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June 23, 2022 | 25 comments


If ever troubled by the thoughts or actions of another person, the quickest way to peace is to impersonalize the error you perceive, and to handle it metaphysically with spiritual truth. See the error presented in the form of a misbehaving mortal as a lie about God’s creation, and instead, behold the character and nature of God’s child. What you see in Spirit, will dissolve what you feared in matter.

As Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “Let our finite judgment never settle on who is troubling us, and never defend ourselves against a person. Rather ask what is troubling, and then meet the what” (Christian Healer, Amplified Ed., p. 245).

25 thoughts on “If bothered by another”

  1. Thank you Evan – that is so important to keep in mind. It is not WHO is right, but WHAT is right
    is what comes to my thought when there is a seeming difference of opinion about something
    with someone. Impersonalising the error, and having only the spiritual identity of everyone in thought.
    The citation from Christian Healer is so helpful – such wisdom.

  2. That quote ‘ Rather ask what is troubling , and then meet the what ‘ is very revealing. How wise to get rid of the ‘Who’. It opens the door to let Love in …I love this today, so thank you Evan.
    It brings everything back to looking at our consciousness and not blaming another. Mind in control has to be our starting point❣️

  3. Bulls Eye Evan!
    A troubling relationship has presented itself and now with this reminder the “what” will be filled with it’s opposite. No “why’s”- just filling the void with ever present love.
    Thank you very much.

    1. Thank you dearly , Angie for this lovely article with such a sweet testimony!♡
      Thank you very much Evan to address such an important topic! It is very needed; and together with the comments very helpful and inspiring! I appreciate this SpiritView blog so very much, and it is utmost refreshing and enriching my spiritual understanding of the relevant theme.
      Dear Evan, thank you very much indeed for your healing and correcting spiritual views !♡

  4. Thank you, Evan. This lift is exactly what I need to see a long standing situation more clearly.. holding steadfastly to the Truth will help me let the false picture to fade and the real one to shine brightly.

  5. Thank you Evan for sharing that quote from Mary Baker Eddy….so clearly stated to rely only on the one Mind to guide us and remove personality from situations. Also thank you Angie for the link to that wonderful article.

  6. If you give the error that is troubling you a face and a name, you’ll never be rid of it. Separate the error from what seems to be its “human home” and it disappears. It’s never a person, it’s always error, hence, it’s always nothing.

  7. Thank you, Evan. I really needed this reminder today for a seeming challenge I’ve been experiencing. The comments are helpful too—as usual. I especially appreciate Robyn’s wise observation to not give it a face and a name. Of course not! It’s an illusion, not a situation.

  8. Mortal mind gets bothered and troubled, defensively reactive in “me against thee”, “us vs them”, “”I’m right; you’re [email protected], always judging/fearing/separating instead of loving our oneness, Childlikeness wants to learn and help. Emotional intelligence and moral sense get caringly curious about how the other person and our reaction to our beliefs about them is giving us lessons and blessin’s to better fulfill our purpose to love and bless/heal, starting in our own thought. . Human maturity has us examine our own thinking and thank the other person for holding up a mirror or projection screen for us to know what we need to let go of and replace in our own thinking, so we can be the change that we want in the other. Cultural competence has us recognize how our reaction is colored by our taken for granted beliefs we’ve been socialized to internalize and instead to recognize generalized beliefs that vary by culture/class/experience (as in the United States in which the dominant culture’s world view and rules on what to think/say/do are internalized white supremacy/patriarchy/capitalism that insists on destructive lies, denial, and dehumanizing fear to selfishly assert ego and fearfully go along to get along). Commitment to be Christian is transcends culture, race, class, gender, personality, history,… in commitment to humbly love one another as our obedient, loving, grateful, courageous worship of God, to include all as God’s beloved child. Spirituality and anarchism sees us all as equals for mutual aid and liberation. Following the inspired teachings of Judaism, Christianity, Islam,… is to live the holy command for loving God with our whole being and doing, in reverent repentance and always-loving forgiving grace and work for mercy and justice/healing.

    Commitment to living Christian Science Is to begin and end all reasoning by affirming and trusting and thanking the Allness Of perfect God and man including a perfect universe expressing all of God’s qualities, and a detailed logic on how that is law of the specific human opinion or material dream ( what is true and what is not and why) until our own behavior is transformed to be more Christly. We keep praying, loving, listening, letting the Christ correct us until we feel humble empathy for ourselves and the other, and great gratitude and compassion and moral courage to generously learn from and bless them to our liberating joy, thanking God ahead of time and becoming an inspiring, transformative testimony that heals our relationships and community and world. Moral integrity means we welcome whatever bothers or disturbs us as promising pricks to our conscience or wake-up call to prayer and healing. repentance.

    Does —- bother me? Good, that lets me know we belong together for mutual awakening/healing and I have work to do and that’s my current healing assignment. Love.

    MBE “Love Your Enemies “

  9. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Evan. Impersonalizing evil is an important effort to make when praying about world and national events. In our own countries, politicians are depicted as evil, which adds greatly to division, and even hatred at times. Considering the war in Ukraine, it is easy to see Putin as a monster, when we should be praying to see him as God’s pure reflection, expressing compassion, love, Principle and Truth. This will go a long way toward healing this conflict.

    Thank you, Angie, for sharing the excellent Journal article, “Principle or Person — what are we seeing?”.

  10. Clarence Steve’s.
    “Let the human concept be incidental.
    Don’t permit it to take in such
    proportions that it is always
    demanding attention.
    Establish your day so thoroughly
    that the human concept is incidental..”
    No medium.”

  11. This is so to the point this week for me in what I have seemed to be experiencing.
    Impersonalizing the problem is the key. Love is the answer.

  12. This is great reinforcement after being confronted yesterday by a Doctor in the form of a Computer. I was shown into Her office and asked to wait. Her screen said it would be a few minutes which turned out to be 15 minutes or so. When she finally lit up the monitor screen she was nice and professional even if we had to shout back and forth slightly. But I felt for her position even as I tried to quell my fearsAND REMAIN CALM til it was time to leave. Thank you for this timely lesson..

  13. Thank you, Angie, for sharing the wonderful Journal article, “Principle or Person — what are we seeing?”.
    The comments and article shared are so very helpful!
    I am becoming much more aware of seeing everyone as God’s idea and include myself and animals as well.
    Thank you all!

  14. Love the idea that what we see in Spirit, will dissolve what you feared in matter.
    Mrs. Eddy advises not to get rankled over situations or people. She says: “It is our pride which makes another’s criticism rankle, our self-will which makes another’s deed offensive, our egotism that feels hurt by another’s self-assertion. Well may we be wounded by our own faults; but we can hardly afford to be miserable for the faults of others. ” Mis 224: 2-4

    If we hold to the spiritual fact of our spiritual identity as idea of Mind, we realize we don’t have small personality and mind to get rankled, and if they are spiritual idea, they don’t have mind or actions to rankle us. The whole situation is an illusion of belief in two small egos with separate minds and actions when God is omni-action and the only Mind.

  15. Love the exceptionally moving and instructive words from Mary Baker Eddy not commonly quoted…”Let our finite judgment never settle on who is troubling us, and never defend ourselves against a person, Rather ask what is troubling, and then meet the what”.
    Thank you Evan for discovering this gem of wisdom.

    Pure, uncontaminated, unadulterated love can never be offended. It can only uplift and bless.!!

  16. I heard somewhere that 80% of calls to practitioners are about relationships. No idea how anybody would ever get the metrics on that though – maybe it’s the old 80/20 “rule”.

    Has anybody else ever heard that so many calls to practitioners are about relationships?

  17. This is so right on and helpful for today. See error that is presented as a misbehaving mortal, me, or another, anyone, as a lie about a child of GOD. One Mind, one harmonious relationship..

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