Let God’s presence dominate thought

April 24, 2020 | 8 comments

In these times of prolific news about the pandemic filling the airwaves, it’s important to keep God’s presence front and center of consciousness! A consciousness of God prevents suffering and heals it when it occurs.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “Good must dominate in the thoughts of the healer, or his demonstration is protracted, dangerous, and impossible in Science” (Science and Health, p. 446).

To stay healthy, let good dominate your thoughts!

There is no rule that you must embrace depressing negative scenarios. What the world needs now is not more burden, but more uplifting spiritual perspective that brings healing. The uplifted spiritual perspective that heals is a consciousness of God’s allness and goodness. And you can be the one to spread it around!

So, stay alert, and refuse to let negative news dominate your attention. As a child of God, you reflect the Mind of God that knows the omnipotence of Good. Understanding the omnipotence of God is as a bright light to the human consciousness. It rekindles hope and leads to healing.

8 thoughts on “Let God’s presence dominate thought”

  1. I woke up with a tune going through thought. It took
    a minute to put the words to it. “Mother’s Evening
    Prayer” in the hymnal supplement. The tune is so beautiful it brings tears every time we sing it. If
    anyone could attach it, it would bring a healing
    presence. But the words of two sentences are important.

    “O Life divine, that owns each waiting hour,”

    The first sentence tells us that it is a “gentle
    presence,” bringing, “peace, and joy and power”

    We might seem to be in a “waiting hour” time, but
    it is taking place gently, in peace, with joy. That is
    the power.

    The whole hymn is perfect for this time, “Love is our
    Every word is perfect.

    1. “O gentle presence
      Peace and joy and power,
      O Life divine
      That owns each waiting hour…”

      (So much healing in this entire hymn!
      Thank You, God.)

      # 206 in The Christian Science Hymnal

  2. This is a strong reminder to make sure God and His goodness are uppermost in our thought. We stay informed (we don’t ignore the news, the news tells us what needs healing in the world) but it’s so important to keep God’s omnipotence at the forefront of our prayers for ourselves, our families, and the world. I love this line, Evan: “‘Understanding the omnipotence of God is as a bright light to the human consciousness.” And thank you, M, for the reminder to visit the poem by Mary Baker Eddy. Peace, and joy, and power…that’s what the Gentle Presence brings us when we put down our own agendas and just listen a minute. Love to all! Thank you, Evan for bringing us practical, timely subjects.

  3. Reading the third book of the triogy written by Robert Peel, Years of Authority, pg 10.
    “The Baptism of repentance is indeed a stricken state of human consciousness, wherein mortals gain severe views of themselves, a state of mind which rends the veil that hides mental deformity.
    Tears flood the eyes, agony struggles, pride rebels, and a mortal seems a monster, a dark, impenetrable cloud of error, and falling on the bended knee of prayer, humble before God, he cries, “Save or I perish.” Thus Truth, searching the heart, neutralizes and destroys error.”

    The Baptism of Spirit, of immersion of the human consciousness in the infinite ocean of Love, is the last scene in corporeal sense…Mortal man’s repentance and absolute abandonment of sin finally dissolves all supposed material life or physical sensation, and the corporeal or mortal man disappears forever. The encumbering mortal molecules, called man, vanish as a dream, but man born of the great Forever lives on, God crowned and blessed.

    Words by Jonathon Edwards, an early metaphysician. Mrs. Eddy was said to keep it handy for those inclined to drift off intro “transcendental tenuities,”

    This helped me to see the impossible state of mortality, being challenged in recent events.
    It is highly metaphysical and brought many tearful minutes to my suffering mortal selfhood.
    Now it’s easier to look on and more understand hymn 64 written by Violet Hay. ” From Sense to Soul my pathway lies before me, From mist and shadow into Truth’s clear day;”
    Violet also wrote hymn 136, “I love Thy way of freedom Lord, to serve Thee is my choice”.

    Violet Hay was one of our first organizers and established First Church of Christ Scientist in London at Mary’s request. She also brought Christian Science to South Africa. Was with us till 1969, but her verse and inspired work is still all available. Her history can be found in many books, a short version which includes a two minute recording and photographs of her are also there. She was nothing short of amazing in her delivery of Christian Science throughout the world.

    Thank you for allowing this opportunity to share things which uplift and guide us God ward..

  4. The thought came to me this morning that ‘Ignorance begins with ig-nor-ance.” I wondered about that statement for awhile, but then realized that we are given a gift of life and within that gift are many possible experiences which we can build upon. The good that presents is impacted by the good well allow in our lives this is the grace of faith in an eternal God, good. We must open up to it as the flower the sun, the Soul the light of Truth.

  5. Thanks so very much for the call to be alert of what we let into our consciousness, when the news of the pandemic is all around..
    If we are conscious of God good alone filling all space, we will bring that goodness into our experience and into the experience of everyone around us.
    So as Evan says, let’s uplift out thoughts into the spiritual reality of God’s allness and goodness that heals.

  6. I missed this blog yesterday, just read the one about music. I am so grateful to see it today and read the very thoughtful and inspiring comments. I hope more people find it. Thanks, David, for introducing us to Violet Hay who was an amazing dedicated Christian Scientist. Her hymns are among my favorites. I’ve read a little about her life and was deeply impressed. Mother’s Evening Prayer has also been a favorite for over 80 years!

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