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  1. This reminds me of what Mary Baker Eddy wrote on page 99:23 in Science and Health beginning with:

    ” The calm, strong currents of true spirituality, the manifestations of which are health, purity, and self-immolation, must deepen human experience… ”

    Thank you, Evan. So very uplifting!

  2. I always wanted to be like Peter until I read an article that said, “Peter left the boat to go to Jesus. He
    became fearful and sank, but John stayed in the boat
    because he had already internalized the Christ.”
    We need to be like John and live from having the Christ internalized in thought.
    John stayed with the Christ. Love that thought.

  3. Leaning to sort things out as they come into thought. Material world continues to show the mortal model to physical sense. Purifying thought is essential to gain harmony. Whatever God did not make is error. If what we see is good it’s spiritual sense that see’s it, understands it. If it isn’t good than it is physical sense that tries to impress.
    A wise practitioner told me once.
    “Picture a blackboard, someone draws a zero on it. What does it stand for? (Nothing is the correct reply.) Now how do you make something out of it? You put a one in front of it, now it stands for something! Now David, don’t you be the one!”
    It takes some one to make something out of nothing. As thoughts present themselves we use our understanding to sort them out, allowing only the image of God’s creation to become something. Thus gaining a clear thought. Harmony is the result.
    I’m grateful to know that this Truth is forever! And the erroneous is temporal and powerless.

  4. Thank you, Evan for your daily gems to keep “our thought calm and spiritually inspired.” I love to land here early every morning. It launches my day in the right direction. SO grateful for your unselfish sharing.

  5. I looked up the Ecclesiastes’ verse in The Word, which uses 26 translation of the Bible, and found these additional words translated in the first phrase: “refuse to worry,” “remove sorrow from your heart..” “rid your heart of resentment,…,” “remove evil…,” “put away evil..,”
    All these suggest perhaps deeply buried issues we must extricate, then watch and purify our thoughts to gain health.
    Endless gratitude to Evan for his thought- provoking daily SpiritView and this community of Thinkers!

    1. Thank you Annie! This is most helpful in purifying my own heart in order to be a better pray-er for the world.

    2. So wise to e x p a n d the ideas we get
      through the Word, and words, through the Bible translations and dictionaries. Too easy to read words we are so very familiar with and then think we understand them! Thought must be e x p a n d e d .

      Divine Mind is doing it all! Thank You God!

  6. A wonderful way to start the day, Thank you, Evan. I like your practitioner’s advice David. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Several of the responders’ messages correlate with the Daily Lift.
    Thanks, Evan et al.

    David, your somewhat shocking message yesterday reminded me of the current book “Educated”.
    It shows that we can all be victorious.

  8. Whenever I have a scary or disturbing thought, I pray, “Holy Spirit, purify (or cleanse) my thoughts.”
    My perception immediately shifts and I am at peace again.
    This is one of the best things I have taken with me from my primary class.
    It empowers my prayers.
    Thank you, Evan, for putting our attention on this subtle, but so important concept.

    1. Yes, and when we ask God to purify our thoughts, we are humbly putting our trust directly into God’s care and thereby become even closer to Him.

  9. Thank you Evan and thank you David. I love that idea about not being the one. My Mom used to say that error was nothing but a zero with the rim rubbed off… complete nothingness. Thank you everyone for sharing these helpful, loving insights.

  10. Friends, I hope my previous message did not offend anyone, least of all David. His messages are always so uplifting. I feel mine certainly was not.

  11. I would like to share an article by Evan that I have found to be very helpful. “You Have No Power Over Me” from the Christian Science Journal, November 2011. Thank you Evan for these daily inspiring messages and to all who reply. Blessings to all.

  12. This thought from A Rule for Motives and Acts.” … divine Love alone governs man; …” [ from the Church Manual p. 40] is a “go to” for me to keep my thought focused and in the right place. It has helped me countless times when the atmosphere around me was not calm, but full of tension, disturbance,fear and anxiety. God loves each of us and knows us as His dearly beloved child. Knowing there is a loving Father Mother who cherishes us, protects us and is the source of all goodness, health, well being and love, keeps thought calm, cool and prayerful. Peace to all as we each join together in the strength of the Lord’s Prayer including our friends, family, community, country and world.

  13. I have always like the idea that if you drew a small circle on a blackboard or piece of paper and then a giant circle on something very large, they would both still mean the same thing: nothing.

    1. Sorry dear Curran, the link does not come out in full Length!
      Could someone help here please?

      Thank you Evan. Yes I can do what the Bible says. But to keep my body healthy, on one side I must keep it clean and feed it and move it. On the other side Mrs. Eddy says to keep the body out of our thought and be with God, Mind, Spirit. I understand this point is what Evan wrote up here, to be spiritually inspired which we reach through study of the weekly lesson sermon and praying. I pray that God may guide me to do the right things during this special time. And I am thankful for all the wonderful comments today! 🙂

  14. Thank you Evan and thank you David. I love that idea about not being the one (in front of the zero.) My mother always used to say that error was nothing but a zero with the rim rubbed off… absolute nothingness.

  15. Keep your thought calm and spiritually inspired – easier said than done, but I’m trying! Curran thanks for the link to that perfect article – much food for thought.

  16. I just wanted to add that I am extremely grateful, Evan, for your consistent inspirations and to everyone who shares in the conversation.

  17. Thank you Evan for your daily blogs. They are very healing. I opened my S&H randomly today. It opened to PG. 151. “All that really exists is the divine Mind and its idea, and in this Mind the entire being is found harmonious and eternal.”

    1. Sue, great approach, and how true that sentence shows that “this Mind” …”divine Mind” covers us all in all situations and all the way along our journey. I love to choose LIFE.

  18. Thank you for all the helpful comments. David’s blackboard analogy, Lisa’s idea from primary class instruction “Holy Spirit, purify my thoughts.” Sue K’s helpful quote “Divine Love alone governs (me)! And all the others! And especially Evan for providing us with daily inspiration and this avenue for us to help each other on our spiritual journey. I’m blessed. (=

    1. Thanks Evan and all for the wonderful messages from divine Mind shared here.
      These, along with my CedarS – initiated 24/7 prayer watches, help lift me to the pinnacle of inspiration and praise. Each one who participates in the Prayer Watches has a different time every day. I especially love the late evening and early morning watches. Go to CedarS website to learn more and join in!

    1. Hi dear Brian, like always, your link works perfectly. Thank you very much indeed. Now I can print it out and read it in a quiet moment
      These moments for prayer and study are plenty presently. 🙂

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