A complaint free body

November 30, 2016 | 21 comments

Would you like to enjoy a complaint free body—a body free of aches and pains that may persist or keep popping up all too frequently? A good place to start is to be sure that you are demonstrating complaint-free thinking.

Complaint free thinking translates into a complaint free body for the human body is human consciousness. Whatever happens in one is felt in the other, and mind has the final say as to what condition is going to prevail. So to keep the body free of complaint, it is imperative to keep the mind governing that body free of any type of bothersome, irritating, grumbling, or complaining type of thinking.

And we do this by demonstrating a Mind of Love.

God is Mind and God is Love. As children of God, we have the Mind of Love to express and manifest in everything we do, think and say. As we live true to our primitive state of Mind, the divine Mind, our thinking reflects the divine thinking, and in the divine thinking, there are never ever complaints. There is only harmony, peace, love, and comfort.

So, put on the Mind of Love today and live complaint free—in mind and body.

The Mind of Love sees the goodness of God in everyone. It does not take note of character deficiencies, form criticisms, render judgments, nurture grudges, carry resentments or grumble. It sees beyond the mortal to the immortal man of God’s creating where Christ reigns within every individual.

The Mind of Love is conscious of the kingdom of heaven always at hand. It is aware of Love’s omnipresence and Truth’s omnipotence. It is not depressed if the weather is cold, upset if a family member is uncooperative, or worried if the checking account balance is looking low. It makes its own weather, inspires any needed cooperation and supplies its own abundance.

The Mind of Love is never at the mercy of any material condition of circumstance. It determines its own conditions and circumstances.

The Mind of Love is complaint free because it never sees anything to complain about. It is too busy seeing all the good to rejoice in and participating in its unfoldment.

Live a complaint free life. Let the Mind of Love be your Mind. See all the good like God sees it, and enjoy its comforting, peaceful presence.

“Mentally contradict every complaint from the body, and rise to the true consciousness of Life as Love, — as all that is pure, and bearing the fruits of Spirit” Science and Health, p. 391.

“Dear brothers and sisters, I close my letter with these last words: Be joyful. Grow to maturity. Encourage each other. Live in harmony and peace. Then the God of love and peace will be with you”
II Cor. 13:11, NLT.

21 thoughts on “A complaint free body”

  1. Thank you Evan. I’ve been thinking along these same lines lately but instead of thinking in terms of “complaint” these ideas came to me in terms of “annoyance” or “irritation” (which are really all very similar terms). I’ve become conscious of all the little things that occur that I allow to annoy me (i.e. someone cutting in front of me while driving, co-workers that don’t cooperate as much as I think they should, a store clerk that doesn’t do things as fast or as efficiently as I think they could be done, etc.). But I’ve started trying to remember the First Commandment when these things occur and realize that in God’s creation everything is in perfect harmony and therefore there is nothing that can annoy or irritate anything else. This new outlook has paid dividends in reducing my “annoyance level” which I am grateful for. But more importantly it has raised my awareness of God and His idea in my experience and that is even more of a blessing!

  2. “The Mind of Love is complaint free because it never sees anything to complain about. It is too busy seeing all the good to rejoice in and participating in its unfoldment.”

    Wow! That’s really really good, Evan. Thank you!

  3. The absolute truth is: God is governing His Ideas. Therefore, as His ideas, we can’t “wander off” into grumbling or ingratitude!
    Where would we go, where God isn’t?

    The wanderer-grumbler-complainer
    is not us. It is simply a false-belief-about-us,
    about God….and, really, is non-existent.

    Wonderful Truth!!

  4. Thanks Evan! So very Good and Inspiring! “Fed by Thy Love divine we live, for Love alone is Life….” C.S. Hymnal.

  5. This is so good. I try to be positive about my thinking but every so often a irritating reminder of a wrongdoing will pop up in conversation and I wonder why I can’t let it go and vow to not go there again. This gives me a better perspective to work from and to deal with those problems that keeping popping up…:) Thanks so much for this insight.

  6. Great gratitude, Evan for such a definitive clarification of who we are as Man.

    This is our daily resurrection with Christ Spiritward, our “Mind of Love” expressing God’s Consciousness.

    This is realizing “the simplicity that is in Christ” that we can truly never lose, but freely give!!
    Thank-you for your time, courage, strength, insight, love, and sensitivity.

  7. Just what I need to hear.
    Thank you Evan.
    I’ve been reminding myself that a heart filled with gratitude has no room for complaints. I still have a long way to go but I’m on my way.

  8. Thank you Evan. I had an experience at work that happens at least once a quarter. It is harder and harder to have your peace disturbed no matter how outrageous the behavior. Focusing on the truth and putting it in God’s hands is the key. Peeling away the layers of mortal mind

    1. Love hearing and feeling the demonstration of staying focused on the Truth. Not having your peace disturbed, by putting all in God’s hands proves where our consciousness resides. In GOD’S HANDS. lovely Nadine.

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