A special story about a kitty

January 26, 2024 | 67 comments

A long-time friend was reminiscing with me about healings she had seen in her family from practicing Christian Science.

One of her favorites is a time when her young daughter’s dearly beloved kitty was shot in the head with a BB gun. From all appearances, the cat is dead. Damage to its face is alarming. Mom doesn’t know what to do, so says, “Let’s take her to the vet.”

The daughter picks up her beloved kitty, and carries her to the car, crying every step of the way. Mom tells her to pray for her kitty. With all her heart, the little one prays the Lord’s prayer out loud to the kitty. She prays with confidence that God is there to help her cherished pet.

When they arrive at the center, they hand the kitty over to the vet who takes it into the backroom. After a while he returns, reporting that there isn’t anything he can do. He is sorry to tell the little girl her cat is gone.

The little girl is not ready to consent to the vet’s verdict. She respectfully listens but remains confident that God is taking care of her kitty.

As mom fills out papers and pays the vet’s bill, the daughter is still praying the Lord’s prayer for her kitty.

Soon, the daughter yells delight because she sees her kitty walk out of the backroom into the reception area. She runs to pick up the kitty, hugging it tight. The cat is alive and well! Mom exclaims joy! The vet doesn’t know what to say.

They thank the vet for his time, and head home, a happy united family once again.

The cat stayed well and continued to bring much happiness to this little girl.

67 thoughts on “A special story about a kitty”

  1. This precious story is certainly one that’s brings tears of joy to one’s thought..
    God is so really to the thought of a child..
    All things are possible even in a sea of doubtful others..
    One little girl with an honest and pure heart.❤️

    1. Thank you John for these words that give us a good homework ahead; and Thank you Evan for the constant
      Reminder that God the infinite goodness is able to perform any challenges in our life and others lives as well

  2. What a beautiful testimony! Still drying tears of joy for the little girl and for us all!
    Proof of God’s merciful loving kindness and a lesson to never give up on prayer!
    Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Thank you so much for a wonderful testimony. Prayers powerful. I know sometimes it feels like prayers just talking to God wondering if it’s being listened to. The prayer is powerful. We need more prayer to know that the world is already healed and they God is in control, thank you so much every week for this. Thank you.

    1. With gratitude Karl, those prayers from the heart and soul of GOD are not only heard, they are revealed instantly, right there in our experience. Praying all morning about tomorrow’s Wednesday service. So many revelations and answers have arrived, erasing any/all doubt or fear that the service will reveal and heal by PRAYER has been the answer. Thank God for the example of a kitten/cat restored to this child.

  4. Wow!! The power of childlike faith .. I will be sure to share this with my Sunday school class.! Thank you for sharing !

  5. Oh, thank you for sharing this. The Christian Scientist’s Daily Prayer , given by Mary Baker Eddy, begins: “Thy kingdom come…” (a phrase from the Lord’s prayer, whose spiritual sense is, “Thy kingdom IS come, Thou art ever present.”) The prayer continues, “Let the reign of divine Truth, Life, and Love be established in me…”

    This story is proof that here and now is the time and place, when and where God reigns supreme in His kingdom– reducing to nowhere and never all illusions of tragic material life ruled by laws of accident, disease and death. She knew that divine Love’s reign over all, the reign of DIVINE Truth and Life, is ALWAYS the ever-present reality.

    Instinctively, with all her loving heart, this little girl knew this truth without a doubt. It was established in her. Knowing this truth freed her family from the lie that material evidence could rule over, or overrule God, the Life of all, Life, Truth and Love reign over her kitty, and over all..

    So we can do this too! Daily!

  6. Thank you, Evan. This testimony proves profoundly that there aren’t two realities, but one alone, and it’s Divine and nothing, nothing can thwart it, regardless of what mortal mind might try to claim.

  7. What a lovely testimony – God made and cares for all His precious ideas, and these little
    innocent creatures are all in His care. I have used Christian Science successfully for my
    pussy cats for many years. I am at present praying to see the spiritual facts for my present
    one, and to see her as God knows her, not the way she is appearing to me at present.-
    so this message from Evan, and all the comments are really encouraging, as this is a bit
    tougher – although I realise it is not true. Many thanks Evan and all.

      1. Have only just seen your reply, dear Pp – and I thank you very much for your
        loving support for my prayers for my “loving 4 legs” , as you put it!

    1. I very much agree with Pp, dear Maggie. Love is with you and your
      dear cat. Snow is falling from the heaven right now with countless big
      flakes of Love, like angel messages blessing everyone, including your
      sweet kitty. So beautiful it is right now with God’s presence …. such a
      warm feeling of heavenly Peace. Big Hug to you!

  8. Wonderful precious healing thank you. Persistent prayer brings healing knowing nothing is impossible to God. Thank you Love and hugs to all!

  9. I am sitting on the subway reading this and my eyes are full of tears at the power of goodness, Truth and Love expressed in this story. Thank you. My heart is nourished and uplifted by this understanding.

    I had missed the earlier train and was disappointed that being on this train I might be late to my destination. But I figured that since God always puts me when and where I’m supposed to be then all was well. I had asked God if there was anyone on the train I needed to pray for. I soon got my answer. Two gentlemen nearby got into a very loud heated argument. I immediately started acknowledging that God was right there and in control and that these two men were loved and could feel peace inside them and as God’s ideas could not disturb or harm each other. They kept yelling and I kept praying. Soon everything was quiet. Grateful that I am learning about truth and how to claim it.

    1. Rose, I loved each revelation in your post, with clear application of the Divine Being, right where you were. Laughed aloud that the train proceeded and your arrival proved that love and peace were right there all along, AND ON TIME. Beautifully demonstrates how God’s Love for each of us is applied wherever we go. Even on the battlefield. THANK YOU ROSE!

      1. You are most welcome Chilesands, and thank you very much for your kind and helpful comments. The incident I described was a good experience that gave me a big uplift and encouragement to trust God more and more.

  10. What a delightful healing and accompanying photo! How powerful the Truth of
    Reality is.. Thank you Evan and all.
    Years ago I had an outdoor fish pond and was bringing the fish in for the fall and winter.
    All of the fish were caught but one, who insisted on not being caught. I had scooped all
    of the plants out to compost in the surrounding garden and went inside to let the muddied
    water clear, so I could see the fish more clearly. When I went back out about four hours
    later the fish was not there. Where could it be? Then the thought came that perhaps I had
    mistakenly scooped it up with the plants. I carefully sifted through and sure enough, I saw
    it’s tail and it appeared passed on. I gently put it in the water and it sank to the bottom. I,
    of course, felt so badly but Knew that Life, real life, with God’s reflections are not confined
    to what the material senses seem to think. I held to these thoughts and a short while later
    went out with a flashlight to see if there was any progress. It was still at the bottom, butI
    saw it’s gill moving! I knew it’s Life is in God’s gentle hands, but kept praying that the
    mistake I had made could not harm this dear little fish. The next morning I peeked out the
    window and there was the fish, swimming as happily as could be, around the pond and
    never was affected by this seeming experience.
    “Cool waters at play with the gold-gleaming fish” – from Mrs. Eddy’s lovely poem (from Retrospection and Introspection pg. 18: 3)

  11. Thank you, Rose from New York for your lovely testimonies, and Angel – your revival of a fish
    that seemed to have passed on reminded me of something similar-ish. My husband had a
    very large fish tank which housed tropical fish. He had three black-tailed sharks (which are not
    real sharks!)among all the others, and one day the smallest of them was at the bottom gasping. My husband said that he would not last long. I had seen fish in this sttuation before and they had passed on. This time, I decided I would pray for this fish. So I did every day for some days – I can’t remember how many now – asserting that this was not the truth about this creature, and affirming the spiritual facts etc. The fish did recover, and in fact is still flourishing. He grew to be much larger and was a healthy specimen.

    There is a hymn which is not in our hymn books, but is relvant to this.
    One verse says ” All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small.
    All things wise and wonderful, the Lord-God made them all”.

    And so He did, and loves and cares for them all. A lovely thing to know
    and cherish for our pets as well as our fellow man.

    1. And for the whole world. . . . ” All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small.
      All things wise and wonderful, the Lord-God made them all”. .

    2. Dear Maggie, That is wonderful about your prayers for the fish and it’s healing! Thank you
      for sharing with your inspiration.
      It reminds me of a time one of my fish in the aquarium was swimming erratically and
      seemed very much in distress. It was a Sunday so the vet was closed, was a half hour
      away and probably wouldn’t know what to do, anyway. All I could do was to turn to
      God’s guidance for help. The thought came to put the little fish in a clear cup where I
      could see and noticed there was something obstructing in it’s mouth. It had picked up
      a pebble which had lodged within. Through prayer and guidance that it would be okay,
      I so very gently pinched it’s little cheeks and the pebble ejected, placed it back in the
      aquarium and all was well again, with the fish happily swimming and breathing normal
      again. As you had written, God, Love does care for every creature.

      1. Lovely, Angel – spiritual thoughts of what to do brought to light the problem
        which you then dealt with perfectly. It is wonderful when we see harmony
        restored in this way, and know that God is ever-present to direct us in whatever
        way we can understand and accomplish through His power.

    3. Thanks Angel and Maggie for sharing your excellent spiritual work that helped His creatures continue in their natural state of thriving.

      1. Thank you, Rose and Maggie for your comments. I had an opportunity to
        demonstrate Mrs. Eddy’s, pg 514 of S & H, where she had written,
        “Understanding the control which Love held over all, Daniel felt safe in the
        lion’s den, and Paul proved the viper to be harmless. All of God’s creatures
        moving in the harmony of Science, are harmless, useful, indestructible”.
        I was cleaning out the last of the stagnant, winter water in the fish pond one
        spring, getting it ready to put in fresh water. A frog had already moved in
        and I was very careful not to disturb it, when all of a sudden a snake
        appeared inches from where we both were and snatched up the frog, who
        froze and made no attempt to free itself. The above statement came to
        mind and thankfully when I threw a cup of water at the snake, he dropped
        the frog who was unharmed and the snake slithered off. mortal mind, like
        the snake, can sometimes try to sneak up on us and try to have us believe
        in it and if, like the frog, we are not alert, can seem real in trying to disrupt
        our harmony.

  12. Thank you Evan for this beautiful account of childlike faith, which demonstrates the naturalness of spiritual healing! Mary Baker Eddy says “Christian Science is simple, and readily understood by the children:….” Misc 53
    Also, on page 110, “Beloved children, the world has need of you,– and more as children than as men and women: it needs your innocence, unselfishness, faithful affection, uncontaminated lives. You need also to watch, and pray that you preserve these virtues unstained, and lose them not through contact with the world. What grander ambition is there than to maintain in yourselves what Jesus loved, and to know that your example, more than words, makes morals for mankind!

    “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.”

  13. Recently a small, yellow and black finch flew into my patio window and dropped to the ground. I went outside and saw it struggling. To human sense it didn’t look good but I chose to look away and was saying the Scientific Statement of Being. I knew that his/her life was spiritual not material. The bird stopped struggling and looked dead with eyes closed but it didn’t impress me. I went inside to get a box to put it in to dispose it. I went back outside and was gently putting a thin spatula under it to pick it up. Immediately that beautiful bird opened its eyes and flew off so fast I could hardly see it. Another proof of eternal life. Thank you Mary Baker Eddy for your wonderful Discovery.

    1. So Lovely, dear Susan. A beautiful demonstration and such a wonderful
      feeling to see God’s Love (that beautiful bird) take flight in such a harmonious way,
      like how the little girl, her Mom, and the vet must have felt when they saw the cat
      alive and well.

      Our soul smiles
      With heavenly delight
      When hearts sing
      Blessed with Life and light …
      Chasing away
      The gloom of dark
      Proclaiming all God’s creations
      Melodious … like a lark.

  14. Thank you Evan and everyone… these are Beautiful testaments Of God‘s protecting care and love four creation

  15. I LOVE this beautiful message of Trust in God’s Love for his precious children of all shapes, types, and sizes, and the trusting Faith of a tender-hearted soul! I too, have had some amazing healing experiences with former very much loved kitty-cat pets. These experiences of “amazing miracles” build more trust in God, God’s love for each of us, and that all is well, always. Not one hair goes unnoticed without the companioning of God’s presence and protective Love, always. Thank you for sharing this beautiful, uplifting experience!

  16. The spiritual lesson here for me speaks volumes to how easily mortal mind consents. And how we want to be clear that Divine Mind truly governs.
    Another blog post that confirms the power of Truth of the inspiration I’ve been receiving lately to focus on child-like trust in God, Good and have strong expectation of God’s Goodness practically expressed. I’m so grateful. Much Love, literally.

  17. I also had a recent experience involving a bird. I was at my computer when I heard a loud thump against a patio window, I went outside to discover a beautiful western bluebird on the rocks below the window, eyes open, but clearly in distress. One claw was was curled in on itself. I picked it up and just held it, gently assuring her that she was the loved idea of God, forever safe in His care. So many verses, hymns, and angel messages came to thought which I softly shared with this sweet creature. After 20 minutes, I set her down on the grass below the bird feeder, but she could only put her weight on one foot and tilted to the side. She didn’t eat or move. I then prepared a shoebox with water and birdseed and put her inside. All this time I continued to pray and talk with her. When my husband returned a half hour later, I asked him to look for some chicken wire we could place on top of the box to protect her from our cat. Hymn 207 was foremost in my thought. “O Life divine that owns each waiting hour. Keep Thou my child ( this lovely bird, Your forever idea) on upward wing tonight (today, right now)”. I put the shoebox down so my husband could measure and cut the chicken wire and stepped back into the kitchen. Just a moment later, my husband, asked “Oh are you ready to go?” I turned to see that the bird had hopped up to the lip of the box and was holding on. I gently picked her up and went outside by he plum tree to release her, but instead of hopping to a limb, she spread her wings and flew to the neighbor’s apricot tree and settled on a branch with no difficulty. I’m so grateful to have witnessed this proof of Love’s tender care and for today’s inspiring message.

    1. Thank you, J.
      From the article “To be as a little child enables one to accept, without question, God’s promises of good for His offspring, as set forth in the Bible.” I want to pray like that little child!!

  18. Wow! Thank you, Evan and all, for all the love and care expressed toward God’s dear creatures! I very much love my dear little tabby girl and all the “previous” cats over some decades now. All those who have “gone on” are still held in Love’s enfolding arms. I love the story about the fish, and also about the bluebird–all God’s dearly loved little ones!

  19. Thank you Evan for sharing this very special and powerful testimony about God’s healing of a cherished animal family .member. My family has long enjoyed the companionship and love of our dear animals, and the assurance that they are protected under the Love of our Fatber Mother God is very sustaining and comforting.

  20. Q: Do “we” “heal” or are we actually SEEing Reality as it is? God’s Creation does not need
    healing or fixing or improving or changing, as we know. It is intact. Complete, perfect as God has created it. When the kitty’s sweet little friend prayed, she was seeing her kitty as she knew it to be: perfect as God created it to be. This childlike trust in Good, God, is what I am endeavoring to see as mine, too! I need not see through the lens of material belief in a material creation that needs “healing” or “fixing” or “improving.” I can and do and am able to SEE Truth in the here and now of today! All of us are! Hooray!! Amen

    1. To try to answer your question, SVF ..
      Okay, so this is how I see it:

      Believing in the Spiritual
      Endeavors to see only as God sees
      Improving anything that God created ?
      Lacks there can not be
      Kingdom of heaven is All there is
      Everything to you and we!

      Reality is God’s Perfect Creation which
      Does Not need “healing” or “fixing” or “improving” or “changing”. You are so Right!

  21. Thank you Karen. especially for your statement that “all those who have ‘gone on’ are still held in Love’s enfolding arms” Of course this is also true of beloved dogs who have ‘gone on’ and is a great comfort to a grieving thought.

    1. Thanks Nadine, this says it all. Just because we are being presented with a lie, doesn’t mean we have to consent to it or accept it.

  22. I always stand in deep awe before such healing witnessing God’s allness and omnipotence.
    And it’s awesome how wonderfully steadfast this lovely girl demonstrated the diving truth through praying the Lord’s prayer so long until error vanished and Truth was demonstrated!
    Thank you very very much dear Evan for giving us this lovely testimony! Am grateful to that girl for her persistent holding to Truth and God’s everpresence!

    Thank you all very much for your loving and inspiring comments and the articles! All so helpful. 🙂

  23. Thank you for sharing this Evan! Bless the individual who shared with you as well. It is always great to read “supremely natural” experiences that provide evidence of God’s omnipotent love. (see S&H pg. xi:14-15)

  24. So sweet and wonderful! What cannot God do?! And what cannot The Lord’s Prayer do with the patient hope of the young child? It made me laugh out loud to picture the survivor kitty saunter out and surprise the doctor especially. I hope he gave them a partial refund. Excellent story! Thank you.

  25. Thank you very much “J” for that wonderfully metaphysical article “Healing through understanding the Lord`s Prayer”. I often wished to pray this unique prayer more inspired, more deeply understanding it! Just now I studied this article having a special problem behind me for which I am a bit unhappy. I immediately prayed this prayer intensively which gave me some more peace! This article is a keeper.
    Evan, I am very very grateful for your so helpful and healing SpiritView Blog, which gives us so much inspiration which does so good! 🙂

    1. Thank you Evan for this foto of love and joy, coming from our dear Father-Mother God!
      Together with the testimony it is very very hartwarming and comforting! 🙂

    2. This is a great article. Thank you J . The Lord’s Prayer certainly is a well-known
      and powerful prayer to so many – to turn back to. I love how in the article it states,
      “One could pray the Lord’s Prayer every day for a hundred years and still not
      exhaust its new and healing ideas”. Isn’t that also true about all of God’s messages
      to us into infinity? Like if all numbers could be used up, or all the poems or music or
      artwork has been already created, so there is no more inspiration for them… That
      would be preposterous with the never ending Love, Creativity, Mind’s source
      of expression that is always replenished with so many unique and different ways of
      demonstration of them, as this little girl turned to, with her precious cat.

      1. Of course I miss it too today. But I am also deeply grateful for the countless healing SpiritView inspirations Evan gave us so lovingly. Lots of Love to you, dear Evan, from us a l l ! ♡♡♡

    1. Nope. Have been coming to the site, but haven’t seen a new one.
      Am feasting on the wonderful thoughts here, though, from before
      and am grateful.

  26. I am missing it too… really loved this healing and the lesson it teaches us. all the comments and the articles too. Love to everyone.

    1. Yes, Love to everyone. Here’s hoping we’ll be blessed with a healing dose of a new SV soon, but grateful for all the good going on and that we can come here and communicate with each other and also re-read older posts in the treasure house of the SV Archives. Hugs to all.

      1. I agree with all of the sweet messages, dear Uta, Jane and Rose. We
        certainly are blessed with all of the love and inspiration and being
        able to learn from each other here, with like-minded thoughts.
        It is such a comforting place to be. Love to you, Evan and All.

  27. Agree very much to you all, dearest friends, Angel and Rose and Jane! Thank you for your so loving words!!!♡♡♡

  28. Thanks all. Only posted cos I was having a few tekky problems and thought it might only be me who hadn’t had it, X

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