual consciousness. Thank u for today’s reminder and thanks to everyone who share their views, a great way to start the day.

  5. This post is exactly what I needed today! We are not working to fix anything, but to wake up to reality, now. To accept the perfection of being. Thank you.

  6. I come for the blog post, I stay for the comments! I love that idea that a circle is round by definition; as God’s offspring, we are perfect by definition. If it ain’t round, it ain’t a circle; if it’s not perfect, healthy, happy, whole, abundantly supplied, it’s not us. Some yummy daily bread, thank you!

  7. This View is worth every word contained. Pushing the door inward; then expecting it to open, great analogy. Thinking at every temptation “Our Father which art in Heaven,” kicks my thought UP. Once you hit down, at the bottom, you must change direction…to UP! I catch my thought with the first line of the Lord’s prayer, mentally reversing the “down”, to go UP!!

  8. I refuse to be mad…
    I refuse to be sad…
    I accept my beauty
    and health and
    connection and
    so now I’m free….
    To give…..
    My hearts deepest
    Deepest Love…
    Serve …..

    1. Thank you Maximo. Sometimes I come back to Spiritview after reading it first thing in the morning. What you share really speaks to me this evening during a challenging moment. I will enter it in my prayer journal.

    2. Maximo, I’ll ad only 2 words to your lovely poem, which however are so suitable:

      Serve …..
      only THEE!


  9. Love this! No fixing up, no cultivating (Mrs. Eddy’s statement in Science and Health” Man is ever beautiful and complete needing no cultivation–not sure that is accurately quoted by it is close).
    Good to hear from you Maximo.And Jay, always love what you contribute. Blessings on your week everyone.

  10. Thank you, Evan. A “change of thought” is what is needed, and that can come instantaneously. That “a-ha” moment when it comes eradicates whatever seems to be in our human experience. In that sense, every healing is instantaneous. It is seeing perfect God, perfect man.

  11. In a WW2 era CS Journal was a healing regarding the need for income. The writer put a sign in her window in London announcing ” Room for rent” After much time she was discouraged for lack of interest. She prayed and she realized the rental was also to be a blessing to another. She changed the sign to “Room to let” and had much interest and a blessed occupant immediately. We all need to “let” divine Love shine thru us.

  12. Thank you Evan for this simple yet wonderfully metaphysical SpiritView – what a lovely treat for today to ponder. It gives me very much!

    Thanks Maximo for your inspiring poem.

  13. Thank you soooooo much. This is a basic premise for understanding God’s allness and perfection and our true selfhood as His child. I know it’s now Tuesday but I needed this today Much gratitude to all for the love y’all share!

  14. The particulars of a false belief can keep you fastened on them, especially if they are painful. But to me it is where do I want to live? not a real choice but to choose the Truth, to chose my birthright as a child of God seems almost too easy from the mortal point of view we are so used to. But there it is.
    I have been working on the idea that I can take possession of my body and determine how it will be, filled with all that is God, that is spirit. Being diligent is helpful thanks

  15. Thank you Evan for this uplifting post. I have been waiting to be healed for far to long and you have reminded me that I am already God’s perfect child.
    Thanks also for your earlier post about finding peace and stillness within.
    Will be working with these ideas today
    Thank you

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