The calm poised voice of truth

June 24, 2022 | 31 comments


In a gentle way, you can shake the world.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

One does not need to yell and scream to gain the attention of others. The world is already filled with too much clamor and noise! The more effective way to make a change is often to utilize the still small voice of Truth. It can roar like a lion and effect the needed change with grace and dominion.

31 thoughts on “The calm poised voice of truth”

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this RH…it is truly inspiring . Our faith in God has no bounds.

    2. Thank you Evan and than you RH for the link to Janet’s experience. So important to listen, but also to know that we are spiritually prepared to meet any situation.

    3. Thank you very much for this RH. I remember hearing Janet Horton recount this story as part of a talk she gave for Discovery Bound. The talk is about 1 hr long and full of inspiring stories. Truly remarkable. Here is a link, there are other talks posted on the page so scroll down to find hers, titled Embracing Humanity.

      Evan I keyed in on what you said about too much clamor and noise in the world. God speaks to us in the still, small voice. It requires a quieting and a tuning in to the silence. “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalms 46:10). Blessed weekend to everyone!

    4. Thank you RH. I heard about this expression of truth just yesterday and was desiring in my heart to hear the actual account. And here it is without my “searching” it out. Yet another example of how being gently led is always available. I am so grateful.

  1. This is such a great lesson today. It reminds me that Jesus was very succinct with any comments he made in addressing human problems . . ‘Peace, be still ‘ comes to mind . Grateful❣️

  2. This reminds me of Elijah who was instructed to stand upon he rock…as the hymn :-

    “Go forth and stand upon the mount, / For Truth is at thy side; / The very rocks may seem to break, / And earth to open wide; / Yet error’s tempest and its fire / Before that still small voice retire.
    (Christian Science Hymnal, No. 74:1)

    God’s voice which destroyed the material turmoil Elijah was in was still and small – because
    God was showing Elijah to calm down, that He, God, was not causing the mental turmoil,
    but that just holding fast to His presence and all-power was enough to silence the turmoil
    he was feeling.

    The false beliefs of a material existence and power are the only things that can be shaken, and they will be whatever they are, God is always the only presence and power, and His work ca never
    be shaken. because God is not in any of them.

  3. “The ‘still, small voice’ of scientific thought reaches over continent and ocean to the globe’s remotest bound.”
    S&H 559:8-10 MBE

  4. How very tempting it can be to try to FIX
    what disturbs us!

    And, how…counterproductive.
    Even writing this hints that I am trying to
    change (fix?!) your (and my) beliefs.

    God’s Creation is not in need of repair.

    What is needed is a “deep and conscientious” acknowledgement of the harmony and perfection that IS.

    Oh! May we all endeavor to do this today,
    and tomorrow, and forever!


  5. Thanks Evan and RH for the link. Janet Horton CS Chaplain (COL) (Ret) has wonderful examples of listening for that calm, poised voice of Truth. Some are on You Tube.

  6. The link I shared above was amazing to me as much for the way (at the very end) Janet was able to respond to “Donna” as the way she was able to respond to the coyotes. Most of us will never encounter a pack of coyotes but we interact with people everyday that (unknowingly) need us to gently share the truth with them and correct their misconceptions. I often lose my spiritual poise when people try to coerce (tempt) me into accepting the erroneous view of man as Donna tried to do with Janet. So it was inspiring to me how Janet was able to keep her spiritual poise and listen for just the right thing to say to correct the erroneous view Donna was suggesting she accept about her male associates.

    I have a neighbor that is very strident when speaking about the political party he opposes and I never seem to know what to say in response. After listening to Janet’s example, I will now listen for the “voice of Truth” during my interactions with my neighbor to discern just the appropriate thing to say in response (or not say, in the case where no response is necessary).

    Thank you Evan for your blog post today. I don’t recall ever encountering the term “voice of Truth” before (I’ve often heard instead the “still small voice”, etc.) and I love that phrase “voice of Truth”. That will stay with me, so again, thank you for sharing that.. And thank you everyone for your comments today! Happy Friday!

    1. RH,

      Thank you for sharing the audio post. It is outstanding.

      Thanks to Evan for the Daily Inspirations.

  7. RH, how clever to be able to excerpt that from her talk!! I met her when I volunteered at Wide Horizon in Denver.
    The whole talk is outstanding, as s she!! A member of my church leads a Sunday meeting at the local Army base and I’m sure he will share this.
    Thanks Evan and everyone!!

  8. RH, thanks for the video, and
    your latest comments., and your use
    of the words, spiritual poise.
    My teacher said that, give us
    today our daily bread,means,
    spiritual poise.
    He said a beauty contestant
    cannot show any negative
    reaction in voice, face, or body.
    They need to be poised
    We need to have spiritual poise
    to never react.
    Thanks Evan, and everyone sending

    1. Beautiful concept in your example of beauty contestants while displaying spiritual poise (and in front of a world wide audience), who were not only displaying but competing at the same time.

      Seen many of those contents at the ocean front band shell, always in awe of their grace, fearless presentation, as well as competitive spirit. Great teaching moments at those events.

      Our daily bread meaning spiritual poise gives me new ammunition of ways to rise up each day to meet any challenge. Starting each day anew, has become a priority, involving every thought, detail, as well as what I will consume (from wherever) and what I reject from the start. I love to start with daily bread, upgraded to spiritual poise. Full of gratitude for your explanation.

      1. Re: Daily bread- thank you. What a wonderful God attribute – spiritual poise. . I will start embracing this

  9. Thank you for the beautiful lesson today, Evan. And thank you, RH, for sharing Janet’s chaplain experience.

  10. Thank you so much. I just finished listening to Janet Horton’s talk for Discover Bound. So so wonderful to be with her this morning, with everyone commenting and with Evan. Thank you!

  11. So needed at this time! We must keep singing the truth. I sing because I’m happy. I sing because I’m free. The eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches me.

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