For more peace, let spiritual sense lead

January 18, 2023 | 20 comments

What can you do when you’re all worked up and tense about life?

One way to peace, is to remember that it’s the province of spiritual sense, rather than material sense, to shape and form your thought.

This vlog was filmed at Independence Pass in Colorado when my wife and I hiked part of the Continental Divide there in August 2022.

20 thoughts on “For more peace, let spiritual sense lead”

  1. Beautiful reminder Evan and of course that spiritual sense is ALL there really is. I’m most grateful to you and all the contributors to this daily inspirationalSpirit View. How wonderful to have the knowledge at hand to break through mortal mind which would tempt us in so many ways if not stopped in its tracks by Christian Science teaching and our spiritual sense of Life. Love this ❣️

  2. Thank you Evan. Your assessment of the material sense being so superficial and doesn’t know the depth of man. Mortal mind quickly makes a determination based on sight alone which sets a tone for the moment which carries forward into one’s day. Think about watching your neighbor or the news how quickly an assessment is made of the events. How grateful for those moments of insights that you provide adds so much to my day.

  3. Jesus was never in a hurry – he always maintained his God-given peace.
    He waited even when it was reported that his friend Lazarus was seriously ill.
    He knew that God was caring for Lazarus, and that what
    the material senses were presenting was not the truth. He
    didn’t want it to appear that he was personally responsible for
    his friend’s health, and although it upset him to see Lazarus
    sisters’ grief stricken, he knew that he had to stick calmly with
    the spiritual facts he was certain of to bring them a more lasting
    peace and comfort. And what an eye-opener and true comfort
    is became for everyone to witness – and a wonderful lesson for us
    even today.

  4. I was reading too fast and read assignment
    instead of, assessment.
    I like the idea that each SpiritView is an
    assignment to have a God-filled
    We already know this, but like the idea
    of affirmation.
    Thanks Evan, Kathy ❤️, all SpiritView’ers. ❤️❤️

  5. In a world that seems so chaotic and wrong with a lot of things, the peace as expressed in the beautiful landscape and message
    today brings such “gentle presence”, such “peace and joy and
    power” Hymn #210 Thank you, Evan, Spirit’s view is like being
    on an oasis that shines forth this Truth.

  6. I had to laugh when Evan said of course material sense doesn’t know where to go or what to do, because it’s drawing limited conclusions from a severely limited perspective. I imagined the devil running around in circles totally confused and afraid. But that is not the picture of us (the children of God), that is the picture of error, everything that is NOT us. So we can remain in Peace as God made us. Thank you!

  7. Fearful heart, put all your cares
    Completely in your dear God’s hands;
    Love feeds you with Her great strength
    And your faith will always stand.
    Now as you go safely forward,
    Walk securely in Love’s grace.
    Give to God the praise and glory;
    Fear and doubt have no more place.

    Longing heart, don’t give up hope
    When threats of evil overwhelm.
    Love now keeps Her promise true,
    God’s sure hand is at the helm.
    Bringing joy when all seems darkness
    God will keep you safe, secure.
    You go forward, loved and peaceful:
    Victory is always sure.

    Hymn #476

  8. Thank you Evan. Hymn 508 of our new hymnal makes us see how much peace flows in us.
    I’ve got peace like a river,
    I’ve got peace like a river,
    I ‘ve got peace like a river in my soul.
    This first verse tells us of the endless peace we have at our disposal to enjoy.

  9. This is so encouraging to know that we can turn away from the material sense of things and see and realize our Spiritual sense that has always been with us. To see as God sees the only true sense of our lives. Thank you, Evan for this clear message. Thank you all for your comments.

  10. All there is is SPIRITUAL SENSE …. MATERIAL SENSE has NO power over us or our thoughts….stick to the spiritual and all the mortal/material concepts disappear into their native nothingness!
    God is, this isn’t, and that’s that!

  11. Thanks to all for your comments. I had great difficulty listening to the vlog.
    There was a lot of background noise. Did anyone else have this problem?

    1. Hi, Dear Lori,
      There was a little wind noise, but you may be able to
      click on the CC (closed caption) where the words may be helpful to you, so you can read the message.

      1. PS. Lori, if you click on the square in the right hand
        corner that brings you to full screen, that would
        make the words larger. It was a lovely message,
        so hope this helps.

        1. Some of it is lost in the
          translation, but you will get the
          gist of it, (almost like spell
          correct which sometimes
          changes words that don’t
          really make sense).

  12. Thank You, Gid, for giving us spiritual sense
    with which to discern distortions from realities!

    The slight wind in the video illustrated how we simply need to focus on what we want to hear, letting the
    bg-sounds drift awaaay!

    Thanks,Evan, for helping to remind us what to pay attention to!

  13. Thank you very much Evan for this Vlog about Spiritual Sense! Am grateful to be reminded to the truths you talk about! And I do understand well what you say, the wind is never too loud, love it.

    Spiritual Sense is to understand God permanently, so in this sense Mrs. Eddy says it in SH. If we study the weekly Lesson Sermon, pray and listen to God, we will understand God. Am working on it.

    Thanks to you all for your excellent and helpful comments!

  14. “Spiritual sense is the ability to hear ideas coming from God that bring us peace and healing.” What a simple, perfectly lovely definition! Thank you Evan for this excellent and helpful vlog.

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