Keep your eye on the high goal

October 27, 2020 | 15 comments

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

~ Henry Ford

For right reasoning there should be but one fact before the thought, namely, spiritual existence.

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health, p. 492

There are no obstacles to demonstrating spiritual existence. Keep your eye on the high goal, refuse to detour, and succeed!

15 thoughts on “Keep your eye on the high goal”

  1. Wonderful, to refuse to detour and keep my eyes on the right track, the way to heaven, demonstrating spiritual existence. That is so precious and desirable. I think all earnest Christian Scientists are working and walking that way.
    Thank you Evan; I love this SpiritView!

  2. Beautiful autum leaves. A song of rich color. Fortelling of the harvest. Time to garner in the labors of the growing season. Storing for the winter, substance till next year.
    Here in Michigan we are blessed with several miles of what is called “The Tunnel of Trees”.
    We visited this spectical of nature a few days ago. It was a great ride, slow and senic. However it was a rainy day. No sunshine to illuminate the colorful forest. It was full of spendor and all the artistic waves of beauty were above and around.
    Another day would have lit up the colors like in the photo above.
    Contemplating the day ahead of me and it’s challenges, requires the light of spiritual sense to illuminate the beauty of the goal for today. Somewhere, Mrs. Eddy suggests keeping your thought on your goal instead of each step along the way. A way to see the resulting accomplishment acheived, making it easier to attain.
    I’m grateful for this thought of continually knowing that we are spiritual and that the beauty of holiness is a canopy of rich beauty around beneath and above. Illuminated by spiritual sense.

  3. One Mind, one fact, one goal, …oneness!
    One inspired thought, with many expressions of gratitude, including mine.
    Blessings to enjoy another day…

  4. Yes, With all the ideas pulling for your attention, the only thing that is real for us is the spiritual
    goal thank you.

    1. I agree Nadine, I feel so many things trying to get my attention and pull me away from the focus on spiritual truth.

      Even just now, I intended to come on to the Spiritview site to read and be uplifted and maybe leave a comment. Somehow I got distracted to reading other things online and an hour passed. I walked away from the computer and almost forgot to come here!

      Fortunately, I remembered after a few minutes. So grateful for Evan and this community to help me stay centered on what is real. One Divine Mind that we all express, Perfect God, Perfect Universe (including us). Blessings to all!

  5. The splendor of this delightful photo and corresponding message beautifully represents to me, the four seasons with that window of heaven always above us to look up to and have as our goal.
    The fall leaves adorn our surroundings with the awesome colors of Spirit. When the leaves fall and things may seem bleak and empty, snow falls with it’s pristine purity of Truth. When things may see dark and cold, spring regenerates with the rebirth, reblooming of Life. Summer warms with the radiance of Love, all along giving us lessons of hope and continuity, through Mind, Principle and Soul.

    1. Beautifuly expressed. All comments reflect this supurb and poetic peaceful message.
      Autum a time to rejoice in the spledor of having a bountiful harvest.
      Thank you dearly.

    1. Dear Sue: In Miscellany, beginning on page 241 under the title ” Instruction by Mrs. Eddy.” She explains how to demonstrate spiritual existence. Her answer is continued on page 242 and was published for all to read what Mrs. Eddy said about this very subject. Your question has helped me to remind myself that when we understand we are truly spiritual, the mortal no longer has a hold on us or our thinking. So thank you so much for your question today. Hugs, Sue Carol Helten.

  6. Lovely thought to consider today Evan. As usual some very helpful contributions from you all too!
    Thank you SueHelton..I will be looking up your recommendation in Miscellany later today. I love to read the articles suggested by our SV family! Thank you Evan for helping us to some much needed daily bread. No obstacles in Divine Mind❣️

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