One Leg Was Shorter Than The Other

May 28, 2014 | 34 comments

A woman visited me in my office in February of 2013 to ask for spiritual help with a health problem she was working through. At the end of our interview, as an add-on request, she pointed to one of her legs and said it was up to ½” shorter than the other. Could it be healed too? She wondered.

I hesitated in my response thinking I already had enough to pray about with the other health issues, but heard the voice of Truth remind me that she was perfect in all ways, not just in some ways. I told her that we could pray about that too, and we ended our time together on a very up note.

She progressed with leaps and bounds over the coming weeks, growing in her understanding of God, gaining traction over her health-fears and seeing God at work in her life. But she sent me an email in mid-March mentioning that her leg had not changed. It was still too short! Plus her ankle was rigid and often in pain. She added that maybe I needed to know the history so I could pray about it more effectively, and explained that the leg was broken in 5 places, including her ankle, in a bad ski accident when she was 16. The attending doctor said her right leg would be short the rest of her life, and she would have to wear shoe inserts to keep her from developing bad back problems, which she did for the last 40 years. But over the last ten years, she had back pain any way, and often severe stiffness and pain in her ankle. With several visits to doctors, use of orthotics and laser surgery too, the problem was only getting worse and prohibited her from walking much.

I emailed her back and said we needed to see that she never broke her leg in the first place. Nothing had changed on that ski slope for her as a child of God. She was as spiritual and whole as ever.

In my private prayers I recollected that she had told me in February that she attended a Christian Science Sunday school as a youngster, but in her early teens stopped going to Sunday school, and left church, any church actually, ever since. When faced with a health crisis a few months before she visited me, she decided Christian Science was her only hope for recovery and had come back to studying it after a 40 year hiatus. To me, this signaled a “coming back to Truth,” evidence of her unbroken relationship to God. She had made a full circle from being introduced to Truth as a young child, to meandering in the wilderness of human material belief for 40 years, and then circling around to Truth again. She could not get away from it. Her relationship to God was unbroken, and somehow, I felt, this seemed relevant to the leg and ankle healing.

As a child of God, I continued to reason, she could not be broken, not on a ski slope, not in faith, not in hope, not in her understanding of Christian Science, not in her feeling God’s unbounded love and care for her, not in any way. She could not be broken in one way, 3 ways, or in 5 ways. She could not be broken. She was as whole and complete now as in the moment God conceived of her. The belief of a broken leg, or perhaps a broken identity, was a dream that was not going to be dreamed any longer.

I didn’t hear anything from her on this issue until she phoned me ecstatic in July to report that her shorter leg had grown out to the same length as the other. She noticed it happening in stages since March, as the orthotics had to be adjusted and then dispensed with so she could walk in comfort. For the first time in 40 years, she could walk in bare feet with no shoes. Her ankle was flexible and painless too. Her joy and gratitude was unbounded. We praised God together for this wonderful proof of divine Love’s healing care. She wears normal shoes today and is an avid hiker.

34 thoughts on “One Leg Was Shorter Than The Other”

  1. Thanks Evan, it is great to see ‘work in progress’ and then ‘work complete’ from a Practitioner point of view. Thank you.

  2. And I was never in an auto accident. I was told that by a close church friend but it was hard to believe until now. Thank you.

  3. What a lovely demonstration of Truth. So deeply touched by this wonderful healing brought about by spiritual reasoning and the fact of our unbroken relationship with God. Thanks Evan.

  4. Dear Evan
    Thanks – you are such a wonderful proponent of Science and a really wonderful example for us all. Your thought of the unfoldment never having been broken and that your patient’s whole being had never been anywhere other than with God in the 40 years is so lovely. Just hit the nail on the head for me today.
    Love your work! 🙂

  5. THANKYOU SOOOOO MUCH Evan for this wonderful proof that something like this really can be healed . I have a similar situation that I have always felt couldn’t be finalised though I have had many improvemts . This gives me great confidence 🙂

  6. Wow, Evan; thank you for this most inspiring and wonderful demonstration of always perfect God and perfect man !!!

  7. This healing proves that the healings of Jesus and the early Christian church workers are possible today. Christian healing is the hope of mankind. Thank you for sharing this…it is inspiring to actually hear first hand of such a significant healing. Onward, Christian healers!

  8. So, when hypnotized material belief(s) dissolve, as they all will and do and must,
    sooner, or later, (here or hereafter), what remains are the facts of being that have
    never gone anywhere. You make it seem so simple, but then, Truth is simple
    in its purity: God is All; His reflected image/expression is within this allness.
    (That’s us!) There is nothing REAL that can dispute this!

    Thank you so much, Evan, for sharing this inspiring healing that totally proves this!!


  9. Light

    “and evil seeks to dominate.”
    So murmured one who thought himself
    Submerged in care and desolate.
    Failing to see the light that glowed,
    A purging fire to every doubt,
    He overlooked the simple truth
    That would have shut all error out.

    “Lord, that I might with Thee see Life
    And know that which meets Thy sight.”
    This prayer came from the heart that yearned;
    And with the prayer a ray of light,
    A glimpse of truth that pierced the mist
    Of fear and mental weariness
    And brought a silent, healing peace
    That stilled earth’s clamor of distress.

    “I must see myself
    And all the universe in Thee.
    If that be so, where are the fear
    And evil thoughts that harassed me?
    Gone! Gone with the mist that passed
    When I beheld my life in Thee.
    Since God is good, there is none else,
    And I am Thine, refreshed and free!”

    By Max Dunaway

    1. The first line of the first stanza is missing here, which is “Lord, I am weary and afraid.” So the first two lines would then read:

      “Lord, I am weary and afraid,
      And evil seeks to dominate.”

      These two lines are enclosed in quotation marks, just like the first two lines in the second stanza.

  10. Thank you Evan and all commentators! Let’s rejoice and be glad and grateful! This healing of God’s Allness is going on unstopped!

  11. This Spirit View has been most inspiring to me. It shows that for various reasons for leaving C/S, a come back to it is not only possible but invetible. My friend who introduced me to C/S back in the 1960’s left it quite recently which made me react in such disbelief that I was tempted to do the same until I realized ever so strongly that my friend never really fully understood it. I pray that my friend will recognize that there is no other system greater than C/S.

  12. Thanks Evan for sharing this beautiful healing. Your timing is excellent.

    And thanks to all of the commentators also. The poem by Max Dunaway is a keeper.

  13. You’ll probably never know how DEEPLY appreciated this powerful testimony is. I know it has specific application to my prayers and practice today. Time has absolutely no hold on our growth! This experience reminds me of Phillip Hocking’s healing of a short leg while at his first CS lecture, which he reluctantly attended, knowing nothing of Christian Science. “Be it slow or fast, up to Thee.”

    Thank you for the time this took to share this with us!

    1. You are welcome! And thanks to everyone for sharing with the rest of us. What blesses one blesses all.

  14. Thanks, Evan for today’s inspiration. I have not left CS at all, but I am still working on a problem that did not happen. This gives me hope that I can see the light. Thanks to all the other contributors.

  15. P.S. you might not realize but the first line of the poem you quote is missing.
    Th first line in the poem by Max Dunaway is:

    “Lord, I am weary and afraid,
    and evil seeks to dominate.”

    Thank you for bringing these beautiful words to “Light”.

  16. What a beautiful illustration of God’s omnipotent Love! Thank you so much for sharing this healing, Evan. The recognition and understanding that our relationship with God is unbroken and continuous was such a blessing for me to read today. I am so grateful to you for sharing the ideas you worked with in your treatment. They were so helpful!

  17. Love this! Awesome demonstration of Truth and very inspiring. I, too, left CS as a teenager and didn’t come back until 4 years ago—away for 32 years. Since then the progression has been rapid, the healings wonderful, and I feel like I never left. Once you have an inkling of the Truth, it never leaves you, even if you think you left it!

  18. Thank you for sharing this healing. I hope you will share more in the future. I really struggle with seeing the unreality of illness of any kind. I never feel I can completely trust that problems can be solved. Healing to me has always been more of a mystery. I could appreciate the process you shared. It was logical and made sense to me. I read wonderful stories about healing, our periodicals, but I never quite get it. I’d love to feel healed but I know I’d need to take a giant leap. You touched me with the process you unfolded today so I hope maybe one day I will get it.

  19. Thanks for sharing this great healing! I too left CS for many years, and returned when health problems got really bad, and I knew medical science had no hope of a cure. It is inspiring to hear about this healing. Sometimes I get discouraged that I am not doing better than I am, but I do know that I am growing spiritually, and making great progress, even though the material picture doesn’t always seem to reflect it.

  20. Evan, what an incredible demonstration! Thank you so much for sharing and reminding us all of the great power of God to heal any situation at any time.

  21. Thank you Evan for posting this healing. I myself have had a similar healing. I was new to Christian Science, I called a practitioner , also explaining that my leg was 1-1/2 shorter then my other. I also wore lifts in my shoes, I always wanted to wear sandals but never could. The practitioner told me “I was never out of alignment with God”. I worked with that line, and thought about if for quite awhile. One day I was trying on my shoe with my lift in it, and stood up, I felt unbalanced. I took the lift out, and stood up without it in my shoe and I was amazed! My legs were the same! My leg had grown that extra 1-1/2. I was so grateful! I purchased sandals in different colors. That healing took place almost 20 years ago, every day is a day of gratitude for my legs and all of the rest of me.

  22. Such a great healing! Thanks for sharing, Evan.

    Although raised in CS, it’s only been a few years since I began to rely on it for healing. So, I feel like I’m still learning how healing happens, especially when it comes to the physical. I have a few things I’ve been praying about for a long time, but see no physical evidence of them changing. (plenty of great healings though too!)

    I like how you laid out the process of praying so clearly in the blog. But am curious. When you prayed about her unbroken relationship to God as described above, was that a one-time treatment? Or did you continue to go back and work with that idea until she mentioned in July that it was physically evidenced? Is our present concept of body sometimes slow to evidence the healing?

    I’ve had many times in praying for myself that I’ve felt so clear on something that I really see the unreality of the physical condition I’m praying about. Yet nothing changes. Maybe I just have to learn to trust more.

    1. Hi Sara,

      The healing insight was glimpsed in one treatment, but allowed to continue growing in thought and truthfulness over time. When the insight came, it was not apparent at the moment that “This was it!” Months later, looking back, it became clear that that particular insight was key to the healing. So, there are times when we don’t know until later, what the truth was that clinched the healing. A few times, it’s taken me years to fully understand why a healing occurred. But when they occur, you know it! And we are grateful.

  23. WHAT A WONDERFUL HEALING! It is a thought about time and history of an illness or problem that really needs to be healed isn’t I think. It can be very difficult to stop trying to FIX someTHING and just work on lifting your concept of yourself and God…the healing is the outcome of the healed thought.
    After trying for over 60 years to heal a breathing problem, it is just fading naturally from my thought and experience and I am not “trying” at all! But I have recently become First Reader at church and enjoying the 2 days or so of study every week with a focus and regularity I have never had before. This study is clearing my thought so much and I can feel the difference.

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