Bless the world’s turmoil with peace

June 30, 2020 | 34 comments


There’s a lot of mental turmoil in the world today. With thousands of protestors taking to the streets protesting racism. Rioting at times. Anger and hatred being thrown around on the airwaves with abandon. It might be tempting to start feeling turmoil within oneself when witnessing it all. But we can be a healing influence instead. We can protest for Truth and Love having a hold on humanity’s thought, rather than letting turmoil take over our thought and make us feel helpless.

People protesting in the street are usually looking for answers and solutions that improve society. Those answers come from the Mind of Love that all people share as children of God. As we pray for the Mind of God to prevail in public discussions and private conversations, answers will sooner appear and that reform society for the better.

When faced with a violent storm, Jesus Christ commanded, “Peace, be still,” (Mark 4:39), and the storm stopped.

People of faith can do the same today to the storms of anger, resentment and prejudice circulating in public consciousness. Rather than becoming a part of the turmoil, we can be promoters of sound, sane, thoughtful, and peaceful discussion that allows answers to surface that make a difference.

Turmoil may signal a need for change. But let’s not get stuck in the turmoil. Let there be peace so the voice of wisdom can be heard! This healing peace starts with you and me, and it comes from the one God of Love we all have in common.

“May the Lord give strength to his people! May the Lord bless his people with peace!” (Psalm 29:11, NRSV)

34 thoughts on “Bless the world’s turmoil with peace”

  1. How I love this post! And how I love the picture of this little paper boat which sails so bravely on the waters… I shall keep my mind today steadfastly focused on the presence of divine peace and not fear the turbulent news from the world. Thank you for this Evan!

  2. In a world that seems to be going crazier and more full of turmoil day by day, thank goodness for the teachings of Christian Science to show us how to stay in the realm of peace instead of violence, love instead of hate, joy instead of anger, harmony instead of unrest. Thank you Evan for this blog. I love the picture too!

  3. Thanks Evan for a thought provoking blog. Your cute little boat reminds me to lightly float on a sea of the truly calm currents of Spiritual waters. The currents of materiality underneath may be thrashing about, but our job is to sail uninterrupted Spirit ward, moment by moment and trust all to God for total order, control and peace. We are all so blessed.Thanks everyone.

  4. Thank you again Even for encouraging us to dig deep. SH 204:3 ~ “All forms of error support the false conclusions that there is more than one Life; that material history is as real and living as spiritual history; that mortal error is as conclusively mental as immortal Truth; and that there are two separate, antagonistic entities and beings, two powers, — namely, Spirit and matter, — resulting in a third person (mortal man) who carries out the delusions of sin, sickness, and death.” There are several times when my life or that of my family appeared to be in grave danger. On each occasion I was able to understand very clearly that everything, being mental was only thought, and I had access to the right thought about everything that God made. It was no surprise when the mortal threat was quickly defused and harmony was revealed. I was never required to take any physical action against the error, just be still and witness to the Truth. SH 129:22 ~ “We must look deep into realism instead of accepting only the outward sense of things.”

  5. How uplifting this morning’s offerings. There is a calm peace about each reply.
    You have all helped my day as the love in your comments are readily seen. They are all pure and express the infinite all and His ever presence and lovingkindness.
    All is as innocent as the child’s boat on calm water, as it floats undisturbed over the waters of inspiration.
    Thanks for this morning’s Spirit View’s

  6. ‘Gods being is infinity ,freedom ,harmony and boundless bliss.‘ A quote from our lesson sermon this week . Loving the boat on the calm waters Evan and I’m so grateful for MBE and the teachings of Christian Science. I feel it’s our duty to hold spiritually to what we understand as Gods Love and care for us and everyone’s right to experience it.

  7. Thanks so much! I look forward to reading this every day and find the comments from others uplifting as well. I’m encouraged in knowing that we all must stick together and be supportive as we stay with God, stay in Truth and divine Love.

  8. This is just the soothing Spirit of serenity that is so necessary to heal the soul.
    Despite the “anger and hatred being thrown around the airwaves” (which is good for
    their ratings and some political agendas), there is GOOD coming from so many
    sources I have found ~ like a video I saw of a loving, smiling group of darker complexioned persons marching at the US Capitol with t-shirts saying “Prayers
    for America” and giving uplifting messages.
    I am loving all of the expressions of calm I am soaking in here this morning buoyed by the uplift of each loving post. Thank you all for sharing the power of Love.

  9. Evan thanks for your thought provoking comments..your statement “Turmoil may signal a need for change” is encouraging to me as I’ve always felt life must improve in ever way..
    Over the years I have cherished the Biblical concept “I will overturn, overturn intel he comes whose right it is”. I pray my thought is open to healing and I can be a constructive part of that overturning..

  10. Thank you Evan and all contributors! Often the ideas shared here cause me to do more study. On method I use is to search JSH-Online to see what articles have been written about a topic. Today I found the article that can be accessed via the link below. I think it brings out so well how we don’t ignore troubling news stories, but instead pray to see the counter fact about every situation, what God knows. And doing that brings us peace and helps heal collective thought.

    1. Brian, this is perfect for what the world needs today, and actually written during WW II. Thank you for finding and sharing it!

    2. Gratitude for the article which you shared online, after taking my son for a required virus test, so that a test will be found negative and he will return to an ” essential” job. Feeling the calm RIGHT NOW!

  11. My prayer for the world has always been in using that statement Mrs. Eddy makes concerning Jesus’ prayers….
    “…Jesus, whose humble prayers were deep and conscientious protests of Truth-…”
    and endeavoring to follow in his footsteps with Humble, Deep, Conscientious. Protests. of And For Truth! We need to really know the “what” of our protests…I find myself always working to protest for good, not AGAINST anything!! My mother always said, “Joye, don’t you know you can’t pray against anything?” Thanks Mom!!!

  12. I love this from a recent Bible Lesson: “The breaking up of material beliefs may seem to be famine and pestilence, want and woe, sin, sickness, and death, which assume new phases until their nothingness appears.“
    (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 96:15–18)
    Love is the only answer.

    1. Amen, the nothingness appears and calm prevails. Thank you for the page and reference from Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. love, Love, LOVE is indeed the answer, always!

  13. Absolute timeless and beautiful truth. Thank you always, Evan. May you and your cherished ones have a blessed 4th of July.

  14. The LongYear foundation has put on wonderful videos online of Mrs. Eddy’s life and the early workers. One of the last things Mary Baker Eddy did was establish an International newspaper. Reason she did this was because of the lies and misrepretation of who she was. She wanted honest reporting. Hate, lies and fabrications still sell. If Mrs. Eddy had felt like a victim she could never have continued God’s work. As long as someone feels like a victim one can never feel truly free. These thoughts never heal. Who and what ate we listening to. Whose attention are we trying to get the world’s or Gods?

    1. Thank you Evan for this great message. I have stopped watching the news but then started to realize that I haven’t subscribed to the CS Monitor for a while and that so in order to work for the world I needed to have some knowledge of what is going on. .I ordered it a week ago and like the online version and I will also get the hard copy. Praying for peace in every situation is going to be my goal. Thanks for the encouragement. and thanks for all the great comments.

      1. Have loved the CS Monitor from a child, and years of subscribing have always kept me informed, uplifted and opened my eyes to the beauty of our entire world, spiritually as well as materially. The benefits of reading the CS Monitor are an abundance of beauty and healing.

  15. Thank you dear Evan for this thought stirring post, and for the insightful, loving and beautifully expressed comments from readers. The article you referenced Brian gives impetus to thoughtful prayer about the current upheaval in human consciousness,- addressing specifically the claims to handle in thought. Reminiscent of the practical guidance I received in class instruction. Thank you so much Brian for your research on this topic, and for all who so lovingly contribute. SpiritView has become my daily bread!

  16. I deeply appreciate the thoughts and inspirations shared by all. They help me expand my views and alert me to stay focused on the Truth and not get caught up in the worldly opinions so blatantly being expressed all around.

  17. Thank you Evan for your inspiring words today. Your thoughts dovetail perfectly with todays Daily Lift and todays JSH-Online Daily Thought! How encouraging!!

  18. Another inspiring blog. Thank you Evan. I love the picture of this little paper boat which sails so bravely on the waters. Brian thank you for the link to that wonderful 1939 article. So blessed to be a part of the SpiritView family.

  19. Todays daily Lift is perfect for this message. Have a peaceful 4th America and Love to the World.

  20. What a wonderful Spiritview today! :):)
    I was trying to get information off a certain website earlier today only to find the website was down. When I decided to call the company instead, I was put on hold with a message “There are 73 callers ahead of you…” I could not help but laugh. Wow – that is a lot of callers…lol. Turns out while I was on hold I found a creative way to get the information I needed and did not end up having to wait long at all. If I had gotten frustrated, I would probably still be on hold and angry without an answer. Thank you God! I love creativity and you are the source of it! It has blessed my life in so many ways!

  21. Nice demonstration Kirsten. I too have found when I don’t let the picture presented by the senses get me agitated, I’m more open to hear God’s angel messages that provide alternative solutions. Just yesterday I was about to send out a proposal for a project at work that I had worked on for a couple of weeks only to get a call from my manager wanting to make a change that would disrupt all of my plans. Fortunately as a result of studying C.S. over many years…gradual improvement 🙂 …I’ve grown spiritually enough that I didn’t let this bother me. I just kept thinking God was in control, not me, not my manager, not any other power. Today after a few calls, everything has been resolved and my original proposal can go forth unchanged. Life is so wonderful when we view it through the lens of Spirit, Love, God.

    1. What proof God is over all, giving us all that we need at all times. I welcome your description at a time things before me are fraught, but knowing to claim, see, and hold tight that God is over all and is ALL good has provided me a new direction to look up, not down. Thank you for sharing, Brian.

  22. Thank you very much,.Evan. it teaches me so much, how to think and pray aright!
    God is in control ! For me that is a helpful thought, too. Am grateful for SpiritView!

  23. I always loved that “Peace be still” statement of Jesus as he calmed the storm…because if think if Jesus said it, it wasn’t just for that storm…it stands for all time in every circumstance! PEACE..BE STILL! still stands now, today in all times and in every our thoughts, on the streets, in our government meetings, in the shops we go to…in the car park outside the shops! Before getting out of my car at the shops, I STILL my thoughts, say “peace BE STILL” and know that every single person I see is an immediate expressionof God’s being..NOT a walking potential disease!
    Peace…peace ..peace…BE stiilness.

  24. A wise non-CS friend emailed me today to say:

    “We ARE our focus.”

    Thought-provoking, huh.

    And the helpful comments from you all (Thank you!) brought to my thought
    Mrs. Eddy’s words:

    “O glorious hope! there remaineth a rest for the righteous, a rest in Christ, a peace in Love. The thought of it stills complaint; the heaving surf of life’s troubled sea foams itself away and underneath is a deep-settled calm.”

    Message to The Mother Church for 1902 – Page 19

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