Independent living

June 13, 2018 | 20 comments

Often, I’ve heard people in their senior years voice opposition to moving into an assisted living type of residence in their later years. While each person has their own demonstration of health and dominion to make and needs to be wise about what they are ready to demonstrate on their own, I remind them that there is no better time than now to demonstrate independent living by understanding that independent living is not about living alone. It’s about living with God and demonstrating the ever-presence of health, strength and ability coming from God now and always.

The ultimate in independent living is God dependent living. Or better yet, independent living is possible with God-dependent thinking. Success is not about where your body is seated, but about where your thinking is located.

Lean on Spirit, not matter, and the health and strength that is rightfully yours as a child of God, will be manifestly yours till the last day you walk this planet.

“Men and women of riper years and larger lessons ought to ripen into health and immortality, instead of lapsing into darkness or gloom” Science and Health, p. 248.

20 thoughts on “Independent living”

  1. This reminds me so much of my cat, she is so contented in her independent living. I’m looking forward to sharing this with a friend that I care for today in an assisted living situation. I know that this lovely thought/idea from God will definitely lift her spirit. Thank you precious Evan once again!

  2. I too, once thought that “giving up your freedom to “live independently” meant living alone. Not so! Living god inspired each and every day IS the surest way to “live independantly”. Thank you Evan, for supporting our god given freedom with the Truth of our unique Selfhood.

  3. Thank you Evan, for this inspiration! Right on the mark! I often grapple with the idea that I might
    have to give up my independent living space and all of the things that I have grown attached to.
    It helps so much to think of having all the independence we could want or need right in our thought,
    thoughts of God and His all-ness. This concept has proven to be a comfort!

  4. Thank you Evan for your precious and blessing SpiritView!

    Since decades I live alone in a semidetached house with a sweet little garden. Yet, I am not alone, as Evan just asured us. In every instance God is with us; yes as one with God in Spirit, we reflect Him every moment. Thats right, we have to pray and demonstrate that. Also there is God with us – am grateful to learn that.

    If you are involved in church work at onse CS church, you cannot be alone, as you are working in God`s business which is most blessing and healing and prospering. That is how I feel it.
    If God`s spiritual law governs us that leads to freedom. It`s what I read in one of MBE`s books.

    It is very nice that you look after a friend so lovingly, Tyke.
    Thank you Dove for your inspired thought.
    Am looking forward to all coming helpful comments! 🙂

  5. I feel such Love in God’s presence on this wonderfully sharing blog ~ a feeling that we are never alone. Thank you Evan and thank you All for making this such an inspiring place of ‘assisted living’. ; )

  6. It is often said that you can be in a crowd and feel alone. I have a crowd that I love around me.
    Those without an extended family often comment that I have my family so I am not alone as they are. But there is a delightful thing as being alone with God. As I look out at the world, I am reminded that I have friend that is closer than my skin, all the time. I rest in this certainty as much as I can.

    ps I need to fill in name and email lately to comment. Do I need to register again? I get your blogs everyday.

    1. Nadine,

      About filling in for comments, I’ve had it working both ways for me recently. My web site maintenance group has been doing several behind the scenes updates, and they have more to do. It might be related to that.

  7. Hi Nadine,

    the same with me – have to fill in my name ad email address every time I want to send a comment

    Thank you for your so good comment. ☺

  8. Thank you Evan. This is very helpful. Being,what is considered my upper years, many of my friends have gone on. And having recently moved, I sometimes find myself lonely because I haven’t any close friends here. But I try to counter that thought with gratitude and realize my blessings from God are tremendous. I love that you pointed out that “success is not about where your body is seated, but about where your thinking is located.”

  9. As a caregiver for folks both in and out of assisted living facilities it is helpful to view independent living as God dependent living. Also–the thought of “ripening into health and immortality” is delightful. will share on FB.

  10. Thank you for the wonderful stating of this important concept. Another popular term for “independent living” is “aging in place”. The alternative term could be substituted in your message.

    1. Life is forever. Continuing on is not an option. It’s reality! Life never ends. Each day is an opportunity to grow in one’s understanding of Life and demonstrate it more fully. So, consider “assisted living” temporary, and keep growing in your understanding of Truth to demonstrate that you have all the assistance you need coming from God to be fully active in expressing Life! We make these demonstrations either here or hereafter. Here is best!

    2. Dear Lori… my mother was very independent until one day when she wasn’t. So she came to live with me and my husband. She was in a wheelchair and not capable of doing much. However, she was the very model of grace. She never complained, and was always grateful and happy. And she maintained her spiritual poise and dignity through her study of Christian Science. I can’t begin to tell you what she gave to our family through her loving example. I’ll never forget it and I hope I will be an example to others as she was. Hope this helps.

  11. If we are giving of ourselves unselfishly—whether it’s a hug, a comment, a smile, or help in some way—we will never be lonely. We can pray for our world whether we are living in an assisted living situation or in our own home. We can always give! If we think we can’t do that we are being handled by thoughts of self, and that’s just aggressive mental suggestion, animal magnetism. God is Love and we are His reflection.

  12. thank you Daphne, Karen and Evan for your so inspired and inspiring and loving comments.
    Am very happy to read all those wonderful absolute spiritual idea, full of Love!

    Just comming from our Testimony Meeting. The main idea there was ”trusting God, spiritual healing and brotherly love”

    Evan, am so grateful for your so blessing Blog.
    Participating in this, one is nevermore alone.

  13. I love depending on God as He is Omnipotent , and Omnipresent.
    100% of the time. When we allow this spiritual conscious to envelope us we will always feel great results .
    Whatever we need or desire God knows
    So I believe God’s Grace is my sufficiency in all thing. Then alwaysexpress gratitude for all the good you are receiving.

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