You have dominion to act on

April 15, 2019 | 46 comments

Are you exercising your God-given dominion to be healthy, happy and productive? If not, there is no better time than now to do it.

As the Bible makes clear, God gave you dominion to be everything God created you to be.

This dominion is not human will control to indulge selfish wants, get rich, show off a physique or accumulate bragging rights. It’s about reflecting God in everything you do.

God created you in the divine image, and God’s image possesses dominion (Genesis 1:26-28).

Dominion is the act of expressing God, of being God’s image in action.

God is strong. God’s image manifests strength. God is intelligent. God’s image expresses intelligence. God is healthy. God’s image expresses health. Dominion is being everything that God created you to be.

Dominion is never lost. It’s not absent. It’s not for some people and not for others. Dominion belongs to you, the loved, cared for and blessed child of God.

Don’t let mortal mind talk you out of your dominion. Be wise to reject any suggestions of inferiority, weakness, victimization or hopelessness. These belittling tactics of the carnal mind have no power or influence to deprive you of your divine right to be healthy, strong and well.

“Rise in the strength of Spirit to resist all that is unlike good. God has made man capable of this, and nothing can vitiate the ability and power divinely bestowed on man” (Science and Health, p. 393), Mary Baker Eddy wrote.

Exercise your God-given dominion today, and stay on top of every situation you are involved with. Let “dominion” be your middle name.

46 thoughts on “You have dominion to act on”

  1. Thank you Evan for this very timely message. It’s exactly what I needed first thing Monday morning. I continue to be in a recovery mode two years after a brain injury. I want the dominion that is mine and will work hard at understanding during this Holy Week. Anyone have perseverance stories they can share?

    1. Hello Susan, just one. We sold our old Church building and for a whole year I searched the Internet almost daily for our new church home while we held our services in the Unitarians meeting house and even moved to their new building with them. Nothing seemed to be happening for us. Then praying with all my heart I asked our heavenly Father where He wanted us to be and straight away saw a shop with a lovely big window for the Reading Room and back room for our auditorium. We arranged to see it and bought it. It was only really as a secondary thing that I noticed it had an upstairs flat with tenants already in. Little CS Society with a big income! We need to wait patiently for Divine Love to ‘form the perfect concept’, in this case the perfect you being revealed as the forever truth about you.

        1. Hi Eleanor, thank you gor sharing ylur story.We are selling our big house and searching for something smaller and I too have been asking God to show me the wsy. So glad you found a new church home and I’m certain we will also find the right place that God is leading us to

    2. Dear Susan

      Three years ago I had painful muscles all over, and was diagnosed with something rare that would eventually go away, several years down the line. I could have medication to alleviate the pain. I decided not to. Although the journey was difficult, with God behind me I was able to continue progressing over time. I did wonder if I should just go for the medication at some points of particular difficulty and then I just thought ‘No, I genuinely don’t want to, I will manage, because I have God on my side.’ Healing didn’t seem to come, but I felt more grateful than I can say that all along the way I was in God’s care. I leaned on Him continually and it taught me about having great strength in God alone, no matter what the picture said. I am through the other side, and have no retrospective thoughts of how long it all was, how awful etc, just a larger sense of the Allness of God and how everything I needed to do I was able to, everywhere I needed to be, I was there. This is wholly God in action. I have lost nothing and gained everything.

      1. Thank you Shelley❣️ This brought tears to my eyes. I’ve been so grateful to God this entire journey and continue to be…

  2. Thanks Evan. These.are very appropriate truths to work with as I support my as my daughter, who will be running the Boston Marathon today.!

  3. Am grateful for this message on dominion Evan. I once had a healing when the thought came to me “my birthright is dominion” – see S&H p518. This thought has also helped me on numerous occasions since so this is something I should probably stick to more consistently!

  4. Here is a perseverance testimony for Susan. The lesson learned look away from matter into Truth and Love th real substance of being for man. After a long day serving in a retail store I took out the trash through 2 wide double metal doors. When I entered into the shop through those doors I slammed it shut but my back heel caught under the door. I fell to the floor and my husband called a CS practioner for immediate help. I then knew I would have my healing. Pain left and I bandaged the foot. Although the would looked like an impossible situation for reconstruction when I changed bandages I persevered with my deep study of the Bible lessons. Although the process took about 1 and a half years for completion I kept on focus, undisturbed. My family expressed deep concerns for my future mobility. But they knew my deep love for God. At one point the idea came to walk and walk. I took long walks. Then I was free and complete reconstruction was manifested. God is the doer! He brings freedom!

  5. What wonderful and loving responses here for Susan and my heart is full of gratitude for how much love has been expressed by everyone.
    And thank you, Evan, for providing this venue to all of us.

  6. Evan, thank you for the wonderful post!

    Dear Susan,
    My daughter was adopted at age 5. She was diagnosed with medical and psychiatric conditions, secondary to difficulties she’d experienced prior to adoption. She experienced pain and her behavior was sometimes unsafe.

    This went on for some time and life felt stressful, but we were more concerned about the future. In one assessment, a psychologist wrote that our daughter has “no aptitude” for academic success!

    Although we weren’t CS students at the time, we were students at the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, and that loving community offered much support. I wish I could tell you I felt blissful, trusting and whatever the whole time. I did not feel blissful-whatever. I felt scared. But God was there.

    I’ll bet you can guess the rest of the story: my daughter is now a thriving, intelligent, and kind adult who has dedicated her life to early-child education. The perfection was always there, beyond the diagnoses.

    Many of my friends are in the medical professions. I love them so dearly and respect their work so very much. But I’ve learned to see diagnoses in reverse.

    I’ve worked in clinical settings, and I’ve had the honor of making detailed assessments. After I’ve made them, I’ve been surprised to see they are a near-perfect record of what is NOT true about a patient. And this can be helpful to know.

    It’s not easy to put this in words, but in quiet moments, we know God is Love and all is well. We are God’s image in action, as Evan says. Much love to you.

    1. Thank you Evan for this blog and thank you Jay for responding to Susan’s request for help through Testimonies.
      I find your tactic of seeing a diagnosis as the Truth in reverse and “the near perfect record of what is NOT true”, very helpful.
      A long term battle with a few issues will now be “fought” with the sword of Truth using a surprise attack from the rear!

  7. Powerful witnessing! Thank you for sharing these testimonies. The resurrected Christ continues to minister and meet the human need. . Dominion!

  8. Here’s another perseverance story. A couple years ago I seemed to have extreme pain in my shoulders. It was difficult to sleep and put coats on and off. I couldn’t reach up or do a lot of normal activities. I had to have a physical for a job related requirement, and they said the solution was surgery. I knew I didn’t want to do that! I really buckled down and prayed and studied the Bible lesson and MBE’s writings. I’ve had some instantaneous healings, but this one took about a year. I can truly say that the journey was very sweet. I studied and prayed like I never had before. I had been inconsistent in my daily prayer up to that point. Some times inspired and other times not so much. Other activities would take precedence. This situation forced me to be consistent. As I prayed diligently to see myself as God sees me, I realized I needed to see a relative the same way–someone who had said some unkind things to me and I had been ruminating about it for some time. I studied “Love your Enemies” in Prose Works, and my thought was lifted about this person. I also started including in my prayers more consistently my family, work mates, church members, neighbors, the larger community. My healing did come, which I am very grateful for, but the spiritual growth was so huge for me. I now look forward each morning to commune with God and pray first thing to prepare for the day. Looking back, I can now see that was a real turning point for me. I have grown spiritually and continue to do so from that time period. I am much more committed to praying consistently, not just in the morning but throughout the day. I feel like I am just starting to really practice living a spiritual life. I am so grateful!

  9. Although I am not proud of this, a number of years ago when I was in severe pain and unable to sleep I drove to a pharmacy and purchased an over the counter pain reliever. I took two and went back to bed. The temporary relieving of the pain enabled me to think and pray more clearly about the problem. The medication certainly didn’t heal anything, but my divinely directed prayers did. It took awhile for me to stop condeming myself, but certainly increased my admiration for those who are able to tough it out so to speak. Each testimony of healing shared is a blessing to all of us.

  10. I would like to add that a poem by Ginny Luedeman, “Self-forgiveness” (Sentinel, July 18, 2005) has been a tremendous help to me. The last lines are:
    “I forgive all my yesterday’s
    visions, unclear.
    And hear my God telling me,
    “Child, you are dear.”

  11. Indeed we are all stewards- dominion is quite different to exploitation. Excellent narrative Evan!

  12. Thank you so very much for all the wonderful testimonies. Thank you Eleanor, Shelley, Deborah, Jay, Linda, and all! What precious stories you have shared! So grateful!

  13. I am SO grateful to this DEAR SpiritView family, to Evan, for Christian Science, supporting our journey… such precious sharing today, and each one from the heart. Thank you, Jay, because my story has a medical background, too, and one of my best friends is an M.D., who I respect deeply, and with whom I share Christian Science thoughts; she has adopted Christian Science to her practice, and she has told me that she includes the idea of “harmony and perfection” as her assessments of patients coming to her. And to Grateful, I say, I feel as you do, I know that Mrs. Eddy did not tell us to strictly rely on metaphysics if we believed we need to find temporary relief. Thank you for the reminder of Ginny’s exquisite poem; it has lifted me many times. Love to all

  14. I’d like to share an excerpt from an article, “Pursue healing patiently” by David C. Kennedy, Sentinel, February 26, 1979, that has and remains very helpful to me:
    “If healing is delayed, be patient and trust God. Something is happening. Through the power of divine Mind the wheat is growing. Working metaphysically, remaining receptive to and grateful for Truth, we are letting the Christ nurture the “wheat” in consciousness. Our conviction of God’s allness and man’s consequent perfection and safety as His child, or expression, is developing. As we persist patiently, our understanding matures, while the
    obstructive material beliefs are destroyed. Then healing comes naturally and irresistibly.”

    1. Lori, thank you for taking the time to share this. I have kept an ongoing, inspiring, prayer journal that I read every evening. This has just been added with profound gratitude.

  15. Thank you Evan for reminding us of our Father -Mother God given dominion. We are the son’s and daughter’s of the king, backed by God’s all-power. We don’t need to muster it up somehow to trudge through our challenges. I shared this last week, from Carol Dee Lewis but it’s always pertinent. “This is not about you and can you do it. This is about God, this is about God, THIS IS ABOUT GOD!” God wants us to lean on him/her and trust.

    I love how Susan reached out for the Christ and immediately received such loving-kindness through the support of the SV family (God’s expression in action). We are so blessed.

  16. As I read this beautiful post and comments “All one family we” sang in my heart! Much healing for all is unfolding!! Thank you, Evan and SV family!!

  17. Evan – a wonderful topic that hit home today. I am also so grateful for this venue to share experiences in our spiritual journey. These expressed today were wonderful. And Lori, thank you for the David C. Kennedy information.

  18. I have another brief excerpt I’d like to share. It’s from an article by Barbara Vining, “Going foward spiritually” (Sentinel, January 4, 1995):
    “Close the supposed gap between you and God. Receive the Holy Ghost. When you do this, nothing can successfully work against your spiritual endeavors.” I especially like the reference “supposed gap” as we know there can be no gap between us and our Father-Mother, God.

  19. Thank you for this; it “hit” me front and center. The experiences of SpiritViewers inspire me to keep on working.

  20. Oh how I love our family here on Spiritview. Your ministry is so important, valued, and loved Evan. Thank you all for taking time to respond and enrich my understanding. I truly feel blessed and so very grateful. Much LOVE to all❣️❣️

  21. Thank you Evan, am deeply grateful for your today`s so comforting and healing SpiritView.. That is a good idea, to let my middle name be “dominion”, so I am always reminded to let go everything seemingly against it. Often this has to be done through earnest prayer.

    While reading all your various great testimonies, tears wanted to come up; thank you all so very much for your wonderful proofs of God`s Goodness and Power to heal. From all these testimonies, I see that nothing is to hard for God to resolve it. I stand in awe before God`s Care and Love for all His wonderful Children.

  22. I know this is kind of late, but I’ve been so touched by everyone’s comments. I’ve been studying the chapter on Physiology in S&H and on page 198:22 Mrs. Eddy talks of the strong influence that the thoughts of a doctor has on patients. She ends by saying, “Hence the importance that doctors be Christian Scientists.” We, too, can help mankind by watching what we are accepting as true about ourselves and others.

  23. This is just so right on for me, right now! Well in Truth, always–but the subject is timely. Thank you Evan. I particularly like the description of our dominion as God’s reflection. Gave clarity.
    Thanks to everyone who shared their testimonies, I’m always so grateful for the support of the Spiritview readers whose comments are so helpful and loving. Susan, you are in good company!
    Grateful, thanks for sharing that piece of Ginny Luedeman’s poem! The line “I forgive all my yesterday’s visions, unclear…” resonated with me. It’s a boost as a point of prayer for some struggles I’ve been having.

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