Staying healthy without drugs

December 5, 2019 | 25 comments

Did you know it’s possible to stay healthy without drugs? It is.

In this short video, I share my experience over the decades with finding health through spiritual means, and without drugs. It’s a method of healing anyone can learn.

“How to stay healthy without drugs”

I filmed this video in the Yukon, while returning home from Alaska last September with my wife.

25 thoughts on “Staying healthy without drugs”

    1. Some don’t, some do just temporarily until the shift of thought changes from a sense of pain to freedom! Acknowledging who we are as spiritual ideas of God, reflecting only good and not pain of any sort, keeps us on the path to freedom! The more one studies to keep thought aligned with God, the more we see that sense of freedom present in our lives.

    2. Below are links to a couple of recent testimonies published in the C.S. periodicals that describe how a couple of Christian Scientists that did go to dentists dealt with issues they had to face. As others have said, whether or not to go to a dentist, and what to do about what they may suggest, is really an individual decision each person studying Christian Science makes. I was raised in a Christian Science family and my mom took me to a dentist when I was young and I continued to go until about 15-18 years ago. At some point I started to question why I was going and in light of what I have learned about my true identity as a result of studying C.S. I felt free of the need to go to a dentist any longer so I stopped going. But I’m not saying others should not go to dentists if that is what they feel is right for them.

      1. Thank you Brian, this is very helpful. I also haven’t been to the dentist for 15 years but now there seems to be an issue that is very persistent…And I am not sure anymore. I discovered CS kust recentst. That’s where my question arises from.

        1. One rule that can help guide thought wisely is to “Do what you can demonstrate successfully.” We learn Science in degrees, and have to be honest about what we’re ready to demonstrate successfully, and with good results. This doesn’t mean we need to put Science aside in moments of doubt. It means we do what we can demonstrate successfully. So, with the dentist question, follow through with what you’re ready to demonstrate successfully. Listen to the voice of wisdom, and proceed with your highest understanding of Truth. But don’t act in blind faith either. Do what you can demonstrate successfully.

          For me, one time, years ago, I had a cavity to fill, and my prayer didn’t fill it at that time, so I made an appointment for a filling. However, I wanted to be progressive in my demonstration of Science, so I told the dentist I didn’t want any anesthetic. I was metaphysically prepared to nullify the pain while he drilled. He refused, at first, saying it was impossible, but finally conceded. He did the whole operation with no anesthetic, and I felt no pain. That, for me, was progress. I did what I was ready to demonstrate.

          Each person needs to make their own inspired decisions according to what they feel ready to demonstrate.

          1. Thank you very much Evan, for your inspiring and helpful reply and for your own wonderful demonstration at the Dentist. 🙂

          2. Complete healings occur while people are under medical supervision taking meds. or in in a non-medical facility or just at home. My God does not discriminate against medical science easing or correcting the human body experience.
            My few healings have occurred when I, myself, realized I was healed.

  1. Thank you, Evan, for this beautiful explanation of our spiritual health and its blessings. Your prayer and work and that of others are bringing healing and blessing to our world. Forever grateful!

  2. While I am grateful for the many benefits in relying on prayer as taught in Christian Science for healing of all sorts of physical and mental challenges, I am also grateful that all Christian Scientists are free to make choices as to how to meet these challenges, free from criticism, being judged or belittled. There are many misconceptions about Christian Science and being forbidden in anyway to choose to use drugs or medical procedures is one. I am grateful for the loving care and commitment to healing that many medical doctors embrace and practice. And I am grateful for the dedication that Christian Science teachers and practitioners also embrace in using prayer to heal.

  3. Should also add, my son had 3 teeth pulled in one day several years ago. He appeared to be quite uncomfortable with suggestions of pain. He requested the prescription to be filled and we did, but instead he decided to contact a Christian Science Practitioner upon arriving home. Guess what, pain no more! The prescription never needed to be filled! An amazing and very grateful experience!!

  4. There is an outstanding article in the December CS journal entitled “The light of the Christ cant be hidden”

    Thank you very much for todays inspiration.

  5. Thanks Evan for the insight. Just wish there was a more concise supplement to Science & Health as an intro to spiritual healing. Alaska looks amazing!

  6. Thank you, Evan, so much and to all the helpful comments. for years, I struggled with the “requirements” of C.S. in how to handle problems, often feeling like a failure. I thought Practitioners were Super humans, with all the answers that I could never attain. I love how you share, with such humility, your practical living as a Christian Scientist. Your list of problems overcome through prayer no longer seems an impossibility but, your demonstrations inspire me to keep moving forward. Thank you for the encouragement to proceed with more courage, persistence, prayer, listening and trust that Christ is shepherding each of us to a full understanding of God and ourselves as His image and likeness. Wishing everyone a joyous Christmas.

  7. In response to Peter’s question, my C.S. teacher was adamantly opposed to going to a dentist even for just teeth cleaning. As a child and through my teens I was taken to the dentist annually to have my teeth cleaned. At each of these visits tooth decay was discovered and multiple fillings were performed. As a result I ended up with just about every tooth in my mouth having fillings, some multiple. Both of my parents were class taught Christian Scientists. So, Peter, I don’t think there is a simple answer to your question. Brian, I appreciate your reference to two articles on this subject.

    1. Thank you Lori. I understand now that everybody is at a different stage of growth and understanding and there are no clear cut answers that apply to everyone. Thanks again.

  8. Thank you Evan for this topic so prevalent today. The ads
    Would suggest there is a cure for all sorts of things that God
    Did not make. Your clear understanding that man is spiritual
    Is such a help an encourages us to search for the answers. I
    Have been reading “Unity of Good” and find many useful Truths
    That can be helpful to our progress.
    Thanks all!

  9. Thank you very much dear Evan, for today`s so wonderfully helpful Vlog. So desired and worthwhile, to surch how find health the spiritual way, namely through Christian Science. What stood out for me is that Evan said, that health is a quality of God so as all our qualities God gave us as His precious child to be reflected effortless. That spiritual fact is so comforting.
    Thank you so very much Evan telling us about all your wonderful healings through prayer which gives comfort and assurance, that Christian Science is the best and only real and lasting healthcare!
    Once I saw a docu firm on German TV about the Yukon River. What a beautiful area; and I can imagin what an interesting adventure your trip with Kathy was, and how much fun you had. Thanks so much for letting us participate through your lovely Vlogs!

  10. I think avoiding doctors to practice CS is a mistake. I know a lot people mistakenly think this is a war against traditional medicine and doctors. I remember Mrs. Eddy saying somewhere that she had the highest respect for people who want to relieve suffering. That is how I look at traditional medicine.
    Where I find CS helpful is to understand more and so not be open to all the ideas of disease and problems swirling around us. The ads for drugs on TV are made for the mute button.
    I have health insurance through my job so I use it for dental work and eye exams. I love my dentist and it is great to see him twice a year for a cleaning. He understands and feels the same way about keeping it simple. I am grateful for novacaine- I remember as a child when we didn’t have it.
    I recently had an eye exam and the doctor seemed shocked that at my age my reading glasses prescription has not changed in 3 years and I have no trouble with distance. CS is very helpful in a time of emergency but practicing and understanding the truth is 24 hour health care.

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