Neutralizing fears about being an asymptomatic carrier

May 11, 2021 | 23 comments


There is concern in society that some people are asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus. It is wise to pray about this belief and demonstrate scientifically that one’s person cannot be a carrier of disease, nor can a neighbor expose you to a disease.

As learned in metaphysics, disease is not transmitted from one mortal to another through a material germ. If anything seems to spread, it’s the mental virus of fear that is spreading and causing mischief. Mortal mind, in its ignorance, may identify the mental virus as a physical germ, but the physical germ is harmless without fear attached to it.

Spiritual mindedness is a sure defense and protection from the spread of fear and disease. Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “A calm, Christian state of mind is a better preventive of contagion than a drug, or than any other possible sanative method; and the “perfect Love” that “casteth out fear” is a sure defense” (Misc. Writings, p. 229).

A “calm and Christian state of mind,” that bears calm and steady witness to God’s omnipresence and omnipotence, is not a vehicle for fear, disease, or evil of any kind. It is immune to disease. It is safe from germs. It is a positive healing influence in any mental environment it enters and abides. It is not an asymptomatic carrier for a virus. It is the healthiest safest mental and physical state one could possibly have.

For the suggestion from others that “You may be a carrier anyway,” don’t buy into it. It’s only a suggestion, not a truth. Suggestions can be neutralized with spiritual truth and made to disappear.

I pray to know that everyone around me is a child of God with the Mind of God informing their perspective. That means they can see safety in me, just as I see and know about myself. They can see only what God sees, and know only what God knows. With the Mind of God forming their thoughts, they will not see me as a potential asymptomatic carrier, but as a healthy, safe person to be around, which is the truth.

The suggestion of being an asymptomatic carrier is an error of belief. Neutralize it with Truth, stay healthy, and help your neighbors stay healthy too.

23 thoughts on “Neutralizing fears about being an asymptomatic carrier”

  1. Its so good to read a correct , uplifting comment on this current belief that is swirling around . What is needed IS that firm , clear statement of Truth that is our ( and others ) complete protection- absolutely NO compromises here – they are the little foxes !!! What an amazing opportunity for us to show others ( in our daily , fearless attitude to life ) what a wonderful Science this is , that Eddy has taught us . I foresee that CS can be the beacon of light to others – if we keep that light clear and shining !!! All that needs healing is :
    False Evidence Appearing Real

    1. Thank you Wanda, and Evan!

      Yes, this too needs the declaration of Truth to gain the correct view.

      In, “A Christmas Carol” Scrooge comments, reagrding his nephew’s infectious good manner, “there is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour.”

      I love the, “little foxes ” idea ♡

  2. Wonderful insight, Evan. Fearing contact with others is no way to live! Germs(certainly not created by a good God) aren’t hopping from one unsuspecting person to another! Let’s reject that false premise based on our God-given immunity from disease and danger. How kind and Christian to affirm that truth for ourselves and everyone as we go about our day. That protects us and it blesses all. This subject was a great reminder to do just that. Really appreciate it.

  3. All that we can carry and transmit is God’s Love. If you sense fear in anyone, present to them their immunity. Tell them to go to their Bible and read Psalms 23 & 91 & II Timothy 1:7. Tell them to never ever be afraid.
    Or better, silently pray to know “There is no fear in Love but perfect love casts out fear.” And love them understandingly.
    As there is but one Mind and that One is all inclusive truth and Good. There is no broadcast fear nor a receptor for it. Your loving prayer is “Omnipotent”.
    Peace will follow you all the days of your life and you will “Dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.” “The consciousness of ever present Truth and Love.”
    Thank you dear Evan and everyone clinging steadfastly to the Truth of being…..

  4. Evan, thanks for always tackling head-on, the current erroneous mortal beliefs of the day being presented to us as so-called facts —and for giving us the true counter-facts that only goodness, purity and love can pass between the children of God.

    I had the thought to get a dictionary definition of this word that seems to be causing such turmoil.
    -a microorganism, especially when disease-producing; microbe.
    a bud, offshoot, or seed.
    -the rudiment of a living organism; an embryo in its early stages.
    the initial stage in development or evolution, as a germ cell or ancestral form.
    -something that serves as a source or initial stage for subsequent development, such as the germ of an idea.

    Much of the definition relates to the beginning or origin or source of something, as the example above, the germ of an idea. God is the only Source. Also mentions the foundations of a living organism. God created every living thing (organism), and created it good, like Himself.

    Interesting food for thought. Love and light to everyone in this blessed community.

    1. Thank you, Rose. Most definitely food for thought. I appreciate it and this post with all commenters.

  5. Life is for living! Love is for giving. Living Truth and Love with a capital L is needed. The hypnotic mesmerism of our current social climate involving a pandemic is begging every moment for us to be drawn in to it’s useless nonsense. When it’s seen for what it is, it’s not hard to let any belief of reality or power in it go to be washed away in it’s complete nothingness. What power we have been given to realize our God given dominion for ourselves and those around us. We thank thee Father-Mother God because we see you face to face.

  6. I like where Evan states that there is only one Mind and that God informs others what they see and know about me. They can only see what God sees and know what God knows. God only knows the Truth about his creation! This is so helpful in many aspects of life, judging, criticizing, as well as healing!

  7. Thank you for these Grace and Love-filled Truths about God’s Divine offspring. This is what we are carriers of.

  8. Thank you, Evan, for addressing this human concept of man being an asymptomatic carrier, and for all the wonderful responses. In this week’s Lesson-Sermon we read on page 62: “… let no mortal interfere with God’s government by thrusting in the laws of erring, human concepts.” Understanding human fears and opinions are the “little foxes” (I love that shared above) helps us to compassionately declare our divine dominion of health. The law of cause and effect, or like producing like, protects us – perfect God and perfect idea, man. Amen.

      1. Thanks Penelope and Jane for mentioning Hymn 5, One line is, “With God alone agree.” I’ve been thinking lately how I cannot disagree with God, to me it is a form of dishonor or disrespect to my dear father-mother, and so I must yield to more and more understanding of the all-goodness in Divine Mind, divine Soul, Divine Love. The rewards are great.

  9. After being vaccinated, someone close to me spoke his fear of the 5% chance of being infected anyway.. NO! “With the Mind of God forming their thoughts, they will not see me as a potential asymptomatic carrier, but as a healthy, safe person to be around, which is the truth.” Thank you so much, Evan.

  10. This comes at a perfect time. Thanks Evan. I was tested at the Market last night as hardly anyone was wearing a mask. I had just come from a Theater board meeting was there was conversation about this very subject. Fear tried to enter into my thought so as I went through the store I was singing to my self hymn 144…”In atmosphere of Love divine, we live and move and breathe; Though mortal eyes may see it not, tis sense that would deceive.” It ends with “He holds us perfect in his love, and we his image bear.” I was wearing a mask but kept smiling as people passed. The thought that I might be asymptomatic tried to enter in but I refuted it with the knowledge that “God is all and in all.” I am grateful for Christian Science and for Mrs. Eddy for giving us the tools to meet every situation. Thank you Angie for another great article. Thanks to all of you who share the Truth

  11. Thank you Evan. You keep us alert to to how tenacious we must be to the Truth of our being, where material suggestion will try to intrude into our consciousness.
    I read somewhere the following…. ‘universal Love must be seen where international fear seems to be.’… thank you for everyone’s thoughts here today❣️

  12. Although I do love Hymn 51 (and all the healing hymns) I checked to see if Hymn 5 worked for giving us the wonderful healing message. It really does too…big time. Thanks to Evan and all you who so lovingly give added wonderful ideas and articles.

  13. I love the statement that others “see only what God sees.”
    On further thought even if fear was trying to enter my thought I didn’t feel afraid. I calmly went about my shopping instead of rushing through the store to get out of there.. So later the idea that I was fearful wasn’t coming from God. All those I came in contact with were in the atmosphere of Love right along with me..

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