Conquer fear of the coronavirus

May 5, 2020 | 46 comments

A reporter asked Mary Baker Eddy the question, “Do you reject utterly the bacteria theory of the propagation of disease?” She replied, “Oh,” with a prolonged inflection, “entirely. If I harbored that idea about a disease, I should think myself in danger of catching it” (Miscellany, p. 344).

As Christian Science explains, it’s not a virus that transmits disease from one person to another, but beliefs associated with it. If the beliefs are neutralized with spiritual truth, the virus is rendered harmless. This is what Eddy knew and understood.

We can prove the same in our lives. We do not have to live in fear of the coronavirus. Spiritual truth renders it utterly harmless.

To protect yourself, know the omnipotence of God. Know that there is only one power affecting your life and health—the power of God, good, alone.

Stay clear that because matter possesses no intelligence, a virus has no intelligence. The coronavirus does not plot, plan, execute or cause anything to happen. It is mindless, lifeless, causeless and harmless.

Wherever you go, see the omnipresence of Love ahead of time. Know that you walk in the omnipresence of Love where there are only conditions and circumstances of Love to greet you at every corner.

See all the people you meet as washed clean in Truth and Love. Know that they can only bring God’s holy presence into your experience. There are no carriers for evil anywhere, anytime, anyplace. There is only the presence of Truth and Love to know and experience.

God never created a harmful virus for us to fear. God created a Life of Truth and Love to experience to the fullest! Be sure to live it.

46 thoughts on “Conquer fear of the coronavirus”

  1. Thank u again Evan for your insight and constant help for all mankind to read and know as an “ever present help in times of trouble”. It surely a help to us doing this work along side of u to be re-reminded of passages we’ve read in the past to use in our argument against the “uninvited. Intruder” as Kimball , Mrs. Eddy s student calls mortal mind. Much needed TRUTH. For thecwirld to hear.

    1. Thank you so much for these clear, concise thoughts to keep our thought prepared and on track. I’ve really appreciated all of your posts relating to this topic but today really hit the core of the matter for me: correcting it in thought before each move or encounter in public.

  2. And Happy Cinco de Mayo today! All my loved ones are spread thru-out the world and I am so thankful the truth you speak of is available to them all. And to me. I have also learned the importance of praying for oneself, it is not selfish but necessary to healing this problem.

  3. Thank you so much, Evan, just what we need to keep constantly in thought as we go about our day!

  4. This is perfect!. Good thoughts to keep in mind for now and when we go back to being with our work family.

  5. Your article this morning inspires me
    to keep these ideas in mind today and practice them.
    Thank you so much,
    Murph Elliott

  6. Evan, have you heard the story from 1918 about the 50 sailors that were exposed (as a medical experiment) in every way possible to the Spanish Flu? They were injected with germs, swabbed with nasty stuff, sneezed on, etc.

    Despite every one’s best efforts, none of those 50 men got sick.

    A lecturer mentioned that maybe this was because there was no fear in those 50 sailors and without fear, there’s no foundation for disease.

    Great blog, btw.

  7. What a strong and healing thought you shared “- – there are only conditions and circumstances of Love to greet you at every corner.”
    Whether we like it or not change is inevitable but to be greeted by Love is a gift from God. And that gift changes fear to confidence and sadness to hope.
    What a glory in that gift..

  8. Thank you. I especially like the line to see everyone you meet as being washed clean in Truth and Love.

  9. Thank you for this Evan. Today I went out into a shopping environment for the first time in weeks. As I stood behind the distancing lines and looked about it was such a comfort to know that no amount of distancing can come between us and our Loving , protecting Father/Mother God.

  10. Thank you Evan! What a perfect remedy! I am going to reread this and practice it throughout the day! Thank you! 🙂

  11. Today your message could not be more powerful or clear. I am especially grateful for the strong, direct messaging you shared on how we can think as we proceed about our day. It is and has been the rampant fear stoked by the media that wants to paralyze us. Your quote from MBE is perfect. Thank you! Jackie

  12. Thank you John and Barbara for your thoughts. If I need to go out I pray with Hymn 139,
    “i walk with Love along the way,
    And O, it is a holy day;
    No more I suffer cruel fear,
    I feel God’s presence with me here.”

    I pray that everyone can feel God’s loving presence and protection which removes

  13. What a powerful healing message for each one and the world, Evan, thank you. I’ll be praying, pondering, and humbly practicing, knowing these truths go forth to bless all. Abiding gratitude for all your healing work in so many ways …

  14. What a wonderful message for us all. This is truly where our thought exactly needs to be, it is the perfect armour as we go about our day. Thank you Evan and all commenters. So grateful!!

  15. husband wanted to walk 2 1/2 miles to eat at a restaurant. I seem to have twisted my leg doing
    yard work.
    By the time I reached the corner I didn’t think
    it was going to work.
    The words, “I walk with love along the way.”
    came to thought. But to me at that moment it
    sounded like I was separate from Him.
    I changed it to, I walk as Love.”
    Every thing I saw became Love expressed. I used
    all of the synonyms the same way. I walk as
    Life, Truth…
    I was free at some point and walked home 2 1/2
    miles singing all the way in thought.

  16. Thank you dear Evan for making sure our “spiritual armor” is fresh, shiny and new each day. We go out each day to combat lies with Truth!!!!
    Thank you,

  17. Dear Evan—Your pure, clear waterfall of God’s words of Truth and Love have washed over me this morning, eradicating anxiety, fear, concerns about today and the future. My gratitude for your words helping me being able to align my thought with God’s guidance and strength have prepared me for today’s experiences ahead. What gems of God’s wisdom (from all above comments) have showered through my thought process this AM. I send my gratitude and appreciation to all the givers sending such healing, protecting thoughts to everyone.

  18. Will be “Clad in the panoply of Love, where human hatred can not reach me” each day as I dress in the wee hours of the morning to drive a family member to an essential job, totally protected by Divine Love.

  19. This blog is wonderful because I am getting the same blessing as if I was talking face to face with you Evan. Todays conversation is precious and so helpful. We all walk with God every moment. Much Love to all. Jane

  20. Hello! What a beautifully inspiring post!
    I am new to studying Christian Science. My mom is the one who introduced it to me. I am grateful to have her to speak with about what I am learning and areas I struggle in as I strive to understand and grow.
    I am a young stay at home mom, I was wondering if there is any resources that could connect me with other like minded women?

    1. Julie, maybe she hasn’t looked at the blog again to see your message. Maybe you could email Evan to forward on a message to her email address with yours attached? Hope Evan doesn’t mind me suggesting this?

  21. This came at a perfect moment when my thoughts started to drift in a different direction. God is Truth, My thoughts are are the right track again. Thank you.

  22. Thank you, Evan! This is so inspiring and UNEQUIVOCAL! Worth keeping close in our hearts and minds every day.

  23. When the thought of virus or disease or pain, etc. pops into thought, I try to immediately dismiss it as unreal, with no power, no ability, no capability. I declare the thought as a shadow…step away and it’s gone. This helps me tremendously, and often gives me a chuckle, as I think that “nothing” can’t have a shadow!

  24. Thanks so much Evan for the powerful clear message that fear of disease and contagion can never have dominion over us when we let truth and virtue build a strong defense in our consciousness. Knowing God’s allness, seeing God’s allness, and demonstrating God’s allness are the laws of being. All must be well. 🙂

  25. Oh thank you Evan, this is again so very helpful in this special present situation. But actually we are not in a special mortal situation, as we all are living and moving and breathing in divine Love, our Father-Mother God! Am happy we learn in Christian Science that we are totally spiritual and thank God for it. And thank you all for your inspired and interesting comments to this wonderful SpiritView!

  26. Deepak Chopra and a Harvard quantum physicist proved scientifically that the universe is run by Love. So, the only thing we breath in is Love. The only thing that multiplies within us is Love. And, the only thing we breath out is Love.

  27. Thank you again Evan for your precise explanation of the truth! Disease, fear, contagion have no real being.. God is omnipotent…all power…the only power.
    I too love Hymn 139.
    I walk with Love along the way,
    And oh it is a holy day;
    No more I suffer cruel fear,
    I feel God’s presence with me here;
    The joy that none can take away
    Is mine; I walk with Love today…
    ( and every day!) .

  28. Thank you, Evan, for this wonderful message. You daily affirm the Truth and send it out to all. What a blessing for us and really for the entire world!

  29. Thank you Evan. These truths are what protect us.
    In atmosphere of Love divine we live and move and breath. Hymn#144.
    With love Barb, Fla.

  30. Evan, you are correct in emphasizing that God, Or good is the only power in our lives. However you have not identified specifically the ‘good that does maintain and protect in this case. General treatments will never demonstrate. Our pastor tells us, in CS Practice,,that we must get the ‘name’ of the disease. It’s ‘name’ is not virus.
    Without it’s name, or nature, our prayers can not hit their mark. Those prayers MUST be the specific counterfact to this specific counterfeit.

    Further and deeper thinking and research will reveal the virus’s name. It feeds upon itself. It was born out of economic desperation and creates more of it’s nature.
    If you’d like more proof; contact me.

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