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  1. Father-Mother help me to relie on you only in all my edeavours.
    Thoughts unspoken are only known to God.

  2. True Evan! Good Results are often the logical spiritual activity and manifestation . So I am starting each day to affirm my connection with the « infinite good ».Only that good energy ,
    The Spiritual power can accomplish the most efficiently, whatever task for each passing day. Thank you Evan and all at SV for your constant inspiring news.

  3. Some follow-ups from late yesterday- Thank you dear J for the Spiritual Reality Goggles video, so helpful. Loved that he was able to see the true qualities of the “school bully.” I always enjoy CS materials designed for young people, makes things so simple for us kids of all ages. Never go out without your goggles!

    Also a late comment posted yesterday by D.P. from California (thank you DP). “Remember the stack of counterfeit twenty dollar bills. Each one has an error which tries to trick you in believing it is Real . If you keep looking at and analyzing each one, you will never understand what is true. But if you study an authentic, true twenty dollar bill, you will be able to dismiss all the counterfeits as lies, worthless, not to be believed.”
    I loved this thinking. As we keep studying only spiritual reality, any error, lies, falsehoods become easier and quicker to spot and dismiss. At my job in retail I was once actually given $400 worth of counterfeit $20 bills. Instantly I could tell from the feel and look (from lots of experience with the genuine stuff) that they were not real and calmly put them through the bill checker in front of the customer. He did not try to protest, he knew the lie was exposed.

    1. Thank you Rose, and much appreciation for including D.P. from California’s comments and yours. So interesting on your experience with the counterfeit $20 bills…how you instantly and calmly recognized them as counterfeit and exposed the lie. Love the metaphysical implication of this example. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

    2. Thank you, Rose, for the mention of yesterday’s Spiritual Goggles video and N for the wonderful article on Why we Pray. They are both very helpful in seeing the “nothing” that is actually what the “matter” we seem to see is. I had not had a chance to read yesterday’s SV, and am so grateful that you pointed me in the right direction.

      Thank you, Evan, for both (and all) of these opportunities to gain more of a spiritual direction of thought.

  4. Excellent Evan!
    This speaks volumes without a lengthy bunch of words.
    Thank you!!
    Matches my
    Daily affirmation❣️

  5. That Spiritual Reality Goggles video from yesterday, was so sweet! Thank you, J ,
    for sharing it. And a great way of showing “children” of all ages the Truth of our
    spiritual being and endeavors.. even if they seem misinterpreted by others… and
    seeing the spiritual qualities in Everyone. Very lovely.
    Love the enlightened balloon also, like a lightbulb, beaming, with the radiance of
    a new day…Thoughts heavenly, buoyant, like balloons at a child’s birthday party –
    joyous, smiling, illuminated with God’s presence and exuberant light-hearted

    1. PS. To clarify, in the metaphysics of the above, I didn’t mean to imply by
      “birthday” that life, Real Life/God and our reflection, has a beginning or
      ending, so wanted to clarify. As Mrs. Eddy states in S&H pg 584, in her
      definition of “Day” – the irradiance of Life; light, the spiritual idea of Truth
      and Love… The objects of time and sense disappear in the illumination of
      spiritual understanding, and Mind measures time according to the good
      that is unfolded.”

  6. Mary Baker Eddy concurs in Misc. Writings pg. 338,- “I first proved to myself, not by “words”.– these afford no proof,– but by demonstration of Christian Science, that its Principle is divine. All must go and do likewise.”

  7. HIGHER VIEW by Brett L. Stafford
    (From the September 1978 issue of The Christian Science Journal)
    Not mere habitual repetition
    nor tired formula—
    but the Christly effort
    reaching joyfully out
    to almighty Love
    with humble obedience.
    We then leap
    a colossal step heavenward
    lifted up—soaring free!

    Now we know
    beyond flimsy doubt
    we’ve scaled the mount
    to the absolute knowing—
    one Mind is All,
    and we’re the spontaneous reflection.

    1. Thank you J, this helped me to feel more freedom and expansiveness. I had been focusing on the quality of expansiveness today as it is the opposite of what I had been feeling (contracted and anxious). So I felt that dwelling on the opposite, true quality of Expansiveness would be a good idea, as it is a quality of God, therefore of me too (and all).

    2. Very inspirational poem, J , Thank you and Evan and all, for these uplifting
      thoughts. I am reminded of Mrs. Eddy’s definition of “Heaven: harmony; the
      reign of Spirit; government by divine Principle; spirituality; bliss; the atmosphere
      of Soul.” and on pg. 6 where she writes, “To reach heaven, the harmony of being,
      we must understand the divine Principle of being. ‘ God is Love’ . More than this
      we cannot ask, higher we cannot look, farther we cannot go”.

  8. Very true and well to do, thank you Evan! It is wise to protect ones demonstration in prayerful secret until it comes out as perfect healing to the glory of our Father-Mother God!

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