No limits on what you can do

March 15, 2019 | 32 comments

“God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis.”

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health, p. 258

There are no limits on what you can do, as God’s expression.

There are no people holding you back, no barriers standing in your way, no shackles binding you to the past.

With God, you are free, free, free.

You are rising “from a boundless basis.”

Prove it!

32 thoughts on “No limits on what you can do”

    1. Yes, indeed a wonderful and powerful message, Evan! Mrs. Eddy touches on this thought also in SH 323:6 “Through the wholesome chastisements of Love, we are helped onward in the march towards righteousness, peace, and purity, which are the landmarks of Science. Beholding the infinite tasks of truth, we pause, – wait on God. Then we push onward, until boundless thought walks enraptured, and conception unconfined is winged to reach the divine glory.” Like Trudy, I believe I can see an image in the stars that could resemble Jesus looking up into the night sky.

  1. That is sooooooo empowering and comforting. Thank you Evan. I have a very big project I’ve been trying to do, and have been stumbling about struggling with a mortal sense of me having to do it. Ha ha … change perspective to God’s Mind and His Idea – the people I’m dealing with and me = all to be seen from God’s perspective. Happy Girl. 🙂

  2. Another short but powerful thought shared!! This is going right in the front cover of my phone case so I can refer to it often. Boundless being!
    I have a feeling this powerful thought is going to bring wonderful response from the readers. Thank you thank you thank you!!

  3. This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you, Evan!

    I’m blessed to have several CS churches in my area. In one, I saw the text, “With God, All Things are Possible” stenciled on a front wall in large, bright letters. I love the simplicity of this selection. To me, it’s the heart of CS.

    When I was deciding which church to make my home base, this quote and its beautiful placement called to me like a beacon. Imagine my surprise when I discovered “With God, All Things are Possible” was never stenciled on the wall of this church! I guess I just needed to see it. The writing was on the wall!

  4. Oh, yes! This is such a powerful message, I shall put it on the wall by my bed to remind me often of this freedom.
    Jay – what a wonderful experience to see that message on the wall! That in itself proved what it said.

  5. In the past I was learning a new job and the characters at the business. In speaking with a practitioner about my adjustment period, she suggested this sentence from the chapter “Creation” in Science and Health, p 258.. it has been useful ever since.

  6. Evan, I love this quotation. When I was a young man starting out as a contractor, I scribed this quotation into my tool box. A truth that has been with me ever since. Thank you for this reminder.

  7. Great message “Prove it.” as Mary Baker Eddy stated in a paper she wrote titled The Way, “The present stage of progress in Christian Science presents two opposite aspects, — a full-orbed promise, and a gaunt want. The need, however, is not of the letter, but the spirit.
    Less teaching and good healing is to-day the acme of “well done;” a healing that is not guesswork, — chronic recovery ebbing and flowing, — but instantaneous cure.  This absolute demonstration of Science must be revived. Way to go Evan!

  8. Trying to unthread a problem, that thought, “If I can’t undo this delay/roadblock, then GOD certainly can” had just popped out of my mouth, then I read this morning’s Spirit View. Confirming that healing is on its way, barriers are being torn down, as well as Love is opening the way, leading me and all to a peaceful conclusion.

    1. Thank you for your example of faith, understanding, and gratitude that all is well and in order before it is evidenced forth in your human experience. I need to work on this.

  9. Wow! Then because we “express God and rise higher and higher from a boundless basis” we cannot age, lose the willingness to grow/explore new views, etc.
    we can only purify our thought and become more joyful, energetic, creative, ALIVE!! “THIS is the day the Lord hath made! Be glad, rejoice, give thanks”!!!

  10. Thank you for affirming this spiritual fact Evan!
    And thank you Patricia for sharing this idea: from S & H: “We constantly ascend in infinite being,” 189:23
    I love this idea and have marked it in my SH for future reference. Every day is a day of ascension, everyday our thought grows, goes forward with new ideas and inspiration from our Father-Mother God. We truly must hold to the fact that each of us is an infinite expression of God which is forever developing itself. This idea brings hope, faith, blessings and healing!

  11. So many of you are saying that you are going to use this marvelous quote from MBE. Great. Can you please post your successful outcomes from its use?

  12. Thank you for this powerful blog post and for calling us out to “prove it!” We aren’t just thinking and learning nice thoughts in our study of CS, it is a call to action and demonstration. But we also don’t need to feel pressured to be the “doer.” It is the activity of the Christ presence that moves us. I love thinking that we are constantly being renewed moment by moment from the forever development of the infinite idea.
    I’m so grateful for this shared community of SpiritView. It’s so wonderful to have a place to freely share ideas and learn from others.

  13. I totally tune in to Trista`s comment – so true!
    And the passage by Mary Baker Eddy says it “God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself …” God does it, not we, we express God`s lovely doings. Jesus said “I can do nothing on mine own, but what I see the Father doing, and whatever the Father does the son does likewise” – as expression of our divine Father/Mother. God has the best intent for us, as Mrs. Eddy continues the above passage “… broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis.”

    Thank you Evan, for today`s awakening and comforting and healing SpiritView! Am keen to prove it!
    Am also very grateful and happy for your wonderful blog which comforts, frees and heals, and for the opportunity to talk friendly and lovingly about the respective theme, helping each other! 🙂

  14. Thank you Evan, and all who have commented – all very inspiring.

    The invitation to “prove” the statement quoted, makes me think of bread making. When we put the yeast, i.e. the leavening agent, into the flour with the other ingredients, and then leave it to “prove” – we don’t have to do anything else to it to make it rise. So I see this as an analogy for proving the scientific statements of Christian Science. If we prayerfully fill our thoughts with the leaven of Truth and Love, or whatever spiritual idea that is needed, when faced with a challenge, we can wait for that leaven to expand in our consciousness, and lift us up see and know what God has already done. As we continue to do this, we will rise higher and higher from that boundless basis, and we can break the bread and share it, just as everyone does on SpiritView.

    1. Thank you Maggie, that is so gorgeous and nicely picturesque how you explained the expression to ,,prove” in today’s SpiritView metaphysically

  15. I was so disappointed this morning when I wasn’t able to access this blog just kept the message it was loading but never did. I just returned from a Bible lesson discussion meeting at church, lunch with my daughter and shopping. When I clicked on the opening there was the page immediately and 25 beautiful and inspiring comments. What a blessing the delay has been. Thanks to ALL!!!

  16. Being at the end of “comments” and thus privileged to read so many beautiful remarks, I am overwhelmed with the care, love, thought, kindness that Evan’s Spiritview evokes. What a lift–from him—and the other Spiritview “family.” Today, I need all those uplifting thoughts and my gratitude cup runneth over to each one of the beloved readers/commentators…and Evan!

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