Trust your care to God

October 29, 2020 | 15 comments

God is not worried about anything. He is taking care of everything, including you!

15 thoughts on “Trust your care to God”

    1. What a morning gift to read this article on goodness and it’s allness..
      So simple and yet so profound.. God being all there is only His goodness .

    2. Thank you Angie for this excellent article. I love the way you always find articles which complement Evan’s blogs so well. Also thank you Evan for this simple but powerful message to hold on to today.

  1. The first thing God gave man was “dominion.”
    ( Genesis 1). The Daily Lift brought out God’s first gift to man.
    Our Father gives man The Kingdom of Heaven. It’s Christmas everyday…EVAN & fellow readers, gratitude. I, too enjoy the CS articles you post, Angie.

  2. Will look up articles in Concord that Angie,s reference mentioned.
    A great way to start the day with Spiritview..
    Thanks so very much.

  3. Thank you Evan. God is not worried about anything, he is not worried about us, because He knows He is taking care of us. So, since we can only reflect the One Mind, we actually cannot be worried about “our lives” or anything else. That’s good news!

    I love the photo, to me it represents the spiritual qualities of Freedom, Expansiveness and Joy Thanks also to Angie for researching and sharing articles. Love to all!

  4. Angie dear,- I want to join the others in thanking you for the articles you post for SV readers. They are ALWAYS relevant to Evan’s thoughtful topics,- helpful and inspiring. The article you posted today, “The entireness of good”I listened to twice this morning, and may again later. It’s an added blessing that so many that you post have a listening option! So grateful for the spiritual boost so often received from your loving contributions! Much love to you.

  5. Thanks for this wonderfully comforting reminder, dear Evan!
    I just found your absolute helpful SpiritView of 24th of August of this year with the toppic “No more worry.” I must say, that is so worth studying again! Will now print that out and pin at the wall above my computer to read it often.
    Yes, and Angie, I too thank you very much for the articles which are uplifting and specially good spiritual food! Printed it out for re-reading.
    Am grateful for Evan’s healing SpiritView and all the lively comments – love to you all !♡♡♡

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