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February 22, 2021 | 49 comments

“You ask and do not receive, because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions.”

~ Book of James, 4:3, RSV

If you’d like your prayers to be answered, ask for something God is happy to give!

God is Spirit and gives us only what Spirit can give—that which is spiritual.

The human mind makes a mistake when it sees lack and believes its need is for something material, like more money, a slower beating heart, a pill, or some other material rectification. But the human mind is mistaken in its conclusions about man.

Man is a spiritual being, supported and sustained by Spirit. It’s Spirit that gives man strength, health, supply, wisdom, peace, dominion, and life.

If you’d like better health, more abundance and joy in your life, turn to Spirit to find it, and expect it to show up in a spiritual form that meets the human need.

Seek inspiration, gratitude, truth, and love. These are what bring health, supply, and joy to life that have meaning and staying power.

As Jesus Christ promised about God’s provision, “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and he will give you everything you need” (Luke 12:31, NLT), you can trust the human need to be met as God’s spiritual gift is received.

God always answers our prayers—spiritually. Look for the spiritual blessing God is sending you, and thrive.

49 thoughts on “Answered prayer”

  1. Thank you Evan ~I am battling to grasp the concept of Divine Love has met and always will meet Human Need’ – when my need is to be loved – is that material/human? Is Divine Love the only love, or can one pray for romantic love, not just familial and friendship love? I am in turmoil over this one as would like a fulfilling loving relationship.

    1. Pray from the standpoint of wholeness. Right now you are whole in love and love is whole in you. Love can’t be present one day and gone the next. Love is everlasting and present now. It runs the universe! I know this may sound high minded—I am learning the lesson, too!

    2. I know those same feelings, I am dealing with them too and I know how much it can make one feel lonely, discouraged, empty and unloved. For me, I realize I have to do the exact opposite of what those feelings try to suggest. ( I hope you don’t mind if I share my thoughts on the subject). Because from God’s perspective I am not a lonely, unloved, discouraged single person adrift in a sea of emptiness, having to make it on my own in a big, uncaring world. That’s the furthest thing from the Truth. But just hearing that from someone isn’t enough. What I know I need to do is put it into practice; expressing those God given qualities. So, I’m making an effort to be more loving in my thoughts and with my words towards others. I’m taking the steps to face down the fears and pre-conceived notions surrounding online dating that I have been hung up on. I’m trying to listen for spiritual intuitions and not outline the who, when, or where of all this. The not outlining part is really big and some days seems really hard to do, because mortal mind loves to outline things. I’m making an effort to give more of myself to others even when I know it won’t benefit me in any way. Selfishness loves to impose itself.
      Mortal mind would make us think we just need to find a guy and the problem will be fixed, and we can then move on with our lives. But for me, I realize that’s not what this is about. Like any challenge – disease, sin, relationships, etc- it’s about wrestling with that suggestion of material existence versus understanding my spiritual status right now, and the dominion that comes with it. It’s about working out my salvation; losing all sense of a limited material existence. I won’t overcome sin, disease or death by acting like a mortal, I’ll overcome those things by being Godlike. Expressing God’s qualities. That’s far more important. And I think that will bring the fulfillment, satisfaction and love that I seem to be seeking, yet always had. Much love to you and expect abundant love in all it’s forms. ( I hope you don’t mind that I shared my thoughts.)

      1. Supply and human need. There is a supply for you. I have visited a VFW Hall. I have learned so much.
        There are many thousands of US veterans who take their own lives each year according to statistics.
        Why? Mortal error has educated them through the horrors of war and being away from home.
        I am not a veteran of the the armed forces. But have given what I can and recently. And attained knowledge of their need.
        These are men in need of healing and purpose. The abundance of their presence is here now.
        They have served their country and need healing because of that.
        Christian Science has been extended through many avenues to these men, from chaplains in war torn countries or the availability of literature. How many yearned for loving, caring arms to embrace them? I think most every one of them.
        Start to think out of the box. Get busy and help others using your spiritual understanding as you feel the need. Reach out, help and heal. “Teaching teacheth the teacher.” “Giving giveth the giver.’
        Never forget to follow the Shepherd and be wise.
        Pg. 518:15 Science and Health. “The rich in spirit help the poor in one grand brotherhood, all having the same principal, or Father; and blessed is that man who seeth his brother’s need and supplieth it
        seeking his own in another’s good.” Save a life today! Pray for someone who is in need.

      2. Wow, Linda, Thank You for your thoughts. I’m also listening about this same thing. Sounds like you’ve been doing some listening to God. I think you’re on the right track ❣️

      3. Wow Linda – your thoughts were just what I needed to read and right this moment. I also do on-line dating and have not been happy with it for some time now. I seem to be looking “in all the wrong places” as a popular song lyrics says. However, your “thoughts” have opened many “doors” for me and got me to thinking in a much better way and I can not thank you enough for that.

    3. Since divorcing many years ago, it’s been a journey I hadn’t imagined, as I thought I wd soon remarry. But this journey has brought me so many blessings as I’ve grown closer to my Forever Companion. Knowing that God is the Great Networker, the Supreme Connector, the Giver of Infinite Good, brings such joy and freedom from self-will. As we bless others in their companionships, we find it’s a promise of the good God gives us all. I find such joy in a child’s smile, in the loving care and spiritual growth of parents towards their children, in the birds that sing, in the forever new masterpieces of art God paints for us in the skies, “twalking” w friends. Simple yet profound wonders. Our oneness with the divine will eventually conquer any sense of lack.
      Keep the faith, and never let go of gratitude and inspiration, dear Nikki. God, the True and Best Lover, is “working His/Her purpose out”. And thanks to all the wonderful commenters!

      1. Thank you for your thoughts, Cathryn. I love how you mention you take joy in seeing others in companionship-as well as in your own relations. I can relate to that as well. I also love the idea, that being “in love” is simply expressing more love in all of our relationships.

    4. Divine Love is the sum total of love, however, this Love of God takes infinite form and variety of expressions for all of God’s children. It is all-inclusive, all-encompassing, and perfect for every situation and circumstance that one could face.

      One key to experiencing more of it is to let it unfold in the way Mind causes it to unfold. Don’t assume there is a lack of Love in your Life, and then pray to fill a supposed empty hole. Know and see the fullness of Love already present, and trust it to unfold in the perfect human form for you. It will be better than anything you can figure out through a limited human mind perspective.

      You are loved. Let Life prove it to you! Trust its unfoldment.

      1. Evan, that is a beautiful statement and so true. I loved hearing that as we trust Love is abundant always and for all, we can turn our gaze away from a limited mortal view. This way of seeing will help so many people.

      2. Thank you very very much, Evan for your clear and loving and diverse explanation of God`s Love expressing purely in human hearts so as we truly need it. I also struggled sometimes how divine Love can meet our wishes for loving friendships, and how to love our neighbor truly.. Very helpful for me is the article LOVE in Miscellaneous Writings by Mrs. Eddy on p. 249. There she says in part: “I make strong demands on Love, call for active witnesses, to prove it , and noble sacrifices and grand achievements as its results.” MBE demands a lot from her followers, that we are. relating to true LOVE. I am very grateful for this article of MBE on true Love.
        However Evan`s toppic today is “answered Prayer”. Evan, you are wonderful to point our awareness always to the Spirituality of all things. So I love the mentioned Bible passage from St. Luke above here. And I also love very much your wonderful advice:,Seek Inspiration, Gratitude, Truth and Love. These are what bring health, supply and joy to life that have meaning and staying power.” And thank you so much for your comforting last truth that God is always answering our prayers, spiritually, through which we thrive. This SpiritView gives me a lot.
        Much Love for it and to all for these lively and healing commentating on this blog!

    5. We are tempted and sometimes falsely educated to think that we are incomplete unless…we have a spouse, boyfriend, money, car, house, friends, activities (fill in the blank). I was married for 20+ years and was very happy. Then, I got a divorce and a friend of mine who had gone through the divorce process 6 months earlier said “you are going to love being single.” Wow was she right! We can be happy regardless of material circumstances. Take a look around you and see all the good that surrounds you – the opportunities! Will I get married again? I don’t know. I am focused on the now and really happy with it. Why look for lack when there is so much in my life right now? No need to look outward at what other people have to find happiness – you can ask God what is right for you. God is providing it, right now. Do you see it though? A married person might be unhappy because they are not single and may wish for the freedom and autonomy that comes with being single. Isn’t it ironic? We can always see lack in our current situation if we want to – or we can see an abundance of supply! Life is love being expressed – in whatever way “you” express it. There are as many ways to live as there are people – and even more. Let your light shine. Don’t let anyone (or the tv set) convince you your life is not right or lacking. You are in the exact place you should be and you can expect good right now! Love the comments today! Especially about not leaning on another person for love. A married person may not be happy because that other person doesn’t give them flowers, or chocolates, or spends too much money, or snores, or (fill in the blank) even though they are married. How can that person possibly keep someone happy? It is not possible – a married person must be complete right now too without lack of flowers, chocolates (fill in the blank) or that relationship is going to have some issues. It is so important to understand God is the source of love and not another person. And, Mary Baker Eddy reminds us of our Alertness of Duty so we are not caught in this trap. She doesn’t specify this only applies to single or married people. Much love to you all because every one of you is so dearly loved! 🙂

      1. Kirsten, you wrote EXACTLY my thoughts- we are complete as we are & do not need another person to “complete” us ❣️Thank you for writing all you did.
        And thanks always to Evan for starting these marvelous thought-provoking conversations ❤️

    6. What I’ve worked with is Gen. 2:31: ” And God saw every thing that he had made, and behold it was very good.” This says to me that we are a “done deal”. From this spiritual standpoint (our only view), we are already complete – nothing can be added to us and nothing can ever be taken away from us. In my experience, when I’ve let go of outlining how I want my life to play out and trustingly turned to God (He created us, so He maintains His creation), it’s been amazing to see things unfold in my life in a much better way than I could ever have planned or imagined with regard to marriage, children, jobs, supply, etc. There’s a wonderful sense of peace when we continually surrender to that divine consciousness, divine Mind, again and again. As a loving parent, God always knows what is best for all Her children – and it only includes good. Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”

    7. I once read an article, ”Do you want to be more loved? Be more loving!”
      It opened my eyes, Sending much love to you!

  2. Thank you, Evan, for putting us on the right track! Your inspiration makes me think of this piece from Misc Writings page 307: “God gives you His spiritual ideas, and in turn, they give you daily supplies.”
    I also found yesterday’s Mother Church solo to be very inspiring:
    “Know God”
    Kate Lawson Gould, words and music
    Know God!
    Shake off the limits of your learning
    Shun the pain of mortal yearning
    Let your understanding soar!
    Know God!
    Allow His greatness to be with you,
    Let him live you, love you,
    There is really nothing more.
    Know God!
    The vastness of His being,
    The sureness of His leading,
    Know with mind and soul.
    Know God!
    Know the glory of His allness,
    The wonder of His goodness.
    You’ve only one more goal.
    As you know God…
    To know that you are His reflection
    Loved, and whole and free
    And you’ll always be.
    Words and Music © 2014 Kate Lawson Gould/Performer’s Hub.
    The greatest partner we can have!

    1. This is beautiful David…I haven’t come across it before, so thank you! Plus thank you Evan for this direction today…much needed and appreciated. Love to all❣️

    2. Thank you for posting the words to this solo! I listened to the church service yesterday, but somehow it did not grab me yesterday. However, when I read it this morning, it was just the inspiration I needed for preparing for my this later this morning which is an extremely difficult class, and let’s just say it is really testing my skills in trusting God to work out the details, all the details, and really knowing who I am. Am I a reflection of God with limitations inearning? That seems to be the picture, but NO, it is false evidence appearing real. Anyway thank you for helping me get on the right track during my preparation for the day .

  3. I have always found encouragement in the phrase “it is my Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom”.
    It’s mean so much to me as it brings a warm feeling to the spiritual process of God meeting our human needs.

  4. There seem to be different stages in our ability
    to see and understand God. One is in having a
    loving relationship.
    When a spouse, anyone, passes on, you seem
    to be back to square one in the love equation.
    With loosing a spouse, it can seem especially
    difficult to see your fullness of love.

    It is then we are forced to see that having a mortal
    body with you, isn’t the true answer to Love.

    The word “alone” forces us to see, “ al One””
    Or, All One. We are all at one with Him/Her,
    our Father/Mother/Love.
    It is our oneness with God that brings fulfillment.
    I have friends who are so complete in Him they
    have remained single. Alone in not needing a
    person to fulfill them.

    This is a lesson I’m learning. Not one anyone wants
    to learn. And world events seem to be making the
    need to learn even greater.
    God is our true companion. We can companion
    with our completeness, however completeness
    Seems to appear at the moment.

    We can be grateful we are companioning together
    on SpiritView. We are, All, One in God, a very safe
    place to be.

  5. Wow! This is SPOT ON for meeting my challenges right now! What an absolutely ADORABLE snowman! radiates all the God given qualities of joy, eagerness, childlike innocence, purity, love, happiness and so much more. “…God made you FREE, born of his liberty. Carefree and strong you are His song, perfect for all to see. (Rise Up Hymn 453 by Peter B. Allen)
    Have a blessed and joyous day!

    1. The sharing here today (and every day) is like a genuine hug of Love. We endlessly have everything we need from our God-given Love from Him/Her.
      Like the precious snowman above, we are surrounded by and consist of gentle whispers of this Love which is ever-present.

  6. We are also companioning with the right
    sense of a job, health, home,
    finances, joy, harmony.
    Companioning and completeness go
    hand in hand as our divine identity.

  7. Can you find the pamphlet “Alone but not Lonely? That would go quite well today with this topic.
    And thanks to Evan for bringing us together today.

  8. When I was in my 20’s and desiring a marriage partner, it seemed everyone was a couple but me. I remember reading in the Bible, “ He openeth his hand and giveth them the desires of their heart.” Also MBE states in Science and Health, “ Desire is prayer and no loss can occur from trusting God with our desires, that they may be molded and exalted before they take form in words and in deeds.” I decided to give that desire for a relationship over to God. I trusted God to either fulfill it or take the desire away if it wasn’t a right desire. I completely let go, trusted that God was taking care of everything and found a sense of freedom from that longing. Two weeks later I met my future husband in a random way and we both knew it was meant to be.
    A right desire is blessed by God and we can trust him to fulfill it. But our real relationship that is fulfilling us and sustain us is our moment to moment relationship with God. That Love can be tangibly felt and appears in our life in many forms. In friendships, work relationships, pets, church friendships. Start seeing how much God is surrounding you right now and you may be surprised to see a romantic relationship appear where you least expect it. God doesn’t leave anyone out !

  9. Two things came to mind for Nikki, one is what my Mom always reminded me when I complained there weren’t any boys out there that I liked or that like me, (this was in high school). “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added into you” which is the quote from Evan this morning, and the other is from Science and Health, “no loss can occur from trusting God with our desires, that they may be molded and exalted before they take form in words and in deeds”. I think many have been in your mental shoes during this past year, and that general belief can seem to be our personal thought when , of course it isn’t because it doesn’t come from God. So you can reject it and stay with the absolute truth that you are indeed already loved and complete as a cherished child of God. Only good can come from this way of thinking.

  10. What a treasure-trove of inspired thoughts today that comfort the soul and quiet our human yearnings. I will forward this blog to a dear Christian friend who has been feeling empty and alone for some time now. I would so love for her to feel the nurturing embrace of this SpiritView family. How precious is the unity and support we experience here, where one call for aid brings on a flood of loving responses. How grateful I am for all of you!

  11. Hymn 224 is a great hymn of expectation. God knows our needs
    But the third verse assures us”He(God) that has made my heaven secure, will here all good provide……..” God. Is a present help.
    Divine Love is the provider.

  12. While I was in an unhappy marriage for many years, I struggled with the belief that my then-husband could block me from feeling loved or cut off my access to Gods Love. After I got divorced, I struggled with the belief that I had to have a man’s affection to feel loved, that I was incomplete without a man. Through a lot of prayer I am now remarried to a most wonderful, kind, fantastic man that I am totally in love with. But I still struggle with the belief that now my new husband is my source of love. This leads to trouble, because that is a role another person can never fulfill. For me, this whole experience is about me learning that God is my reliable, constant, always available source of love that I can never be cut off from, no matter what my marital status. It’s about knowing and demonstrating that we are already complete and whole.

  13. P.S. Learn to cook! Join a group with interests in common! Just
    Practical steps in learning that are essential ! I studied home
    Economics as a Christian Science student . Just. Reading the
    Words ,although essential, it is the practising that fulfills.
    Thanks Evan, you brought up a subject that is necessary.

  14. Loved the topic of Answered Prayer, and that prayer is answered spiritually and not materially. Today I am praying to see and feel Peace, which I know is always there. Harder to see it today as I received news that a cousin has passed on. I feel very shook by this and seeming to question ideas about death and life and am feeling vulnerable. Also was asked to convey the news to other relatives, which feels difficult. I am praying for peace and guidance for myself, Peace for my cousin and for her closer family members. Reading all the comments today has been very helpful, thank you so much for the inspiration regarding Divine Love’s ever presence.

    1. Divine Love already surrounds your cousin, and you, and your other relatives too, and has never left anyone, not even your cousin, not even for a moment. Be still, and rest in that Love…

  15. This whole communication is so valuable. Every single post is important. As I read through things like this, as one who has been a Christian Scientist for most of my adult life, but not growing up in Science, I always think the vast number of people who do not have this incredible comforting way of life at their disposal. I’m serving in the reading room today and always pray that the community will find their way to the Truth.
    Evan and all, you’re wonderful.

  16. Thank you Evan for today’s SpiritView and you statements ” It’s Spirit that gives man strength, health, supply, wisdom, peace, dominion, and life.”
    “If you’d like better health, more abundance and joy in your life, turn to Spirit to find it, and expect it to show up in a spiritual form that meets the human need.” I haven’t been expecting health to show up in a spiritual form or idea –thoughts..

    A big thank you also to Heather Glickfeld with the question to ask: “Am I a reflection of God with limitations?) (or health issues?) That seems to be the picture, but NO, it is false evidence appearing real.”

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