You have a sound mind

March 7, 2023 | 28 comments


For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

~ II Timothy 1:7, NKJV

There is one Mind, the Mind of God, and all of God’s children reflect the soundness of the one Mind.

You are a child of God! You have a sound mind—the divine Mind!

Divine Mind remembers, knows, thinks clearly, reasons accurately, is intelligent, wise, and discerning. Mind is ageless, eternal, incorporeal, immortal, infinite.

Your Mind does not forget, lose track of important information, get lost or confused.

Your Mind is the divine Mind, and it knows everything it needs to know when it needs to know it.

You have a sound Mind.

28 thoughts on “You have a sound mind”

  1. Thanks for clearly describing the qualities of Divine Mind, and for the Bible quote that confirms God has given us a sound mind.

    Some dictionary definitions of ‘sound’— reliable; thorough; intact; free from damage/injury/decay; firm; solid; effective, healthy, in good condition. We can rely on these descriptions to tell us all about our mind, as we reflect these God-given qualities.

    It is said that we’re on a “need-to-know” basis with God, As Evan mentions, He shows us what we need to know when we need to know it. A comforting idea that can keep thought free of excess mental clutter.

    1. Thanks! Really appreciate the view of the full landscape of the concept, and the ‘need to know’ thought.

  2. Evan, those are certainly good solid ideas regarding God’s gift of a sound Mind.
    I’ve found the best way to access that gift is through gratitude..and gratitude is always a choice I can make.
    No matter how dire any circumstance I can choose to be grateful and that lasts open the door to God’s blessing.

  3. Thank you so much for this absolute Truth. It is just what I was praying before I opened my eyes this morning. Being God’s Reflection is my world and each of us can see this individually and collectively. An entire world of Spirit where no matter exists- just God and Reflection.

  4. Having a sound mind has to means for me particularly at present that all sound comes through Mind, and not through material ears. As I read in an article, hearing makes the ears, not the
    ears the hearing, so I am claiming my ability to hear with my spiritual faculties that Mind
    has given to us all. If we are hearing through the spiritual faculties of Mind, we have the
    ability to discern what is real and accept that, and discard what the material senses, or
    a supposed mortal mind, is trying to palm off on us, which is not at all sound. As Evan says, admitting to having a sound mind, which is the reflection of the divine Mind, we are able to know whatever we need to know when we need to know it, we can reason correctly, and we can use our god-given wisdom, intelligence etc. – all that Evan has listed.

    1. Maggie, I agree with all that you have written today and know that we get all knowledge from the One divine Mind that …”comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error.” Thank you, Evan, for your clear message…

    2. MIND is hearing. MIND hears. No me ,no my.
      MIND hears. I was healed realizing MIND is sight. MIND sees. not me. only MIND is .

      1. Thank you for sharing dear Maggie. And thank you for sharing these thoughts Elizabeth, as they are so powerful. On JSH-online there is a testimony of a woman healed of wearing glasses (“Eyeglasses no longer needed by
        Robin Mulcahy” – Sentinel). She says: “The turning point was when I awoke to the fact that I needed to switch from a material sense of sight (hearing) to a spiritual sense of what true vision (hearing) is. God, Spirit, was what I wanted to understand, so I began praying to know what God wanted me to see (hear).”
        I also like this comment from another article: “We can turn from the human picture, and see God controlling His own ideas. An idea of God is only subject to the control of the MIND in which it exists. So a rejection of a false viewpoint frees us.” (Theodore Wallach)

  5. Thank you Evan. Thank you for the qualities of Mind you have presented to us. Having a sound Mind is the greatest gift God has made available to us. When we understand that man lives as God’s reflection, we can at all times testify of having a sound Mind.
    Whenever I am unable to remember clearly what happened, not withstanding the time lapse, I always turn to divine Mind for help where as reflection I get the clear information. Even when I need to know what to do in a given situation, I turn to Mind for direction.Thank you for this remember.
    Thank you for Spirit View. Thanks to all contributors.

  6. This is one of my most favourite verses from the Bible. It encompasses every aspect of true reality …succinctly.
    I love the thought that we are indeed the very ‘thought’ of God, divine Mind. Therefore consisting solely of all spiritual goodness emanating from divine Mind. Wonderful words today, thank you Evan❣️

  7. I am grateful for the powerful & complete definition of Mind’s qualities which we can declare for ourselves every day. Thank you, Evan and all those who share. Maggie, i will pray to “hear through my spiritual facilities”. Thank you for your inspiration.

  8. I love how One Mind connects our thoughts and unifies our God-given
    ideas into cherished blessings.
    From Hymn #83,
    “One in fellowship of Mind, We our bliss and glory find
    In that endless happy whole,
    Where our God is Life and Soul”.
    We are each whole in God’s perfection, but when shared with Love,
    our joy is magnified and so comforted in One Mind’s reflection.

  9. Thank you, Evan ! And thanks to Barbara for pointing out how fully this statement covers all reality. I’ve always focused on the “sound mind” portion of the statement. But I now realize that God’s gift includes “ a spirit of power and of love” — strong elements that meet every need!

  10. I’ve always loved this verse too and found it very helpful. Also love where Peter talks about ‘perfect soundness’ after the healing of the lame man in Acts. There is a lovely article about this in a February 19 1966 Sentinel called “This Perfect Soundness” by Esther K Marko but I don’t know how to add the link. X

  11. I love all these definitions of SOUND from Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, especially #8: “Founded in truth” and #12: “Perfect” —
    1. Entire; unbroken; not shaky, split or defective; as sound timber.
    2. Undecayed; whole; perfect, or not defective; as sound fruit; a sound apple or melon.
    3. Unbroken; not bruised or defective; not lacerated or decayed; as a sound limb.
    4. Not carious; not decaying; as a sound tooth.
    5. Not broken or decayed; not defective; as a sound ship.
    6. Whole; entire; unhurt; unmutilated; as a sound body.
    7. Healthy; not diseased; not being in a morbid state; having all the organs complete and in perfect action; as a sound body; sound health; a sound constitution; a sound man; a sound horse.
    8. Founded in truth; firm; strong; valid; solid; that cannot be overthrown or refuted; as sound reasoning; a sound argument; a sound objection; sound doctrine; sound principles.
    9. Right; correct; well founded; free form error; orthodox. II Tim 1. Let my heart be sound in thy statutes. Psalms 119:80.
    10. Heavy; laid on with force; as sound strokes; a sound beating.
    11. Founded in right and law; legal; valid; not defective; that cannot be overthrown; as a sound title to land; sound justice.
    12. Fast; profound; undisturbed; as sound sleep.
    13. Perfect, as intellect; not broken or defective; not enfeebled by age or accident; not wild or wandering; not deranged; as a sound mind; a sound understanding or reason.

  12. I have been working with S&H page 585 definition of Ears. Not organs of the so-called corporeal senses, but spiritual understanding. I also “Know as God knows, See as God sees”…(LOVE that!)…..Divine Mind, divine Love, hearing with spiritual understanding. Understanding that God is All in all. Ears are not material organs that need to be corrected.
    As Mrs Eddy wrote: “Divine Love Always has met and always will meet every human need.”

  13. Thanks to Evan and all for your comments and links to helpful articles. I mute my TV to every commercial related to loss of memory and quote the statement from the Bible about having a sound mind.

  14. Thanks, Lori. We mute all commercials on our TV and fast-forward them when it’s a recording. However, I love your specifically addressing each aggressive mental suggestion, rather than soaking in the unpleasant negative caricatures of man’s divinely-established, spiritual being. We must daily, actively counter material medica’s depiction of man as sick and helpless with the understanding of man’s God-given dominion over the testimony of the physical senses. Doing so has filled my lifetime with so many healings through prayer, enabling me to overcome all sorts of challenges Applying the the Science of Christianity, as Christ Jesus taught us to do, is such a gift! Thanks Evan for you gift of ideas today.

  15. Thanks, Lori, for your comment about the TV commercials. We record most things so that we can flip through them very fast rather than being bombarded by negative images.
    But your comment reminded me to routinely negate in the thought the materia medica testimony that says man is constantly sick with a plethora of illnesses and ailments. Too many of us have experienced healing through prayer that negates the belief that we must submit to the false evidence of the material senses, contrary to God’s law of health and wellness. So grateful to have learned (through the study of Christian Science) that God gives us dominion—the ability to defend ourselves daily against aggressive mental suggestion.

  16. Dear Evan, thank you very very much for your today’s loving, very helpful and healing spiritual views, yes, spiritual truths! You gave me, and certainly other friends, too, what I need much. It is enriching my day with God. God is our Mind, the one and only Mind there is for all his children.

    Hymn 275, the first verse I love:

    Praise now creative Mind,
    Maker of earth and heaven;
    Glory and power to Him belong,
    Joy of the sun and skies,
    Strength where the hills arise,
    So let us praise with Joy and song.

    Thanks all for your inspired comments and the articles!

    Thanks, Evan also for the comforting Bible verse from II. Timothy and for the joyful, refreshing foto! Am grateful for your daily SpiritView!

  17. I have a “sound mind” and I’ve found it, just finished shredding all the personally identifiable papers collected here at home, then following the bagging and storing of the shredding, I sat down, strolling through the computer briefly, and discovered the EXACT office furniture item which we own here, which over the years begged for repair. Following a search locally, with no answer from the current/present vendors who make and sell office furniture, I landed on the EXACT computer vendor site, who currently sells the type of office furniture we own and which I had searched for repairs on.

    An exact replica of the corner desk in our office was sitting on my computer screen. The website offers repairs. With my email requesting repairs sent, I’m thanking the creative Mind for making earth and heaven, “for Glory and Joy and Strength” to accomplish repairs or if necessary, to buy a whole new MATCHING corner desk. HALLALUJAH!!!

    Looking out from praying humbly, searching for spiritual answers, and wanting to restore the home to whole again, thank you, humbly for all your guidance for leading me to be constantly aware of spiritual healing happening all the time, in all the space, and with all of God’s ideas intact, complete, and whole.

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