Finding spiritual stillness

October 28, 2020 | 14 comments

Would you like to find more peace or stillness in your life?

In this vlog, I share insight on how to find spiritual stillness under any situation you face. Whether in a noisy classroom, office or home, God is there, and you can find God’s peace through spiritual sense, which is always present and working on your behalf!

This vlog was filmed while hiking the Beartooth High Lakes Trail system in Montana last September.

“Finding spiritual stillness”

14 thoughts on “Finding spiritual stillness”

  1. Perfect start to the day! Thanks much for this calm approach to the tasks at hand as I begin them before sunrise. Much appreciate the sharing..

  2. Thank you Evan. Your words and quotes just brought me down from some seeming agitation to greater calm today. I will return to SV later and no doubt find more inspiration from everyone. Love to all.❣️

  3. Thanks Evan, very helpful as always. I love the “tune into the station G.O.D.” We should all have our channel selector preset for that one! We are so blessed.

  4. Such a beautiful and practice topic this morning..Having lived a very active life I have so needed to find spiritual stillness..Often I found great comfort in Mrs. Eddy’s statement “The very circumstance, which your suffering sense deems wrathful and afflictive, Love can make an angel entertained unawares”. S&H 574:27-30.

  5. Thank you-I read and or listen to your blogs/vlogs daily. They are helpful- and nourishing before I move into my day.

  6. Thanks for this reminder Evan. Watching the new movie, Thrive II, I was impressed with scientists’ discovery that stillness is at the centre of all action – from a hurricane to a whirlpool.

  7. Thanks Evan for your message on spiritual stillness and perceiving with our spiritual sense.

    It was great that you realized you didn’t have to wait for material stillness to be present to film your video. The lesson we received was even greater.

    That stillness is a constant, it is our essence, nothing can keep us from it because God gave it to us! Love to all the SpiritViewers!

  8. Ps.46:10
    Be still & know that I am God.
    Be still & know that I am.
    Be still & know.
    Be still.
    That testimony about the Bible verse as a help to a daughter who couldn’t seem to stop crying took place Wednesday night. Just by saying it firmly, the girl was comforted
    I had been thinking of the verse all day, myself.
    Thank you, EVAN & friends. Again, one Mind.

    1. Thank you Shirley for the reminder of that prayer. I love it and have used it many times, very powerful.

  9. Oh thank you very much, Evan for your so needed Vlog about “Stillness”
    I too love your blog/Vlogs very much. They give me a lot comfort and healing ideas!
    Dear Rose and Shirley, thank you also for your wonderful inspiring ideas! They do so good!♡♡♡

  10. Thank you Evan, Such a good reminder that in the midst of the political and pandemic turmoil we can find peace and spiritual stillness. So comforting. (=

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