The oxygen of Spirit

June 22, 2022 | 18 comments

Have you ever felt like a lack of oxygen was leading to health problems?

I share how an inspired view of breathing and oxygen healed me of suffering that I believed was connected to oxygen intake.

This vlog was filmed on the banks of the Yellowstone River, near Billings, Montana, when my wife and I traveled through in August 2021.

18 thoughts on “The oxygen of Spirit”

  1. Thank you Evan. I loved your logical reasoning from God, Spirit and to His man-ifestation. So helpful.

  2. Wonderful Evan. Just what I need at the present time, the reminder that we must reject firmly what material sense would try to impress on us. Your vlogs are quite magical set in lovely scenery…and then you add such very special messages ( and what a healing for you , here too!) for us all to bring us into the true realm of Divine Love.
    The freer step, the fuller breath
    The wide horizons grander view.
    The sense of life that knows no death
    The Life that make all things new. Hymn 542
    Happy Day ❣️

  3. “…In one ear and not out the other” is something I sometimes get stuck on in mortal way of thinking. That made me chuckle and realize how we must
    constantly “stand porter at the door of thought”, which is not always easy to do. Sometimes these mortal thoughts tend to want to hang around, even if we don’t realize we’ve let them stay and consciously or unconsciously accept them. This one particular message in this beautiful vlog is so helpful to me and I thank you, Evan, for taking us along on your vacation and for sharing your experience.

  4. I smiled all the way through your vlog…your message and smile are infectious Good!!! Thank you!!!

    1. Yes I agree Arline, I really felt Evan’s joy as he was speaking about his healing. So good to witness that.

      “In atmosphere of Love divine we live and move and BREATHE, thou mortal eyes may see it not, ‘tis sense that would deceive.” Hymn 144

  5. Dear Evan,– Each time you post a video of your beautiful excursions it’s an example of a life that demonstrates the joy, delight, spiritual abundance, and command that comes with adherence to the principles of Christian Science. Thank you for being such a model of excellence, and for once again illustrating to us the dominion that we innately possess as the full expressions of God. So grateful!

    1. Oh, so very well said, Linda, Santa Barbara. Indeed I, too, am so grateful for your Vlogs, Evan. So inspirational and beautiful Thank you for sharing your healing and how it was accomplished,

  6. In the article Angie gave the link to, “The Breath of Life”, references a statement from Mrs Eddy in My 195:20, “Christian Science is …… a deep-drawn breath fresh from God, by whom and in whom man lives, moves, and has deathless being.” The idea of my being part of the “deep-drawn breath fresh from God” and in that breath, I live, move and have deathless being, brought tears to my eyes.
    I have had breathing issues in my past and have learned to slow down and breathe and remember that God is the air I breathe, In His atmosphere I live and am surrounded by Love’s protection, I need not fear what the mortal concept thinks is true about life.

  7. Thanks dear Angie for this so suitable and wonderful article about breathing Truth and Love and Inspiration. Some truths in this articel are also mentioned by Evan.
    Thank you very much for your so very lovely and perfect healing in your today’s Vlog, dear Evan! The spiritual ideas you prayed with are wonderful! There are seemingöy also other errors in connection with oxygen. Medicine says that when older people don’t move enough they do not get enough oxygen. So all error goes back to the false belief that man is material. Wow, can we be happy and grateful that we learn in CS that man is God’s spiritual perfect idea, the image of Truth and Love who is totally under the loving government of God.

    Thank you all for your healing and inspiring Comments. I love the hymn 542 Barbara mentioned

  8. Anyone up to going to Pikes Peak on the new refurbished cog train!? Ha! If so, welcome to the “demonstrated-enough-oxygen-club!” At first, I felt light-headed. Knowing that it was a love-provided excursion, it was right to get through the activity comfortably and I felt solid-headed after several minutes. I clung steadfastly to the ever-presence and everywhere-ness of Divine Mind, God, being right there. I was including everyone by seeing them as divinely safe in God’s care too. My precious husband’s support was much appreciated. Fast-forward from last year to now, August 17, 2022. After having listened to this video that caught my eye, “The Oxygen of Spirit” by Evan, I obtained even more of an understanding of where true spiritual breath comes from, which is Divine Love. Breathing in the inspiration of the Christ light of freedom felt very good and I was free! Thank you for this lovely inspirational video treat……Joycie FS.

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