Would you accept a one-way ticket to Mars?

October 26, 2020 | 18 comments

I’ve read about space programs planning to send humans to Mars, with no expectancy that those humans would return to earth. They would spend the rest of their lives researching and living on Mars. And evidently, there are plenty of volunteers willing to make the trip and stay!

The prospect of a one-way ticket to Mars is intriguing. It would require one to leave everything behind, to expect to never see his home again, his acquisitions, money, friends, and even family. Everything would be new.

In essence, this is what Jesus Christ has asked of his followers. He has given us a one-way ticket to heaven. “Follow me,” he commanded, and the promise of eternal life is ours.

Are you willing to follow? Are you willing to go where Jesus has led?

To go where Jesus has gone before us requires us to leave behind all material things, all material sense, and all material loves. All things become new, as the Revelator John describes in Revelation 21:5.

Heaven is Spirit, and it’s the happiest, healthiest, most wonderful place one could ever be. But to find it, requires spiritual sense, which is the opposite of material sense.

In using the Mars analogy, we might say that earth is material sense, and Mars is spiritual sense. To get to one, the other must be left behind.

Are you willing to accept your one-way ticket to heaven? It’s yours for the taking. The faster you jump on board, the quicker you get there.

The difference between traveling to Mars and traveling to heaven is that in heaven, you realize you didn’t leave anything behind at all. You find your friends and family all there too, in their perfect spiritual form.

18 thoughts on “Would you accept a one-way ticket to Mars?”

  1. Thank you for the reassurance that our loved ones including pets join us when we get to Heaven. It sure makes my day interesting seeing the Heaven goal come about.

  2. A very interesting analogy. It brings the requirement of our spiritual progress into sharp focus. Another important difference is that Mars is still another place whereas heaven is not a place but a state of Mind. There is no requirement to go to a particular place (Jerusalem., Mecca, Boston) to find heaven. The kingdom of heaven is already within us.

  3. We cannot run so far as to get away from ourselves. Real change comes from within and in my mind comes with the acceptance of the of the eternal spiritual presence and power of divine love.

  4. This was an awesome reminder of where out thoughts really need to be focused. Thanks so much Evan with this “Spirit View” today. Just what I needed for today.

  5. I think it is very important to KNOW that the leap from material sense to Spiritual sense brings the realization that you didn’t leave anything behind because there is nothing there and not you get to bring your material concepts into heaven with you. Because true Spiritual identity realizes Only God is! In the Spirit of Truth.

  6. A few days ago I spent time considering Mrs. Eddy’s directive that to obtain holiness we must be willing to “sacrifice everything” for it – S&H 11:22-27.. [This was to better understand her statement that “Being is holiness, harmony, immortality” S&H 492:7] What precisely is included in the idea ‘holiness’, that I should want it to that extent? [A lot.] And what do I have to sacrifice? Surprisingly little in contrast to the gain, I discovered, So this analogy, Evan, is very helpful. Thank you!

  7. This post is really meaningful to me and the timing is perfect. We had watched “Away” on Netflix about traveling to Mars (it’s really good, just hang in there past all the medical drama; towards the end of the season there is a shift to more spirituality, which is a whole other post ;-)) Anyway, it inspired me to watch the film “The Martian.” The writer of the book said the premise of the story was along the lines of “Mars wants to kill you,” so it makes for a very suspenseful narrative (the main character declares he is NOT going to die on Mars)! The next morning I did what I do every morning, set the timer to just reflect on God’s All-in-allness without an agenda and it dawned on me that Mars couldn’t kill me! That the kingdom of heaven, the atmosphere of Love is on Mars, too. It might sound really obvious, but when I imagined myself actually on Mars and being just as safe there as in my living room, I was really astounded and did get a better sense of where the atmosphere of Love is as the kingdom within–God’s all-powerful, everpresent Love governing EVERYWHERE, wherever I am, there’s “I AM.” So yes, I’m eager to experience heaven, and I’m even willing to experience it on Mars!

  8. I love the idea of leaving behind the material sense of things for the newness and goodness of life viewed and lived through spiritual sense. The good news is that we all are blessed with spiritual sense, God bestows it on each of His children; we don’t have to get it or find it or seek it, just have to recognize it is innate.

    I am eager to go to “Mars” and glad that, as you say Evan, we don’t have to leave anything or anyone behind, everything is still there but we can see it all with new eyes, see everyone including ourselves as we truly are in our “perfect spiritual form.”

    Blessings to all Spirit Viewers!

  9. Angie I want to thank you for all 3 links. I really enjoyed the first one and listened to the entiure November 2nd issue of the Sentinel. The last one with the article by Barbara Vining was especially helpful, meeting a need of mine, so I have forwarded it to myself for further study.

  10. “You find your friends and family all there too.”
    Don’t quite understand that yet.
    Mrs. Eddy tells us we will recoginize those who have gone before”,
    I don’t want to leave loved ones behind

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