God created you unselfish

March 17, 2023 | 26 comments


It’s a spiritual fact. God created you unselfish!

You might not always feel unselfish, but those feelings are overcome as you identify with God.

God doesn’t lack anything. God doesn’t need to hoard. God doesn’t need to fight for limited resources. God doesn’t need to jump in line in front of everyone else to ensure a successful place. God doesn’t need to push and shove others out of the way to have what is needed. God is infinite Love, blessed with unlimited abundance, and living a full happy eternal Life.

God’s nature is to give, share and care. It’s your God-given nature to do the same.

As children of God, we are blessed with everything God has. We don’t need to shove and push our way through life to prosper. We don’t need to steal from another, grab the last cookie, fight for position and power, or one-up our neighbor to get ahead. We have what we need spiritually to succeed in the fulfillment of every right idea.

God didn’t create you to be a selfish mortal. God created you to be an unselfish immortal!

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “The best man or woman is the most unselfed” (Miscellany, p. 165). Let your divine nature shine through today. Live unselfishly! Glorify God and enjoy the benefits.

26 thoughts on “God created you unselfish”

  1. Thank you so much for this loving post Evan. The words “pushing and shoving others” reminded me of an incident yesterday when I was driving away from an event. It was raining hard and as I was concentrating on driving, I realised that others, pedestrians, were having to deal with the rain too, and here was I, warm and dry, driving before them!
    Here in the U.K the Highway Code has been updated to give way to pedestrians EVERYWHERE, not only on pedestrian crossings etc. I did eventually give way, and will do my best to keep in mind that unselfishness is our true nature…thank you Evan

  2. The pushing and shoving reminded me of when we used to have a pond full of koi carp, and I used to feed them every day. I noticed that most of them scrambled madly all over each other trying to grab as much of the food as they could, making a tremendous splashing. However, there were some who just swam calmly around the edge of the pond, and while the greedy fish were swishing away, lots of the food floated to the ones on the edge, and they calmly opened their mouths and the food floated in effortlessly. They discovered the better and easier way, and were rewarded.

    This is a good lesson for me that we don’t need to push and shove each other, but just know that we can love each other, and selflessly stand back knowing that divine will Love supply us all with whatever we need.

  3. Over the years, I have so often noticed that people in traffic will rush to get ahead of someone else or cut in and yet three minutes down the road, everyone is stopped at the same traffic lights, so the impatient ducking, and weaving, was useless.
    I used to be a very impatient driver when I was a lot younger, however, now when I’m driving in heavy traffic, I focus on the spaces between the cars and think about how God fills those spaces and I see the passion of cars and the movement as being part of gods harmonious expression with everything moving and cooperation. I have now noticed that I really enjoy driving even more because I make a point of letting people in at every opportunity instead of speeding up to take up that space. It is interesting how it changes your mood, when you smile and gesture to let somebody go ahead of you who is waiting to get into traffic– it really does make me feel happy

    1. OOPS! sorry folks…typo in my comment above….I meant to type “the ACTION of cars”, NOT the passion??? of cars”

  4. Hymn # 283 randomly opened this morning, as I so often get inspiration from
    these wonderful words of wisdom and joy. “Praise we the Lord, for His mercy
    endureth forever. Let us extol Him with joyous and loving endeavor; Come
    let us sing, Praising our God and our King, Should we be silent? Ah, never”.
    I love where you wrote, Evan, ” God’s nature is to give, share and care. It’s your
    God – given nature to do the same. ” Sometimes it seems I might over-share,
    but it is only because this Love from God is difficult to contain and just want to
    let it shine.

    1. Carol, I was humming that earlier as I made breakfast, and wondered what the first line was so I could look it up.
      You supplied the answer, proof of One Mind!
      Thank you!
      Yes, Evan, no pushing and shoving! I often find myself saying, “Go ahead, I’m not in a hurry.”
      It makes me feel good!

      1. Thank you for sharing that, Carol B. Yes, One Mind! ~ I Love when
        things like that happens! In the wonderful article J shared (Thank you),
        … “to be able to help someone ~ without even knowing that he had
        done it” … That Truly IS One Mind.
        I, too, always let others, if someone only has a few items and I have
        more (in line) ~ go first. The appreciation and smiles and love
        expressed and reflected, is gratifying for all in that moment.

  5. Isn’t this a wonderful message today! Thank you. It makes me LOL (laugh out loud). To think of God doing selfish things is just so silly. I nominate Eugene Levy to play the part of God in my imaginary movie. And by the way, I am currently working on toning down my all too colorful imagination,
    Thanks again and God Bless. Sentinel Watch had a replay of the program regarding equality this week. It is outstanding. It said that equality is the norm, , not inequality, as God made things. Working out from equality brings peacefulness.

    1. Rhonda, that was a very funny and helpful image you shared, it shows us that since it’s ridiculous to think of God running around acting like He/She is in a state of lack, it’s equally ridiculous for us as God’s reflection to feel we need to behave this way. I don’t think you should “tone down your colorful imagination” it’s an expression of Soul. (I can see Eugene Levy acting that part, lol.)

      We don’t have to make or force ourselves become unselfish, but instead to learn more about God and our relationship with Him to recognize that it is our true unchanging nature as God’s expressions. Thanks Evan, this is so important. And wonderful weekend to all!

      1. Just wanted to add that there is much peace and comfort in knowing what Mrs.Eddy said in Miscellaneous Writings (p. 307): that if we wait (trust God), never doubting, we will have ALL we need EVERY moment. ALL and EVERY are pretty absolute, this idea is a great cure for selfishness. As we understand this truth we begin to see there’s less need to struggle and fight and strive to get what we think we need (as in Maggie’s perfect analogy of the fish in the pond), just rest and trust and receive the flow of God’s good.

        1. Thank you dear Rose, what you said abt.
          the passage in Mis. p. 307 is a learning part for me! It gives me a lot!♡

          1. You’re so welcome dear Uta, sending love and blessings for a good weekend.

  6. Dear Carol,- So grateful for each and every one of your comments,- thank you for sharing often.– and thankful for all the inspiring ideas, uplifting articles, testimonies, and the loving support expressed and shared by this assembly of devoted spiritual seekers.

    1. Aww, Thank you so much Linda. Sometimes I think, maybe I should “sit this one out”,
      but I always get so inspired by Spirit View thinking, I just Have to share. LOL

  7. Thank you Evan and all contributors, Being conscious of the fact that everyone has equal rights makes us treat everyone with respect. Our actions always bring joy and satisfaction as you find people smile back at you.

  8. Thank you dear Evan, for this comforting and very loving SpiritView of today!
    What stands out to me is the convincing Truth passage you wrote: “God didn’t create you to be a selfish mortal. God created you to be an unselfish immortal.” And I am very grateful I learn more and more that I and all are spiritual, and this unselfish immortallity is also totally spiritual, without any falsity!
    Thank you Evan, specially for today’s SV, it gives me a lot!

    Am very thankful for all comments as they are truely enriching this wonderful SV Blog.

    1. Thanks very much dear Rose.
      And for you as well a blessed and wonderful weekend. Here it is becaming Spring and nicely warm. Lots of Love ♡♡

  9. Love these comments, especially on patience in traffic. I use this line in the grocery store check out lanes. Sometimes a person has a problem with their order and knows they are holding up the person behind them. When I get an apologetic or worried look from the person ahead of me, I just smile and say, “That’s ok. I’m not in any hurry.” Even if I felt impatience at first, when I speak this unselfish truth It frees me and I feel peace. The other person always looks relieved and grateful.

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