Exercise dominion over food

December 20, 2022 | 26 comments


It’s the holiday season, and concerns about food consumption dominate the thoughts of many.

Will I eat too much? Will I eat the wrong thing? Will I gain weight? Are common fears.

It helps to remember that we have God-given dominion to make intelligent decisions that bring good results. As children of God, we are not weak mortals that cave to temptation. We are spiritually minded thinkers that make good decisions!

The most important food to take in this Christmas season is spiritual food coming from divine Mind.

Rather than be mesmerized by the gastronomical treats that material sense gazes upon, focus on filling thought with spiritual truth. Attend events with an inspired thought ahead of time. Know that you already have everything you need from God to be happy and content without having to put extra food into your mouth.

As Jesus Christ taught, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled” (NKJV, Matthew 5:6). When you’re filled up with spiritual inspiration, its much easier to exercise dominion over food.

26 thoughts on “Exercise dominion over food”

  1. This is a really wise and important thing to remember – for if a whole load of food is
    set before us according to the tradition of Christmas fare, we need to see it as divine supply – all spiritual. We can be truly grateful, and enjoy what the host has prepared with love and care and generosity for us, but we must guard against over-indulgence. I pray that we be filled with the bread of heaven -health, harmony, and holiness – and give thanks. The Bible instructs us that whatsoever we eat or drink, do it all for the glory of God, giving thanks to Him. Of course, we are very grateful to the host who has presented the feast to us, and bless him/her.

    Thanks you Evan for reminding us to prepared our thoughts prayerfully and not forget, before
    we sit down to our Christmas lunch.

  2. This was written in support of our Nursing Carers / Homes:


    The nurse opened the DAY with new love.
    It didn’t matter what had gone before:
    The needs of yesterday were passed, a fresh day was here.
    For each began with the inspiration of love’s pure desire,
    Seeking God’s angel message of what best to do,
    In the quietness of Love, one always knew.

    At breakfast time fresh LOVE was always served.
    There were no left-overs: present needs had present thoughts.
    Love listens and responds to each individual requirement,
    For every need is different, already catered for by Mind,
    Whose wisdom had already provided what best to do.
    In the quietness of Love, one always knew.

    Lunch has its different wishes and claims and times.
    For some, fresh SOUL was quite a meal,
    Served with care and, as felt, meeting the silent plea of others.
    The warm smile and gentle laughter gave nourishment anew;
    The food thus served was quite what best to do.
    In the quietness of Love, one always knew.

    And come the evening, Love still took control:
    No pattern made, but seeking fresh and tender guide
    The outreach pure and instant could not hide.
    What was seen was simply MAN MADE WHOLE.
    All nourishment thus given was quite the best to do.
    In the quiet gift of God, Love always knew.

    Thanking all those that care so lovingly for one another

    1. Thank you so much, Ken – the poem says it just about all – and lovely to know that you
      wrote it for Care Home and Nurses. I am going to know that we are in our Father’s Care
      Home and that He will be directing, controlling and caring for us and our guests, and
      that we can enjoy and give thanks to God, to our Saviour, and the person who presented the meal –
      all for the glory of God.

  3. When my children were young, I tried to have us begin each meal with gratitude, holding hands with each of us telling at least three specific things we sincerely gave thanks for prior eating, and thanking each other at the end of each shared time together. Meals were a reminder that our purpose is to express love and oneness/wholeness/holiness with which we nourish the body, nurture our soul and relationships, and feed our commitment to grateful caring for others around the world , and all of nature that feeds us. I would thank all the people who were a part of discovering and developing those plants, and those growing, harvesting, transporting, maybe processing, buying and selling, preparing, serving, and sharing the food. And all the animals that made those plants thrive. I would point to the Peter’s Projection Map of the world in the wall by our table and where the plants first grew then were transported through different cultures around the world with different ways of enhancing the nutrition and taste. I would celebrate the qualities and choices of the family members who planned, prepared, and hosted the meal and the others who had helped clean the dishes and kitchen the day before. The product and process is about sharing gratitude and love.

    Since they were five years old, they individually helped plan, prepare, host, and clean up two dinners a week, with me holding the hot, heavy, and sharp items as needed, so they could have special one-on-one time with me, learn skills, practice gracious hospitality and generous guesting, budget and creatively make do with what we could grow or afford, plan their work and work their plans, feel needed, choose their priorities (exploration and playful food prep or fancy meals or easy quick clean up, etc.), develop empathy for others who serve, exercise dominion, and have at least two meals a week when they don’t have a reason to complain about the food.

    I involved them in preparing meal gifts for and lessons and blessin’s from Christian Science nursing patients and the qualities, reasoning, and skills in daily church discipline of Christian Science nursing of giving nutrient of the right sort on page 365 of Science and Health — “The poor suffering heart needs its rightful nutriment, such as peace, patience in tribulation, and a priceless sense of the dear Father’s loving-kindness.” And S&H 4:3, “ What we most need is the prayer of fervent desire for growth in grace, expressed in patience, meekness, love, and good deeds.” One became a Christian Science nurse. It is not the apparent material mortal limitations or material chemical food, or social stressors and roles, but the spiritual qualities expressing gratitude and love, health and holy oneness. It is clarity about our purpose to learn and bless. The habit of beginning each meal, project, task, and trip with gratitude and consecration.

    As adults, they thanked me for healthy habits and healthy bodies; no taste for or temptation in harmful things; confidence in food growing, wise shopping, and preparation; moral food choices and social-environmental responsibility; flexibility and creative problem-solving; and foundations for future jobs and richer ways to connect with others across class, lifestyles, roles, and abilities. Two of my children thanked me for the increased enjoyment and peace of mind that these daily habits grew firmly in them and saved them from the many problems suffered by their peers.

    They have healthy weights and freedom from addictions and common American forms of self-harm, no food allergies, no attraction to most junk, and they have satisfying careers and relationships. This is naturally normal when we realize we already have everything we need, the Source is Spirit, and we enjoy generous sharing and satisfaction.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to generously share your inspiration for your children’s upbringing and the beautiful demonstration of goodness. I feel inspired by it.

  4. Thank you Evan and all. These are wonderful thoughts. And timely. We are having our company lunch today and I these are all lovely thoughts to bring to the table.

  5. Thank you God for a wonderful site that holds such goodness that is shared. The thoughts that instill peace is so needed by each of us. My gratitude for each response and the topic as given by Evan is the blessings for my day.
    I will treasure these responses in my heart my consciousness through out the day with love and assurance that we live and move and have our being in God.

  6. Thank you E an and all. Divine Love makes everything available when one places his attention on the spiritual meaning of the birth of Jesus. The season will always remain a joyous one.

  7. Suppy and demand are equal, no more no less, just enough, we are blessed!

    Merry Christ-mas to you all and infinite divine Love to ALL!

  8. Evan, thank you for highlighting these crucial points. I am grateful for the inspiration to focus on what true nourishment is and on the importance of seeking it, of preparing our thought ahead!, of truly knowing we have dominion!; and ultimately, of translating things such as a lovely meal into the lovely, fulfilling thoughts that are its source and true substance.
    Thank you to all with much love.

  9. Hymn 40 had helped when I was having issues with drought and is also
    pertinent to this topic:

    “Here health and peace are found;
    Life, Truth and Love…
    Here see the Bread of Life;
    See waters flowing
    Forth from the throne of God,
    pure from above;
    Come to the feast of love,
    come, ever knowing,
    Earth has no sorrow
    but Love can remove.”

  10. Dear Evan, Thank you for this morning’s message that serves us with the true substance and sustenance of Spirit, and “feeds our famished affections.”

    Ken, your beautifully versed poem brings special inspiration as I am currently ministering to a dear one in a care facility.

    May divine Love bless you all abundantly this Christmas season!

  11. Oh my ! Today’s SpiritView is such a Bountiful Feast of Blessing!
    God is indeed our Host, our Source, and within Hie Care Home we reside, gathering at HisAbundant table laden with every need supplied & hunger satisfied already, Christian Science has given us Grace each day, wisdom moment by moment, conscientiousness & inspiration to live joyous & generous lives .
    Thank you thank you thank you
    My heart overflows with gratitude
    Surely our lives will attest our devotion to such consecrated thought
    God~GOOD Blesses Every One

  12. I love your explanation about food, reminding myself not to dwell on the side of matter which is not created by God

  13. Thank you Ken for your shared thoughts and Edie, as well. How nice to hear that your children are doing so well Edie from your shared thoughts and guidance when they were young!
    And, of course, thanks Evan for prompting all of us to think correctly about food during the holiday meals!

  14. Thank you very much, Evan for translating the human understanding of festive nutrition on Christmas into spiritual understanding of abundant divine food of wonderful inspiration and spiritual supply of qualities given us from God which is much more satisfying than excessive food on Christmas.
    For me it looks as if I celebrate Christmas alone with God and His healing Christ, reading the little red book “What Christmas means to me” and enjoying lovely christly singing and music.
    Oh yes, Andrew Brewes gives a Christmas concert in England at 9 pm which one can watch on Facebook live!

    Thank you Ken for your lovely inspiring Poem!♡

    Am always deeply grateful for your blessing SpiritView, dear Evan!♡

    1. Andrew’s Christmas Concert is on Saturday 24th December, i.e. on Christmas Eve. I am very much looking forward to that wonderful Concert.

  15. Thanks Evan, I appreciated, “Know that you already have everything you need from God to be happy and content without having to put extra food into your mouth.”

    The Bible says to, “….glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s (1 Corin 6:20), Eating wisely, moderately and joyfully is a way to glorify God with your body.

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