Live fearlessly

September 30, 2021 | 18 comments


An important spiritual rule for happy and healthy living is to live fearlessly!

With the different threats to health and safety we are exposed to each day, this ideal may feel impossible. But it isn’t when one understands the omnipotence and omnipresence of God.

In this video, I share ideas on how you can learn to live without fear.

This video was filmed in Quail Creek State Park, in Utah, when Kathy and I passed through last May.

18 thoughts on “Live fearlessly”

  1. Thank you dear Evan, for your so appreciated reminders of who we are.
    Ps 21:11 ~ “For they intended evil against thee: they IMAGINED a mischievous device, which they are NOT ABLE to perform.”
    Definition of adamant – An IMAGINARY rock/stone or mineral of impenetrable hardness;
    Is it not wonderful to be the offspring/IMAGE of the everpresence, omnipotence and omnipresence of God.

  2. Most of us were raised by parents who “meant” well. Yet Jesus says “Call no man on earth your father”.
    What a step forward to have a Heavenly Father/Mother God who is absolute good, always attentive, and pure Love.
    It takes time and effort to truly understand this truth-to trust this reality. But, when we have felt His embrace we will begin to feel no fear.
    Thank you Evan for addressing this important topic.

  3. A dear friend of mine once called me fearless. I was surprised, but upon thinking about it I agreed. I do tend to jump to God w/o conscious effort. It was the best compliment anyone could have given me.

  4. What a beautiful and refreshing vlog, Evan, …Thank you. The person in the kayak paddling
    joyously behind you and Kathy’s presence with you, although out of sight, reminds me of
    wind chimes gently playing their melody. A friend had given me a set of wind chimes and
    altho she passed on to a different plane of existence several years ago, I am reminded of
    her love every time I hear the chimes. It is like God, being with us constantly even though
    we can not see Him/Her, but can feel the guidance and Love and protection with this
    omnipresence wherever we go and whatever we do. We can not see the gentle wind that
    dances the wind chime, but it is there, just as God is with us, always, with any protection
    or comfort we may need.

  5. Jeremiah 23:29 days, in the Amplified translation, “is not my word,,,like a hammer that breaks the most stubborn rock in pieces?”

    We dissolve the adamant of error, starting with the destruction of the BELIEF of fear, with the Word of Love, the universal solvent. Done!

  6. Another excellent and really helpful vlog Evan. And wonderful, inspiring comments. Thank you all! I once read, “The simplest way to look at it is this: Anything that isn’t love is working against love. Anything that works against love is fear-based.”

  7. Thank you Evan for this inspiring talk. I read the the words “Fear Not “ are in the Bible 365 times. Something to think about every day.

  8. Thank you Evan for this beautiful message! I love how each day you present us with a beautiful gift from our Father Mother God.

  9. I was with a group yesterday when the conversation turned to all the ins and outs and ups and downs of Covid and I wanted to walk away but stayed, being uncomfortable about leaving, so I spent my time quietly loving them and rejecting when someone commented why I was looking (my expression) like I knew something so speak up.
    Taken by surprise, I blurted out Oh I’m listening to you but I’m a Christian Scientist. There were a few questions like didn’t there used to be a church here, and where do I go to church? ( actually it was a society in our small town). I answered that I go to Mother Church services online from Boston and answered other questions like why don’t we believe in Doctors. I wanted to tell them I was loving them but didn’t think of that until we all left. Mortal mind then tried to whisper that they would judge me and I rejected that notion, so Evan this video was just what I needed this morning. I see that I need not be afraid to love and that leaving it up to God, divine Mind to talk to them is all I need to know. Thanks to all the other Spirit View bloggers for their comments. Love to all.

    1. Jane, when I go out to dinner or get togethers with family/friends, someone always seems to find a way to talk about Covid. In my experience, it’s because they’re afraid, or they want to try to influence others – or both. And so with any kind of fear that wants to take over any situation, it’s always good to find a way to dismiss it. After a few minutes, I politely change the subject, or ask someone an unrelated question, as people love to talk about themselves. Works every time. 🙂

  10. Wonderful! I’ll do it, as our 3 year old niece said one day when my husband suggested she come to our house and do a little housework!

  11. Love the idea that being afraid is bowing down to evil – an unreal idol. I never before thought of fear as breaking the First Commandment!

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