Governed by spiritual sense

July 19, 2023 | 18 comments


It is the province of spiritual sense to govern man.

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 206

As a child of God, you are divinely designed to be governed by spiritual sense.

Spiritual sense is your ability to see the goodness of God at work, to find health, joy, boundless freedom to live fully and abundantly.

Material sense is the opposite of spiritual sense. Material sense accepts limits, fears disease, resigns to despair, indulges sin, and ends with death.

It is not the province of material sense to govern man. It is the province of spiritual sense to govern man.

Accept the province of spiritual sense. Engage it. Follow it. Be inspired by it! Let it bless you. Life events will flow much smoother.

18 thoughts on “Governed by spiritual sense”

  1. Sunflowers always follow the sun, their faces slowly turning as the sun travels across the sky. We, too, should follow our Sun, always facing God in our travels.

  2. Thanks Evan:
    I need to have spiritual sense guide my thoughts. Stop dwelling in material sense, where there can be only fear and discord.

  3. Thank you very much Evan for reminding us as of our natural expression of God we have spiritual sense! I mentioned it already here that I remember you saying in one of your wonderful lectures that we all have spiritual sense, we just must u s e it!
    Yes what Jim said, as the sunflowers follow the sun, turning how the sun shines on them, we can always follow the Sun, the guidance of our Father-Mother God, divine Love to blessed actions!
    I love SpiritView, and nearly the first thing in the morning I turn to it for my daily lift! 🙂

    1. I had a little experience in the supermarket where I was shopping today. The cashier asked the other cashier for a pill for headache. I immediately used my spiritual sense, knowing we all have one good God who imparts only well being. And we are all God’s children. I am happy I was watchful to know the Truth and use my God given spiritual sense. I am so very thankful to you, Evan for your healing and comforting SpiritView!

      1. Lovely, dear Uta. It is wonderful to be aware of our
        spiritual sense. The older we get, the less “matter”
        senses seem important. They transcend into Soul,
        where they have always really been … in the spiritual.

        “Keep your face to the sunshine [God] and you cannot
        see the shadows. It’s what the sunflowers do.”
        ~ Helen Keller

  4. I love this thought in Evan’s statement based on MBE passage in Science and Health “ you are divinely designed to be governed by spiritual sense.” Divinely designed! What an amazing, powerful thought!
    Not a well intentioned person striving “ to be” but divinely designed and fully equipped as God’s complete expression . Thank you Evan and SpiritView family.

    1. Yes Doni I agree with you, that is a most powerful statement. God made us specifically to be governed and guided by His spiritual sense. And to see all of life through the lens of that spiritual sense. It’s amazing to know it’s built-in, we can’t earn it, achieve it and don’t have to do anything to make it so (though mortal mind loves to tell us otherwise).

      There was an expression I used to hear sometimes, “Use the sense that God gave you!” It was said when admonishing someone for a mistake. But now I see it can mean something different. Spiritually it means to me that we can make full use of our inherent spiritual nature and so enjoy that “boundless freedom” that Evan mentions above.

  5. This is a beautifully sunshiny, bright and cheery message
    this morning. Sunflowers are wonderful representatives
    reflecting God’s light. I have found that when I try to plant
    them, critters always find the seeds and dig them up and
    devour them, but when “nature” plants them, having been
    dropped by birds, they come up themselves and thrive.
    I guess that is God’s message to me that God/Love leads,
    not me.
    Looking forward to TMC online testimony meeting today.
    Have a great spirit-inspired day everyone!

  6. Thank you Evan. Our spiritual senses give us harmony and eternal life. Mary Baker Eddy writes in Science and Health page 3:1-2 that, “He who is immutably right will do right without being mreminded of His province” Let’s be citizens of this province. Thank you all.

  7. For me, “to be governed by spiritual sense”, is one of the most important truths to be learned, understood and practiced throughout our time here on earth. The challenge is to “Engage it. Follow it. Be inspired by it! Let it bless you.” Without a doubt “Life events will flow much smoother.”. Thank you so much Evan for spotlighting this very consequential topic.

  8. The truth is–and as we all realize “humanly” in some degree, large or small–we all HAVE built-in spiritual sense. This is the FACT of being. True being. The only being. Period.
    And, anything….annnythinnng….that suggests otherwise is part of the lie about Mind, God, and Its idea, man (us!).

    I will ponder this today….love it, apply it scientifically, spiritually, mentally, verbally, in this day’s experience, in every way I am directed by pure Mind, God. Amen.

    Thank you, Evan and all, for helpful Reminders for my journey into ever more light!

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