Conquer fear of germs

October 12, 2021 | 13 comments


It’s not necessary to live in fear of germs to stay healthy.

Like driving down the highway safely, one does not need to think about all the possible ways one may have an accident to have a safe drive. You focus on how to drive your car well, stay in your lane, respect other drivers, adapt quickly to unusual circumstances and obey the traffic laws. You can drive your car with total peace of mind, knowing that the divine Mind will provide the direction, instruction, and wisdom you need to deal with any situation that pops up along the way. There is no need for fear.

In today’s pandemic environment, we can “drive safely,” through it, by understanding the truth about health.

Health is not a material variable. It’s a fixed spiritual quality built into our being as children of God, that no germ ever touches. Germs are not a threat to health, and this truth understood, protects our body from contagion.

Metaphysically armed with an understanding of health, there is no fear of germs. One is not naïve, ignorant, or uncaring about the sanitary demands of the moment, however, thought is not dominated by fear of bad things that might happen, but impressed with all the good things happening with God that keeps one safe and well. It’s a very peaceful, happy, and intelligent way to live.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “Fear is the fountain of sickness…” It’s critically important to live free of fear to stay healthy. She continued to write, “Fear is the fountain of sickness, and you master fear and sin through divine Mind; hence it is through divine Mind that you overcome disease” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 391).

Honor divine Mind’s ability to keep you healthy and safe in all circumstances. Have no fear of germs, and stay healthy.

13 thoughts on “Conquer fear of germs”

  1. Thanks Evan for the reminder about fear and sickness. When we declare that no germ or virus has any intelligence to go somewhere and be infectious or can make us sick and fearful, we destroy the fear since intelligence is divine Mind manifested and no virus or germ can survive when divine Mind is filling our thoughts.
    Have a blessed day everyone.

  2. Thank you Evan , thank you Angie , the older articles are very good , and helpful , look forward to them each day from both of you , much thanks

    1. I always find it helpful to remember that it’s thought we are monitoring, not the body. It’s what is GERMinating in thought that’s important to be aware of because we know that it’s only thought that affects the body.

  3. I found myself saying this to a loved one recently “ you understand that I can’t give you something I don’t have”. While they feel protected by a vaccine, my protection comes as the perfectly created, image and likeness of a perfect God. I’m so grateful for Christian Science which teaches us that!

  4. Thanks very much Evan for today’s spiritually~inspiring and spiritually~practical blog! Thank you
    Angie for the Sentinel article link, very helpful! Grateful for all the comments! Love SpiritView and the
    SpiritView community!

  5. If there is such a real thing as a “germ,” then it is created by God because He made all that is real. If He made it, then it is good and unable to harm anyone or any thing. Mrs. Eddy said, “All of God’s creatures, moving in the harmony of Science, are harmless, useful, indestructible” (“Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,” p. 514)

    Driving a car is a good metaphor for driving or moving through life, as Evan said, with total peace of mind under divine Mind’s direction.

    Thank you Evan for the steady reminders of our unchanging wholeness and wellness in our eternal God. Blessed day to all!

    1. Loved this thought Rose, “If there is such a real thing as a “germ,” then it is created by God because He made all that is real. If He made it, then it is good and unable to harm anyone or any thing.” Thank you!

      1. I’m grateful to hear that you found this idea helpful J. I’ve gotten inspiration from many of your comments as well, so thank you and please keep sharing. All the best to you.

    Thank you Evan. I especially liked the comment that health is not a material variable. In case anyone missed it, this article accompanied the Daily Lift yesterday. Alexis Deacon writes, “when I read the words “leave the mortal basis of belief and unite with the one Mind,” something changed. I saw that I had a choice—I didn’t have to accept the material prognosis…”. Wow. How comforting and freeing is this – to know that we actually have a choice and can reject and then accept another way of thinking! Sometimes it feels as if I don’t have a choice and feel “stuck”; especially if I’m distracted by a physical issue or feeling overwhelmed by some other problem. So it’s very inspiring to know that we *always* have the freedom of choice to change our thought by “synching our thinking” with the divine intelligence of the one Mind for the truth of what is really going on.

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