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December 10, 2019 | 27 comments

“You ask and do not receive, because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions.”

~ Book of James, 4:3, RSV

If you’d like your prayers to be answered, ask for something God is happy to give!

God is Spirit and is happy to give all spiritual blessings.

God gives us eternal life, happiness rooted in Soul, spiritual health that endures forever, intelligence from divine Mind, and divine purpose that keeps us profitably employed.

The human mind may wonder, “How do spiritual blessings provide me a home, pay the bills, and keep the body healthy?”

Jesus answered that question when he said, “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and he will give you everything you need”
(Luke 12:31, NLT).

Our primary needs are always spiritual.

As we grow morally and spiritually, and live true to our God-given nature that is intelligent and wise, our human needs are met, and often in unexpected ways. Divine supply in the form of morality, love, and spirituality, translates into human supply of money to pay the bills, a place to live, and meaningful employment.

27 thoughts on “Answered prayer”

  1. I ask often to know God’s love,to understand Spirit. Why don’t I hear response I can understand? My life carried on as always. I envy those their faith who feel their meaning and purpose. Am I too stupid to understand?
    What should I do? I just keep on asking and doing good day to day.

    1. Dear Liz,
      With problems of long-standing, we can find ourselves in a mental position similar to the upside down world of the man at the pool of Bethesda. There must’ve been one time in his life when he saw his disease as an enemy.. However after holding that thought for so long we find him actually defending his disease when Jesus approaches him to ask if he wishes to be healed. Instead of saying, “yes please Lord” He goes on to explain that he has his disease because he hasn’t been able to get up into water. Having not successful for 38 years, he is apparently ready to stay another 38 years until the experience is healed in the way he has outlined. Why? He has unwittingly been mesmerized into believing that this ailment is legitimately a defining truth of who he is.

      So how do we awaken to our true identity? First, Instead of attempting to bring God to our problem, we bring our problem to God. We find a real Truth about the true nature of God that refutes the reality of the seeming problem and then clean steadfastly to it. ,We admit that we are his complete reflection and that whatever is true of God is true of us.

      Second, and this is the harder ask – to be humble. Once you have applied to God for healing stop talking to yourself. Stop keeping score by measuring your problem to see if it’s any smaller today or whether God has moved fast enough or in the right way to effect your healing. Be quiet and still in thought and wait for Him. Yield to the Truth.

      Finally persist. Repeat steps one and two as many times as you find your thought drifting back into those old unproductive patterns of thinking. Each time your thought is confronted again by an old doubt or fear cling steadfastly to the Truth until you feel at peace and be prepared to repeat this process as long as it takes two no longer be impressed by mortal testimony physical or mental.

      The Bible says “Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.”It does not say Know the Truth and use it to set yourself free. Knowing the Truth does the work. God bless you.

    2. Dear Liz,
      I hope you can feel the love of each one who has read your comment. You are not stupid dear Liz. You are loved not only by all of us readers but most importantly by God. I’m sure everyone of us at sometime prayed for a healing, an answer, a need supplied or to feel closer to God and did not get a response immediately. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every prayer was answered immediately? We can feel discouraged if we think others get answers instantly and I don’t. But like Job, sometimes we have to keep on keeping on with confidence that all things are possible to God. So please keep on keeping on knowing that you are loved right now. Be still and know and feel you are loved. I start each morning with “thank you” and a loud NO to whatever would try to interrupt my sense of gratitude. And I listen knowing just in listening with the expectation of good the progress that I need is already present. You are dearly loved.

    3. You are Gods Love Liz, a specific demonstration of His presence, of Gods Presence. That is your and everybody’s Purpose. Do not want or try to be something different, or even to be love! Its unchangeable.

    4. Dear Liz,
      Here is a little prayer for you from Mary baker Eddy that I find helps me. A big hug to you!

      A Verse
      Mother’s New Year Gift to the Little .
      To the Big Children

      Father-Mother good, lovingly
      Thee I seek, —
      Patient, meek,
      In the way Thou hast, —
      Be it slow or fast,
      Up to Thee.
      (Po. 69:0–1 (to Little), 7–13)

  2. Oh wonderful dear Evan! Thank you very much for this comforting, healing Truth you give us so lovingly. Yes, our primary needs are always spiritual – what a great fact. That is most desirable to pray.for and the answer is God’s blessing so as we need it. This SpiritView makes my God’s day perfectly. Thank God for His all encompassing Goodness.

  3. Hmm may it’s a wrong idea , but could it Bee possible at Spiritview that if somebody wants to come in contact with a another seeker of truth on the site could do that, and that also is a way too more understandig and healing om this great site.

  4. Many thanks for your replies and love. I will keep on keeping on. What else can I do.
    I am grateful for every day and the good therein. Thank you and will keep reading Mrs Eddy’s book.

    1. Hi Liz,
      You are not stupid at all, just learning like everyone else. I am also learning and wanted to share this with you;
      Ephesians 2:8-9
      Much love to you. 🙂

  5. God is always talking to us, guiding us. The intercommunication is always from God to man as Mrs. Eddy says. It is spiritualizing listening that enables us to hear God’s messages. Variously over the decades, I have received messages from God. I looovvveee these experiences. Once I received a directive while I was on a walk, that sounded like a large all-encompassing voice. It said, “Get an education.” A little over a year later, I was on another continent, obediently enrolled in university. Previously I had been too lacking in everything, confidence, money, etc., to do so. It was a hugely challenging and hugely fulfilling experience. It was what I needed to do at that juncture. God had told me what to do and had helped me navigate that five year experience.

    Every good idea, every impulse of love, every single bit of good, is an answered prayer. We can all tune in, hear, respond, and be grateful for Mind’s ever presence.

  6. Just received the thought for the day. Part of it is,
    “God’s residence is next to mine, His furniture is
    love.” Emily Dickinson
    We can rest in our Father/Mother’s Love…all
    day, every day.

  7. How joyous answered prayer is! Yesterday my older dog seemed to be experiencing very disturbing symptoms that were not in any way like his true self. I kept seeing him in Spirit’s view and this morning, he is back to the way God has seen him throughout this challenge. Despite what appeared to be happening, he kept his tail wagging and ‘today is big with blessings’. I am so grateful.

  8. What a rich sharing!

    I’d like to share something with Liz and all that has been blessing me. I heard a heartfelt, simple (even humorous) petition on an audio interview program from the JSH-online archive. The speaker shared his discouragement, when having committed himself to the professional practice of Christian Science healing (to support his family as well as to bless others) he was receiving no calls or requests for treatment. On another of those too quiet days in his office, he simply prayed, “God, show me I am not wasting my time.” That very hour, his phone rang three times in succession, with requests for his prayers. I immediately adopted that prayer in regard to church activities that I had so long devoted time and prayer to.

    Our Reading Room hours were often solo, services poorly attended –and we had no idea if anyone was finding and being blessed by the literature had been sharing for years and years at our regional jail and in the community. I think the power of that little petition is the underlying trust in the law of Love: that “whatever holds thought in line with unselfed love receives directly the divine power,” as Mary Baker Eddy affirms in Science and Health.

    That prayer, “show me” was answered. Since embracing that right desire, we received permission to affix RR labels to the jail literature and quickly received several letters from inmates asking for more reading material to aid their prayers and Bible study. Church attendees asked if they could help at the RR in our church, and more often folks who do not attend services dropped in to study or to purchase items. Someone new to CS attended our last lecture and has come often to Wednesday meetings, and others have visited on Sundays. This has not become a flood, but it IS an answer to my prayer, God, show me…” It is God’s Love we are hear to experience and to reflect and it does not return to God or us as His children, void. Searching and purifying our motives for all we do and pray is quietly and wonderfully inspiring and empowering.

  9. Thank you all, a family of spiritual beings. Jon, so appreciative of your very thoughtful & supportive ideas. And to Evan for sparking our thinking. Now to putting into action & TO LIVING IT:)

    1. Thank you all, a family of spiritual beings. Jon, so appreciative of your very thoughtful & supportive ideas. And to Evan for sparking our thinking. Now to putting into action & TO LIVING IT:) And now thanks to Nancy too.

  10. God knows what you have need of before you ask. Realization of His ever presence is requisite.
    Liz, you’ve brought your offering to the table of infinite Mind. You’ve turned to Him in secret and now openly.
    Your healing is established. God has heard you.
    Now be love, live love, share love. Have no other conciseness but love. Turn away from the testimony of the corporal senses. Do not listen to the lie of life in matter.
    Your intelligence is from the only Mind and you reflect this infinite Intelligence as Mind’s reflection. You are capable of hearing His voice, the Christ. Put meditation to good use.
    LISTEN. Have audience with the Divine Mind, Christ and if there is any needful thing it will be revealed.
    As you heavenly strain to see your likeness as God’s own child, trust Him as the eternal source of all harmony and goodness.
    Expect to see the answer to your need. This is going to be simple. God does the work.
    “Divine Love has met any always will meet every human need.” Our leader says.
    “I am come that they might have life and that they may have it abundantly”. Jesus our dear Master.
    Suffering sense of life in matter serves to lift us out of that unfortunate false state of being by the prayer that demonstrates the Love God has for all His children.If it isn’t good, it isn’t real!
    Be very sure of your Divine likeness. God cannot see anything but his likeness.
    You’re are a God beam of the light of God. Inseparable from perfection. A living prayer.
    “A gentle beam of living Love. A blessing to all and forever! Watch NOW! Power at work.

  11. What great helps today from all! I have recommended Spiritview
    to others as it is so helpful to focus on issues prevalent today.
    Dear Liz, be patient with yourself. You are God’s now and he will answer your prayers., with understanding ..

  12. Thank you Liz for your honest question and all those who contributed such wonderfull responses. We are all benefitted by such activity that leads to greater. Spiritual understanding for which I am extremely grateful.

  13. Thanks so much, David, for your treatment. It’s so applicable! I have printed it out to have for future reference and inspiration.

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