Don’t give up. Keep on surfing.

March 29, 2024 | 20 comments

Are you ever tempted to give up because a demand on you appears too hard to complete?

In this video, I share ideas on how to conquer that temptation, put disappointment behind, and move to success.

This vlog was filmed on the North Shore of Oahu, when my wife and I visited the area in February, 2024.

20 thoughts on “Don’t give up. Keep on surfing.”

  1. Thank you, Evan, for this heartening message. As a former California resident we lived in Laguna Hills, very close to Laguna Beach. My children and I would spend lovely days watching the surfers who kept striving to improve their skills . They never gave up! Thank you for your messages that help and heal. Easter blessings and joy to all on here.and worldwide.

  2. To never give up is what Mary Baker Eddy is known for doing. Surfing is a good example, yet we all realize there are many life examples such as downhill skiing, tennis, jobs, community involvement, education, raising children, church work, and so on. How grateful I am for these opportunities to witness and experience success through Love’s leading

  3. Lovely, thank you Evan.
    Jesus knew he had to go through the material trial of crucifixion in order to demonstrate, by his subsequent resurrection , the divine proof of man’s immortality…Gods idea being permanent harmony ,achievement and abundant Life. Thank goodness Jesus kept climbing back on the board of Truth and Love, whatever the challenge!
    Wishing everyone a joyous and peaceful Easter time.❣️

    1. I love your message and that powerful scripture, Evan, thank you! and J ! for the article.
      Happy Easter!

    2. Thank you for this article dear J. I echo what Linda says below, we appreciate that you continue to seach for and share articles that lift us up. There is no lack of good in the Mind of God.

    3. Thanks christine, Rose & Linda. I happened to save the url from that article, so glad it could be shared. 🙂

      1. O yess “J” I also could read the whole wonderful article, and it is very helpful. I awoke in the night and had to do with thoughts about somebody, I would even say a friend, which don’t belong in my thinking. Reading the truths in this article were a healing and I got calm, for which I am deeply thankful. Thanks a lot dear “J” for posting this article!!!♡
        Here in Germany we have another Easterholiday in Monday.

  4. Dear J,- Thank you for the helpful article “Don’t Be Discouraged”, and for sticking with your search for supportive articles that can be shared with this SpiritView family. Your love and persistence are so appreciated.

    Thank you Evan for this beautiful video and message to not give up,- a reminder so needed on the obstacle course of human life. A dear aunt that has now passed from mortal sight used to end every phone conversation with this pearl of wisdom, “Keep on keeping on!!

    May you all be blessed with an Easter filled with divine light and rejoicing!

  5. Evan, I absolutely LOVE this inspirational video!. It gives me such a lift this morning. Thank you so much for this joyous declaration to never give up in witnessing God’s allness and presence and our reflection of this awesome presence being made manifest in our lives. Absolutely wonderful!

  6. This message hits home more than I can say. It seems so many times having
    fallen off or even having been pushed off (metaphorically) the surfboard of
    life, the feeling of wanting to give up/disappointment has crept into thought.
    But as Jesus overcame the unfairness that was inflicted on him, the worst
    sentence that could have possibly been done to him, for only wanting to love
    and help humanity, he arose in thought and a reawakening took place in him
    and because of what he seemingly went through, even today, mankind is
    blessed with the overcoming of the trials he triumphed over. As our dear
    Mrs. Eddy states on pg.322 of S & H, “The sharp experiences of belief in the
    supposititious life of matter, as well as our disappointments and ceaseless
    woes, turn us like tired children to the arms of divine Love. Then we begin
    to learn Life in divine Science.”
    A blessed Easter to you, Evan, Kathy, your family and Everyone here at this
    loving and ever-supportive Spiritview family.

  7. Thank you so much for this wonderful video, Evan. I love how you and Kathy timed the trials of the surfers with your message. The message to never give up and give in to discouragement is so needed. It reminds me of the Bible Lesson this week regarding Thomas. He wasn’t about to believe until he saw physical proof that Jesus had actually risen and been seen in person. Jesus said it was good that he had believed now, but “blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” (Mark 20:29)

    A couple of things talked to me with this lesson. Regarding Thomas, my husband and I watched a Course about the New Testament. In it the instructor talked some about the Gospel of Thomas. As I listened to some quotes he had I was struck about how they did seem to fit in with the Christian Science teachings. Obviously, Thomas went from not believing to believing deeply and teaching others. That is a promise that when we don’t quite get it and understand as we should or want to, when we keep on going, we will get it.

    Second, I had never noticed the time frame of the events of that day. The 3rd hour, Jesus was crucified; from the 6th to the 9th hour darkness fell on the land; and at the 9th hour he cried unto God and gave up the ghost. That is only 6 hours in comparison to the 40 days after that and before his ascension. What a lot he accomplished in such a short time…his 3-year career as a teacher/healer and during this time. And he is our example!! NEVER GIVE UP!!

    Easter Blessings to all and thank you all for your inspirations. What a blessing they are.

  8. “Keep enduring, whatsoever”. Yes Evan, thank you very very much for your steady encouraging us to go forward without giving up even a bit. God is our strength and our joy and our everything!
    Thanks to all SpiritView Friends for your healing and comforting inspirations and articles and poems and hymns.
    As Evan says, God is always with us through His healing Christ in action working for us.

    Also lovely wishes to you all for a happy Easter! We can rejoice as Christ Jesus is risen for us. ♡♡♡

    1. Oh, I wanted to say in the beginning: “keep in surfing”, what Evan said..

      I suppose it is Summer in Hawaii, is it?
      Such a refreshing holiday scenery, thanks a lot!♡

  9. A few pages back, someone had reached out and no one has responded, so I would
    like to do so. If she can see this now, please know that you ARE Loved. I know holidays,
    especially, can seem challenging when the sense of family which is so commercially
    hyped on holidays, can seem disappointing/sad/lonely. Especially if family/friends
    have passed on, are divorced, in a nursing home where visitors can not be seen and
    have to go by restrictive rules, or are seemingly physically or financially homebound.
    Those with family probably can not relate, but communication to help with the
    challenge is so important. Regardless what our mortal circumstances Seem to be,
    we All are in One Family of God .. All precious Children of God.
    Mrs. Eddy in S&H pg 266, writes so kindly and understandably,
    “Would existence without personal friends be to you a blank? Then the time will
    come when you will be solitary, left without sympathy; but this seeming vacuum
    is already filled with divine Love.”
    Divine Love comforts and sends us thoughts of harmony, as in Hymn #174,
    “Love is true solace and giveth joy for sorrow – O, in that light, all earthly loss is
    gain; Joy must endure, Love’s giving is forever; Life is of God, whose radiance
    can not wane… Comfort of God, that seeks and finds His own.”
    We have to keep getting back up on that surfboard and ride the endless waves
    of Truth and Love.
    Happy Easter to All.

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