Seek what is forever

September 7, 2023 | 45 comments


Whatever appears to go wrong materially, God can fix spiritually, for there isn’t anything fixed about the material. What is true with Spirit is forever.

45 thoughts on “Seek what is forever”

  1. This is true.

    What is difficult is being with someone who does not understand this. Someone who continues to conduct their life in an animal magnetism type of way.
    Who takes no time for contemplation.

    Christian Science came to me 30 years ago and it has been unfolding for me all this time and I love it.

    What to do when your spouse is not interested?
    This marriage came before my introduction to CS and true love….
    I keep listening for Gods guidance.

    1. Hi Susan – don’t imagine that being married to a Scientist is necessarily any easier than a non scientist – the challenges we face come to our consciousness for healing regardless of the other’s mental state . I was married very happily to a man who never even opened S&H – as he didn’t want to risk ‘disagreeing ‘ with me ! But you see – that was because he loved me and we had a wonderful marriage . This wanting another to be on the same page as you , spiritually , can be a trap mortal mind sets to convince us we are separated from good – it’s one BIG FAT LIE !

      1. Thank you so much for this. I too have been married for over 50 years to a “non-CS” and it has been a challenge. Your comments are very helpful.

    2. Dear Susan… I think many Scientists know well the situation of which you speak. I’ve found so much comfort and guidance from knowing that the child of God is always protected and loved by the Father-Mother God, even if the child looks away. God’s mercy is showered upon us even when we « don’t deserve » it!! That’s the definition of mercy! Since each of us has our own path, I pray for God to guide me so that I represent CS accurately and lovingly, demonstrating the message of Love. God will do the work, as S/He always does, and my responsibility is to be a witness to it, loving all the way. I too am so very grateful to have CS in my life. I know that God is guiding those not aware of the Conforter and is leading the way. They are not forgotten or overlooked. Stay the course, dear Susan! You may very well be the inspiration needed as you demonstrate God’s law of harmony. You may serve as the angel message! ..

    3. Susan, What everyone has said is very good.,And I would like to add that
      many years ago when I hadn’t been married that long, I spoke to a
      Lecturer we had in our church, that it was sometimes difficult with my
      husband not being a Christian Scientist. She said in effect, that it was an
      advantage, (her husband wasn’t a CS) and that the
      best way was to be a good example of what Christian Science teaches – to
      live it, I suppose it gives us more incentive to understand and take control
      of our thoughts to find the perpetual harmony that C.S. reveals. I have found
      this very helpful and wise, and have seen things change for the
      better in this respect. We can’t persuade anyone into being interested in
      Science, but if we demonstrate it, and it can be seen to be effective, that
      does more good than we may think. We can relax, follow the spiritual
      guidelines, and let God take charge of every situation.

      1. Dear Maggie,Nadine, Janet and Wanda… how much I have been inspired by your comments today.
        I am surrounded by family with no understanding or time for CS. However, my husband just lets me get on with things “ my Way’. And no longer worries about outcomes regarding health and life in general because he has seen many instances of healing regarding myself.
        Indeed , although I so love Spirit View it is obvious to me the harmony of inter reaction between those , here, between those who do not have this extra material challenge .
        But, this is the point ….we have to shift our consciousness from the material false picture to embrace our true status as a child of God. My fundamental starting point has to be that we are ALL children of God and this has proved a very working protection for me many times. In fact I spend many hours supporting my husband at doctors and hospital appointments.
        You cannot fail to live and experience the teachings of Christian Science when including everyone..what ever faith..into the arms of eternal Love. ❣️ Divine Love meets every human need…❣️

    4. I love everyone’s comments. I wanted to add something I hadn’t seen which was my experience. For many years I struggled with trying to demonstrate CS and having the opposition of my once loving and supportive partner. After finally leaving my home and life to be on my own I found that I still had all the same struggles! But now they were worse, because instead of me being able to think “he” was the problem I knew it was me! Then I realized it wasn’t him or me, it was just impersonal evil, trying to get in – and I had let it. I had let it because I had seen it as a person that needed to change, instead of an error of thought that needed attention. I had let my own defenses down gradually seeing the problem as “out there”. MBE says Love is reflected in Love, and I think sometimes the opposite is true, when we see an error we need to sure up our defenses against error. I hope that does not seem too bleak or blaming, we do need support to do this, but as others have said it really doesn’t matter who we are married to, the work is ours. I must remember what Evan told me once, we demonstrate what we can. As we do this we rise higher and can demonstrate more – and then like others here we are the example and we don’t have to fear or worry about what others think or do. We have to know the Christ speaks to all of us. xx

      1. I like what you have written, Dinah, “we don’t have
        to fear or worry about what others think or do. We
        have to know the Christ speaks to all of us”. I have
        been learning that little by little…from once thinking
        (to use the football analogy)…within the huddle, they
        were talking about me or with another aspect ~ like
        young children believing the sun revolves around
        them, because wherever they go, the sun follows.
        “Happiness depends more upon the internal frame
        of a person’s own mind, than on the externals in the
        world” ~ Geo rg eWatshington
        To stay “safe above life’s raging sea”, our own
        individual thought must be pure and God-derived
        and that is what is most important. We are all equal
        in God’s eyes, with no one being inferior or superior
        to anone else. The outside forces that seem so
        virulent, at times, can not affect the forever of Spirit,
        no matter how aggressive the belief may seem…
        God is in control of everything.

    5. Hi you don’t need to be married to a CS. I used to have this kind of an attitude – like my practice was better than anyone else’s. That’s false ego. Everyone is where they are at and just love. That’s CS needs to do.

    6. I have been married for nearly 54 years to a non-scientist. There were difficulties until I learned to reverse every thought that the difficulties were real or part of God’s idea. Once I started doing that consistently things changed very quickly. He respects my choices and is helpful and nurturing. All is thought and when you turn to truth and stand porter to only allow that which is spiritual and true and never react to error, you establish your harmony. Love is the answer,

  2. Thank you Evan and all. Mathew 6:33 Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.
    This has been a guide for me through the years and has been a very useful tool in my healing work.

  3. My teacher said being married to another Christian Scientist can be hard at times.
    You suggest reading and article that you found very inspiring, and they say they didn’t get anything out of it.
    Then you start to wonder if they understand Christian Science.
    We need to see Scientist/ non-Scientist in the light of God.
    Then we have carry over into seeing everyone in the same spiritual identity.

    1. Ha M! Thank you for that. I have found that true when I have shared articles with a friend and vice versa. We each get what we need at the moment from articles, lessons, lectures etc. They speak to each of us in a unique way depending on what we are holding in thought.

      I too, am married to a non CS. It keeps me on my toes! We enter the kingdom one by one, not two by two . Love to all.

      1. We enter the kingdom one by one, not two by two
        I absolutely love this. Thank you so much! Daily prayer is all about our own salvation and our own understanding. We are not responsible for others. Put your oxygen mask on first!

  4. Thanks Evan for the reminder that God can fix everything. There is nothing permanent about matter. But Spirit is fixed and forever.
    Hi Susan. Yes we Christian Scientists follow the leadings of Truth in Christian Science. But in reality each and everyone is living Science whether they read Science and Health or not, whether they go to a CS Church or not.
    We learn in Science that we can’t change anyone, but yes when we CHANGE OUR THOUGHTS about someone and see them with God’s pure eyes, as God sees them, then we certainly see the change we so desire to see. In Science everything is based on change from a material basis to a spiritual basis.
    It’s human nature that we feel we are right and the other person is wrong..but No. We must correct this wrong notion….Am I seeing XYZ as I am taught to see in CS, using my spiritual sense? Am I seeing the true man created in God’s image and likeness? If God saw everything that He created as good and His work was complete? then nobody is left out. I need to correct my thinking and change my perspective. Then everything in our experience will change…we will see the light and the clouds of error will disperse.
    God can fix a relationship and make it harmonious and beautiful. We only need to follow His command and give up material based thinking and see His creation as He created it …in all beauty, grandeur, purity and permanence. We need to work our way out in Christian Science. “If God be for us, who can be against us?”

  5. Thank you Nergish – if God be for us, who can be against us!?
    Thank you Evan for the wonderful and true and comforting reminder, that God, the All in All, can only fix everything needing fixing. “Trust God with all thine heart…” the Bible says. Am praying to do this.

  6. I like the testimony in Science and Health,(Fruitage) Page 638 where she talks of “seeing only God’s man” and “you don’t need to love a sinful mortal”

  7. My husband is a wonderful man and my boys went to CS Sunday school but do not follow it, one time a CS teacher said to me “You light the fire and they will feel the heat” I loved that.

  8. Thank you all for sharing your experience and inspiration. “Food for Thought” to fellow students of Christian Science.

  9. Thank you all ❣️

    I thought I may get guidance here as I continue to work through some struggles in my thought..

    I am grateful for all that was generously shared and the encouragement of LOVE.

    And thank you Evan for this space to share thoughts.

  10. Here is a favouritehymn forever strong and helpful:

    Great is Your faithfulness, God, our creator, / With You no shadow of turning we see. / You do not change, Your compassions they fail not; / As You have been, You forever will be.

    REFRAIN / Great is Your faithfulness! / Great is Your faithfulness! / Morning by morning new mercies I see. / All I have needed Your hand has provided. / Great is Your faithfulness, God, unto me!

    Freedom from sin and a peace so enduring, / Your constant presence to cheer and to guide. / Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow, / Such are the blessings Your wonders provide. / / REFRAIN
    (Christian Science Hymnal, No. 487:1–3)

    1. I have just noticed that I posted the wrong hymn, although it is useful for this topic. I meant,
      however, to post “Rock of Ages” which I am sure everyone knows. Tht is the forever unchanging
      fact to cling to. We are secure on that Rock of Christ forever.

  11. It is interesting to read all of these comments. Thank you all.
    His not, but my being ~ CS was not an issue during the 22 years of being
    married. (About the only thing that wasn’t ..LOL). Thankfully he respected
    what I loved so dearly and gave me my quiet opportunities to
    “keep the peace” through my understanding of the “Truth”.
    The only time I ever needed or when he suggested I seek “material” help
    was when I had fallen at a customer’s, trying to pull down a bittersweet
    vine, when I had broken my wrist .. to have it set. With my constant
    prayer and despite the ER doctor saying I would Definitely need
    painkillers, or being it wasn’t hurting, I probably had nerve damage….
    I never did, it healed very quickly and it was/is fine, < of course.
    I had spent many hours/days/months in support when he was in ICU
    and with his complete recovery from a stroke, which was difficult being
    in that environment, but like BarbaraUK commented, it was the loving
    thing to do at the time. CS supported my own spiritual thought in going
    through all of that …. and beyond, through many, many trying times
    and experiences, but with God's help, these chalenges, some very
    great, have been met, for which I am so grateful.

  12. My husband is also a non Scientist. It would be lovely to have a shared metaphysical understanding of the Science of Christianity with him, and meeting of the minds. We have had many conversations about Science,- he has at times attempted to read some Christian Science literature, and during a seeming crisis he even spoke to a Christian Science practitioner. But so far he doesn’t seem to get it. Yet he respects my life style and love for Christian Science, and he never tries to interfere with any stand I may take on health or relationship issues that come up. My husband is honest and lives his life with integrity. He is humble, patient, kind and compassionate. To him our relationship is a number one priority, and he is faithful to our marriage vows. These are qualities that Mary Baker Eddy emphasizes, describing a successful union in her chapter on Marriage in Science and Health. I feel so very blessed.

  13. “Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man…” Page 476 in Science and Health. If we really truly hold in thought the perfect man then it’s not one mortal mind over the another. It’s not “minds many” as Jules Cern says in his one lecture. It’s not CS vs non CS. We are not better than our neighbors because we go to church. It’s our THOUGHT about everyone and everything around us. My husband said, “Because of Christian Science I have learned throughout all these years how protected I have been and how much God loves me. I have never felt a love like this before.” True Love is God, not human affection. “Love is reflected in love”.

    1. What a wonderful article by Allison W Phinney JR. Thank you to J for bringing it to our attention!
      It certainly shows why we love learning about this divine Science.

      1. Yes! Verity. From the terrific article, “CS lifts us up if
        we let it, to the vantage point of spiritual glory
        and divine reality…We’re in awe, inspired. Such a
        perspective has immense power to change thought
        and bring healing” …
        It connects the dots in ways that really are awesome
        and so sweetly joy-filled with God’s blessings.

  14. Thanks to all for your comments. I can relate to them. Being a
    Christian Scientist isn’t just being a member of a branch church
    or even having Primary Class Instruction, it’s living and putting
    into practice daily the truths taught by Christian Science.

  15. Many above have shared inspired ideas on how they’ve lived true to their understanding of Christian Science while living with spouses who share different belief systems. And that’s cool.

    I couldn’t help but notice how frequently the phrase “non-Scientist” popped up. I know it’s been around a long time in some people’s jargon, but it seems to be such an odd phrase. Is a person a non-identity?

    For instance, if you are a cook, do you think of everyone around you who doesn’t cook as non-cooks? Probably not. You might think, “They do not cook,” but the phrase non-cook, would sound odd, wouldn’t it?

    Would the use of terms such as non-Catholic, non-Jew, or non-Muslim, make sense? Not really.

    I used to use the term non-Scientist in my younger days, because I picked it up from church members around me. But when I started speaking about Christian Science to public audiences, I realized the term sounds very odd to neighbors. So, I ceased using it. I would look for positive friendly ways to speak about those around me who thought differently.

    Honestly, I look forward to it vanishing from usage everywhere! Just some thoughts…

    1. Yes Evan, I am fully with you.
      Non- Scientists sound very strange, I don’t like it either. It sounds as if Non-Scientists are seperated ideas from Scientists. But they are not at all. They are loved children as we are a l l. No idea can be seperated from God, the loving divine Father and Mother loving His/Her whole perfect creation, man and universe!♡♡

    2. Thank you, Evan. I do not like the phrase Non-Scientist as well.
      In Science we are all one in Spirit, divine Mind. And we are not seperated mortal with little minds having all seperate faith. Lookily in Science we learn that there is One God with it’s worldwide family of lovely spiritual ideas! Wow thats good!

  16. Thank you Evan. Thank you!
    It helps me find my peace when I remember that as God’s children we are all innocent and loved. Even whe circumstances seem otherwise.

  17. Thank you Evan for your daily inspiration from the Spiritview. We all look forward to it each day!

    The comments from all of you have been so helpful. As Evan told us,my husband also has different beliefs from myself. I have noticed that there seems to be a greater resistance to the truth and my study as I deeply delve into Christian Science. I keep loving and know God has us all in our right spot.

  18. Evan’s prompt today said, in part, “Whatever appears to go wrong materially, God can fix spiritually, for there isn’t anything fixed about the material.” This made me think of the little rhyme that has been mentioned before on SV about how to deal
    with “problems.”
    Don’t nurse it
    Don’t rehearse it
    Give it to God and let Him reverse it.

    Thank you everyone for a very inspiring conversation about marriage and spouses with different spiritual beliefs. Very helpful to me. My husband does not study CS and though there are challenges at times, he is quite spiritual in his own way. Thanks Evan for your wise comments about the term “non-scientist.” Reading what you said gives a feeling of more unity and oneness with all of God’s children.

  19. “We must resolve to take up the cross, and go forth with honest hearts to work and watch for wisdom, Truth, and Love.” S&H p. 15:18-20

    We must give all for Truth and Love. Even if it does mean we have to circulate with the, uhm, “non-scientists” that do not go to church or have our understanding of Truth and Love. 😉 But, that is the path to the crown – the fight for Truth and Love. The blessing that comes with fighting for Truth and Love. The weary patience that waits breathless to see that first glimmer of light in the eyes of the blind. And the joy that follows is worth every nail, every crown of thorns, every supposed pain that error suggests is painful. The fields are white already to harvest…
    The pain of seeing one stumble in the dark far outweighs the nails or the thorns.


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