Admit only the good

December 6, 2019 | 25 comments

“Our proportionate admission of the claims of good or of evil determines the harmony of our existence, — our health, our longevity, and our Christianity.”

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health, p. 167

If you want to stay healthy, admit only to health.

If you want to have a good experience, give power only to good.

If you face a bad situation that needs to be improved, admit that God is present to improve it.

To admit a thought is to allow it entry into consciousness. It is to accept it as real.

Admit only thoughts you wish to live out.

25 thoughts on “Admit only the good”

  1. Great reminder Evan, thanks! Ties in beautifully with one of my favourite verses from Science & Health:

    “Stand porter at the door of thought. Admitting only such conclusions as you wish realized in bodily results, you will control yourself harmoniously.”
    (SH 392:24–27 Stand)

  2. If ONLY I’d read this earlier this afternoon instead of just now. Had a very difficult afternoon unavoidably spent with a group of people who drank very excessively for hours on end! All that time I was feeling impressed by the so called power this would have over these people . In fact my anxiety and irritation had more power over me than the alcohol had over them! Reading tonight’s Spiritview post has brought me back to the Truth that ONLY divine Good , God can have power over anyone . This is very helpful for me right now Evan … thankyou !

    1. What a clear way you stated your insight, Diane. There really is no “out there”; only in here and we have the Mind of Christ.

  3. I needed this thought this morning as I have some challenges ahead. Need to keep this is my thought all day today and everyday. Thank you.

  4. I love the way you shared this. The simplicity and the directness made it so clear for me. As hard as we might believe that it is to keep our thoughts only in goodness it is really as simple and powerful as your presentation presented it. Thank you. I am going to write this out and carry it with me.

  5. Years ago when I was in Cannes, France with a tour group, I lost my wallet with my passport tucked inside. With the help of our Guide I contacted a Practitioner back home (the Guide said that was a miracle in itself as the lines back then were not reliable). All she had time to say, before we were cut off, was “Good is the ONLY reality!” I was able to get a temporary passport to return home and others on the tour were so helpful and supportive. The rest of the tour was harmonious. I thought that was the demonstration. When I got home I spoke with the practitioner, she said, “Darling, I fully expect you to get your wallet back.” Two weeks after returning home, I got a call from the embassy in France, they had my wallet and were mailing it back to me. I was so in awe; but it was also a big lesson in what are we EXPECTING! We need to EXPECT good – it’s the natural state arising from God’s omnipotent, ever-present, constant LOVE!

    1. Expectation. Thank you! I had the benefit of seeing this post first thing today, before the comments. Thank-you Evan. Following on from an insight last thing at night this changed the direction of my whole day. Now adding expectation of manifestation of good too.

    1. Perfect tie-in to Evan’s message. Thank you for the wonderful quote M and thank you, Evan for your original message.

  6. So very timely as usual! Living in a coastal area and reading the latest news on the threat of sea rising and flooding,I found myself feeling unsettled since my son wishes to call this home for years to come. He works hard and loves caring for his fruit trees and was so diligent in cleaning up after a hurricane and beautifying our space and others. He gets worried about the future of global warming and I will share this topic with him and all of your thoughtful comments; more thoughts on this would be appreciated Evan and all❣️

  7. I like to think of this meaning of admit also: to confess to be true. Somehow the verb “confess” suggests to me self-examination which assists in healing.

  8. Thank you Evan and thank you to everyone that has shared comments today!

    I realized recently that the human mind constantly reasons from the standpoint of duality. By that I mean it believes in the reality of both good and bad, health and sickness, love and hate, harmony and discord, faultlessness (innocence) and sin, certainty (law) and chance, God and devil/evil, etc., etc. The human mind constantly entertains opposites and negations of God and God’s idea. But that’s not how God, and God’s reflection thinks. God only knows, and loves, goodness, health, harmony, etc.

    In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy is a spiritual interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer. The second line “Hallowed be Thy name” is given the spiritual interpretation “Adorable One”. Until recently I never felt I had a deep understanding of what was meant by “Adorable One”, but when I realized how the human mind constantly entertains opposites of God it occurred to me that this line means we should ONLY adore God and His idea (the One reality). We must realize anything contrary to God and His idea is not real, and therefore not to be loved (adored) as reality. Or as stated by Jesus, we should love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. As I write this I’m worried what I’m trying to convey here sounds rather obvious, but for some reason the realization I had about the duality thinking and how accepting something other than God is actually a form of loving (adoring) something besides God alone was very eye opening. I sometimes hear people say “I’d like to keep my thought focused on God, but I don’t know HOW to do that!” I think the “how” consists of developing a love, an adoration, of God and God’s idea (effect) to the point we just naturally exclude the opposite of God from consciousness.

  9. Thank you Evan, love what you say today!
    Refering to your last sentence, I would like to
    live out the thoughts of joyfully reflecting all God’s qualities he gave me out of His omnipresent Love.
    Thank you all for your wonderful experiences and insights! Am grateful for the blessing coming to us every morning with this wonderful SpiritView!

  10. Thank you for the wonderful insights on today’s post, Evan, and the further insights, Brian….I look forward to really thinking deeply about them!

  11. This week’s Bible Lesson is, to me, crystal clear on the need to make and KEEP a clear distinction between the Real and Unreal…moment by moment by moment …until thought YIELDS its hold on the fleeting and false and surrenders to God’s omnipotent ALLness!

    We can (and must!) do this, and the sooner the better!
    (PS: God worketh with you/us!)


  12. Yesterday in C.S. Bible Study the women in jail drew pictures of a house. Windows all had rays of light shining from inside. This is our consciousness, and no dark rays of thought can enter when we keep our minds filled with what is good and loving and true of God. “What Our Leader Says” in Prose Works is an impenetrable force field of Love.

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