Focus on what is true with God

March 9, 2020 | 16 comments

If you ever want to know what is true about any given situation you face, focus on what is true with God to get the correct view and to make a positive difference.

For instance, if you look in the mirror and see a disease on your body, mentally turn from what mortal mind is reporting to you through the physical eye and concentrate on what God is telling you through divine Mind. Focus on discerning what is true with God, rather than on what mortal mind is trying to present as true in matter. What you understand to be true with God can reverse what appears to be true in matter.

Or, if you check your bank balance and find insufficient funds, mentally turn from what mortal mind is trying to tell you about the numbers and consult what divine Mind is telling you about your supply coming from God. Focus on discerning the infinite resources of Mind that can turn those numbers around and reveal enough funds.

There is always enough health, supply and love from God to meet any legitimate human need. Through spiritual sense, we discern God’s help and are inspired to act on it and prove its presence.

Focus on what is true with God, rather than on what is not true from mortal mind, to find the quickest and best solutions.

16 thoughts on “Focus on what is true with God”

  1. This is the Alpha and Omega. As my teacher used to say, “What part of ALL don’t you understand?” Nothing outside of infinite harmony can or ever has invaded, marred or impoverished that harmony. Its almighty presence is always there to be known, seen and felt.

    1. I love what you have said Diane W.A. and your teacher sounds like my teacher ha! She would say something like that too!

  2. Feeling such gratitude for this Spirit View community. Buoyancy and encouragement and clarity on tap, ever flowing, ever available.

  3. When Jesus referred to himself as being “in” the world but not “of” the world he must have been illustrating the “spiritual” point of view. And by holding to that spiritual point of view we do change what is going on “in” this world.. shall we call it “practical Christianity?

  4. We had an experience of doing just this today while rushing for the airport but running far too late to get there on time. Looking at Google maps ETA and the time we left, it seemed impossible by at least half an hour! Not only that, but there were 4 or 5 traffic hold-ups due to roadworks, on the way. But while driving I knew I could not do anything to change mortal time limits except to look away from them and acknowledge all the times God has miraculously got me to a place in time when there wasn’t “time”! I knew that in truth, we are ALWAYS in our right place at the right time and it is actually impossible for us to be in the wrong place. SO I just drove at the correct speed though it seemed hopeless and we arrived on (mortal) time!!!

    1. How wonderful, Diane! Thank you for sharing your testimony!
      And a great Thank You to Evan, for this beautiful Spirit View!

  5. Thank you for this simple but profound message, Evan, and all the inspiring comments! I’ve had the same experience when flying! One time because of a flight delay I was to miss my connection by 30 min. I just prayed that everyone was in his right place and all was being directed by the one Divine Mind. The plane arrived within 10 min. Of my connection. It seemed impossible. But we aren’t really under mortal law, we are governed by a much higher divine law.

  6. Thank you very much for this helpful and clear SpiritView today, dear Evan!
    Yes, focus on what is real with God, because that is the only reality, as God supplies us all so lovingly with all Good, as also Mrs. Eddy says in SH..
    Am very grateful for this blessing SpiritView blog !

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