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July 1, 2020 | 37 comments

“We weep because others weep, we yawn because they yawn, and we have smallpox because others have it; but mortal mind, not matter, contains and carries the infection. When this mental contagion is understood, we shall be more careful of our mental conditions, and we shall avoid loquacious tattling about disease, as we would avoid advocating crime.”

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 153

Fear of infection is a common concern these days in face of the pandemic, but we are not helpless to defend ourselves from infection. Clear spiritual thinking can ward it off.

As Eddy points out above, infection is carried in mortal mind, not in matter. Infections don’t happen materially. They happen mentally. When this fact is understood, we can more effectively protect ourselves from infection by watching our consciousness and keeping out any belief or fear we do not wish to manifest.

This is good news! We are not helpless. We are not vulnerable to whatever comes our way. We have spiritual defenses to protect ourselves from unwanted invaders and to keep our health intact.

We live in a universe of divine Mind, where God is in control creating conditions of health and harmony for us to enjoy. This atmosphere of Love is discernible and demonstrable to spiritual sense.

As a child of God, you have spiritual sense. Be sure to use it!

Be a responsible thinker today. Agree with God’s omnipresence and disagree with any suggestions to the contrary. Kick out unwanted mental intruders and stay healthy.

37 thoughts on “Protect yourself from infection”

  1. Thanks Evan, such a helpful reminder. It’s important to remember we need to be sure we only heed the “good news”, and not the fake news of the terror of contagion. Bless everyone.

  2. Yes, so important to “agree to disagree” (S&H p 390) with all that is unlike God! (And not to “stand aghast” at error’s numbering of cases.) Omnipresent God=omnipresent health! Thank you Evan, for reminding us to be alert!

  3. Good Morning Everyone!
    Our armor encompasses us and protects us from infection. The armor of knowing God’s ever presence. “There is no fear in Love, but perfect Love casteth out fear” I John 4:13.

    The headlines of God reads “Coming apart from the material world and being separate, has brought immunity! Singing and rejoicing to all God’s children who are fearless and protected in God’s dear Love!

    S & H 451:4 – God leads the powerful thought of us all through Christian Science, protecting God’s children from every illness that flesh is heir to.

    I’m very grateful to know not to listen to error, instead to know that God is All in All.
    To go over the Scientific Statement of Being and It’s correlative scripture.

    S & H 468:8 & I John 3: 1-3 Daily, especially when tempted to be fearful.

    Thank you for this mornings revelations!

  4. Well, what do you do when you are forced to partake in the virus test? – By a so called Christian Scientist family member. And you turn up “positive”. Angry about having to do it. Lots of fear about having to step into the Material stream of thought. Sad and feel like a failure that I did not or was not able to demonstrate what I know is true. Right now to me this is all nice “talk”. But just talk from those who aren’t really being forced to deal with it.

    1. Casy, If the only thing we are left with is the holding of our faith in the superiority of divine principle over all other forms of expression, then we are not helpless in the face of error. It is better to rely upon that which we know to be true than to accept the error of belief pushed upon us by those who could not see or will not see the power of that which created all experience. I is better to be one step ahead of the devil with him poking you into an unwanted direction then to follow him willingly to his final destruction. Divine Love change not. nor can we rely on the temporal for an eternal solution.

        1. Love your clear sense and purpose of encouragement, away from error; stand up with the Truth of the matter.

    2. Hey Casy,
      You can’t be a failure if you’re God’s image and likeness and God has never left you to deal with this alone. It’s easy to be drawn into the picture of the pandemic right now: the numbers, the “hotspots”, etc. But you can’t “have” anything that isn’t given to you be God! So you’re not positive with a virus, but positively loved right at this moment. Protected, beloved, cherished. You belong to God and nothing can separate you from good. Not a family member, not feelings of being unworthy, no “person, place or thing”!

    3. I don’t want to sound trite but this is the thought that came to me just now reading your frustration, disappointment and disbelief that you could find yourself in this position…and we have all found ourselves in positions we never thought could happen to us! But the word “positive ” stands out to me. Let’s get POSITIVE about this kind of “positive “label! OK error is still error no matter what you call it! No matter how big it is or how long it has been, or what the stories about it are….it is still a negative and untrue label on God’s idea. Put your foot down and refuse to take on all the attached information that is bandied about this error. Because they say you have tested positive does not mean you now have to accept and play out the rest of the CV game. We are not going to allow this “positive” label to become a negative in your life are we? NO WAY! Be positively SURE that this cannot infringe on your health because your health IS IN is SAFE in God. You are not vulnerable and this has come about because of fear (probably not on your part) but let’s try to see that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real…no matter how much is said about it , this is STILL a falsity about you…I will also know this for you…”I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me”. You know that one? That is for you..that means YOU. Christ, the idea of God , the idea that you are God’s offspring IS NOT VULNERABLE TO ATTACK. God did not make laws or patterns of sickness that you must now fall under the power of…you are only under the influence of God, Good, strength, dominion, abundance….claim that dominion that the first chapter of Genesis says you have been given. If you be angry about this, you are feeding the fear of it..refuse to give it a tiny weeny bit of power or reality. I will think of you and KNOW all this about you. A test is one thing, but they probably insisted on it out of love for you…but it doesn’t mean you have to suffer from this “false news” about your spiritual identity.

    4. Casy , GOD LOVES YOU . You are constantly in his care . He does NOT judge you . Do not be harsh on yourself . You were faced with a challenge , Be strong and hang with GOD . All is well .

    5. Our seeming battle is not with other people, so try not to get in that one!

      Be silent, as much as you can. Mentally, prayerfully, refuse to do battle v-e-r-b-a-l-l-y with mortal minds a-p-p-e-a-r-i-n-g as friends, family doctors, etc. LET them say, do, believe, etc. what they will, but YOUR stand is in thought, interior, for and with the truth.
      Truth, held to, will free you, as The Master said.

    6. Hi Casy,

      Thanks for sharing your situation! I believe most of us can relate to your experience with similar experiences of our own, but it doesn’t mean you’re a failure at all. It’s just another opportunity to keep proving the spiritual truth you know and understand. Everybody has challenges come their way, and often in unexpected forms. It’s all about how we handle them that counts. And you can handle this with authority and dominion. Your understanding of God gives you an advantage to make this test result of “positive,” be of no harmful consequence. It can turn into a positive spiritual experience and healing for you. God blesses you right where you are!

    7. Hi Casy,
      You made a choice to take that test and get labeled with “positive” but now is the time to take a stand and see yourself as God’s child. God’s child does not have an unwell label and you can choose not to run a course being set up by mortal mind. But, you need to recognize you have a choice and are making choices in thought. You do not have to step into the material stream of thought. You can choose not to right now. You are not a failure – that sounds like a suggestion of mortal mind trying to put a final sentence on you and you can recognize it as not true, not give in to it. What will you chose to do?

  5. I woke up this morn, thinking about “ unconditional love” in a human sense. I’m so glad my own parent ( long-passed) always expressed that love. And I’ve always felt that with my son & daughter & granddaughter. Then, it came to me, the Daily Lift was the “very good” from Genesis by Mark Swinney.
    We are all loved “unconditionally” by Love!
    Each of us reflecting, as best we can…
    Love sees U this way, Casey.
    Good SEEING, everyone as Love’s Children.

  6. So glad I waited to comment today. The help and encouragement shown toward Casy by Josef and Diane is inspiring and not just for Casy. This is where we must work even harder to maintain our spiritual being as Gods manifestation . Never back down, stand by the conviction that God is right here right now guiding guarding and protecting us . I absolutely agree that we must look at ‘material ‘ suggestions as another persons sense of concern for us . Error of any sort is thing. Thank you Evan and everyone here today.❣️

  7. “Insist vehemently on the great fact which covers the whole ground, that God, Spirit, is all, and that there is none beside Him. There is no disease.”
    (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 421:15–18
    I’m finding it helpful to do this whenever I’m tempted to think that anyone, including myself, can even believe there is any disease.

  8. Diane W, what a loving and effective treatment for Casy, and for all who understand the truths therein. Casy,- the results of mortal mind’s test cannot change your divine status as God’s perfect spiritual emanation. As we cling to this FACT, the miasma of material beliefs will dissolve into their native nothingness.

  9. Thank you, Evan, for your CS Sentinel article
    “You have no power over me.” So timely…
    July 13th.

  10. Appreciate this reminder Evan. “Standing porter” may take a little discipline, but is something we all can do.

  11. Remember that shot and sweet statement: “God is, this isn’t, and that’s that”…..we can all apply this to anything that comes into our experience being what we think is either big, or small! And, another short and helpful statement: “Love, love alone is life!”
    Appreciation is sent to all that commented today!

    1. Thank you Diane for your “directives” against error. Brevity with deep meaning – so needed in trying situations.

  12. Thank you Evan & all responders supporting Casey, especially Diane W. Many in similar situations benefitted from your response to Casey. And Diane Ward – love it: “God is, this isn’t, and that’s that.” Short & easy to remember. Like “FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.”

  13. What wonderful insights, Evan and everyone, as you give Casy a complete spiritual treatment. God is Love and you are all extending your understanding of Love to Casy. Bless Casy and bless everyone who commented so lovingly.

  14. The Bible story of Shadrach Meshach and Abednego in this week’s Bible lesson shows us that they were not delivered from the fiery furnace experience, they were delivered in it with the end result that not even “the smell of fire had passed on them.” They started by telling the king that “our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace”. But they didn’t stop there. They went on to declare that “he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king. ” And after that they even indicated that no matter what happened “be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up.” What absolute and complete trust and faith in God and in His power and goodness. God did deliver them, but they had to stand on their faith and walk through the fiery furnace. But they were not alone. They were not doing it on their own for it says that the king sees “four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt; and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God.” When we are in the midst of whatever we seem to be challenged by, let us remember the three Hebrew boys who walked through the fiery furnace unharmed. Let us look and acknowledge all the ways that God is communicating with us, caring for us, protecting us–delivering us “from every ill “that flesh is heir to.”
    (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 107) We don’t always have to walk through the fiery furnace, many times we are delivered from it. And many times we don’t even know there was a fiery furnace so complete was the protection. This is not just words or nice thoughts, it represents my experience of God’s presence with me and care for me through my figurative fiery furnace experience. God is here. God is a palpable presence. God loves each and every one of us and does deliver us. Let us stand steadfast in our love for God and our faith in Him and our understanding of His goodness and power.

    1. Thank you Kathy so applicable to the discussion on the blog today. I was contemplating the same thing about the Hebrew boys. But I hadn’t claimed that we too are not alone in our “fiery furnace”. Thank you for that insight. And thank you all for your helpful comments. And a special thank you to Evan for sparking the conversation with his thought provoking blogs. (=

  15. Wonderful, insightful comments all!! It dawned on me Wed morning that this weeks lesson is a “road map” of what’s going on in world thought. God gave the directive not to count men- yet every day the news counts how many are “sick” – the story of the boys in the fire shows being forced into a horrific situation but being kept safe and ending incredibly well and strong. Being the victor!!! The more I’ve read this weeks lesson the more confident this pandemic appearance is outlined in S&H as errors demise. An event
    That presents as incredibly terrifying and dissolved into nothingness! Like the Hebrew boys, like Jesus’ crucifixion. I saw this lesson as a road map to expunge what appears a curse but is really the swan song of error!! Onward, Christian soldiers!! The ending is assured- God wins!!

  16. Love all the comments helping Casy take a stand and build a case in the other direction as God’s perfect child. Wow! Thank you Spiritview commenters! What a feast! 🙂 🙂

  17. I re-re-read this this morning (Thursday) to see a full treatment for our beloved fellow SpiritViewer. This is the preciousness of SpiritView, enabling us to draw upon each other, supporting & sustaining through sharing. Blessings blessings blessing !!!
    My gratitude for your hearts and willingness to reach out and give aid, healing.
    Love to each and every one
    Love to Evan for providing this platform.

  18. I am reading all these deep truth and loving comments with tears. You are all so incredibly kind to offer your help. That touches me. Thank you with all my heart.

  19. Just thank you everyone for all your loving, amazing comments and strong spiritual truths! All of this blog today is just wonderful! Thank you Evan for giving us this amazing platform especially during this time.

  20. Never a more complete and powerful presence of loving, healing truth. Everyone committed to dissolve the lie of imperfection. This test was an error, never accurate whether positive or negative it doesn’t apply to a spiritual idea. Specifically, error is non existent. No mortal body to pin conclusions on.
    I know dear Casey, that you are feeling the power of all the love expressed by astute, experienced, dedicated, proven Christian Scientists.
    “The calm and joy of things immortal, the loveliness of Love is all around.”
    How great a privilege to be blessed in the presence of those who are grounded in this sharing.
    “What blesses one blesses all!”
    What wonderful caring for Casey, surely powerful to undo all this pandemic. Casey’s healing is for the healing of the nations!
    Thanks to God for revealing the brotherhood of all mankind, this day and in this way.
    Today we celebrate Casey’s and everyone’s independence!

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