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September 6, 2023 | 24 comments


Like our Master, we must depart from material sense into the spiritual sense of being.

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 41

Jesus Christ was the master at departing from material sense into spiritual sense. He was not impressed by what material sense reported. If the evidence was bad, he reversed it with what he saw through spiritual sense. He found health where material sense reported disease. He found abundance where material sense saw lack.

We can do the same.

Lack, disease, pain, and suffering only feel real to material sense. We are not beholden to material sense. We can depart from it and enter a spiritual sense of things where the pain and suffering vanish.

God gave you spiritual sense. You have it now. It works well!

Be quick to vacate material sense and identify with spiritual sense. It’s a path to freedom from pain and suffering. It’s a path to healing.

24 thoughts on “Find freedom in spiritual sense”

  1. This is discipline for sure. “When we wait patiently on God, & seek Truth righteously, He directs our path.” ( S&H 254:10-12)
    No other voice we need, or heed!

  2. I love the illustration – it is very inspiring. It speaks to me of Christ, bringing into
    operation the spiritual laws of Truth and Love,, breaking the chain links of false material laws which would restrict us, enabling us to see them fly away, depicted as birds in this illustration. Through
    the understanding of Christ and the teachings of Christian Science, we are as free as birds, to soar mentally and spiritually, right above and out of the reach of the false material
    restrictions that would limit our God-given abiities.

  3. I love the illustration, too, Maggie. It gives such a wonderful sense … a
    Spiritual sense of freedom and uplift. It is like Love raising us above
    whatever mortal sense would try to keep us limited to.
    I am reminded of the logo of Mrs. Eddy’s writings…the crown and the
    cross. Spirit over matter and the prayer of divine Love standing on the
    Principle, the Truth of our Being. Our hearts can soar and sing like the
    birds today, with Love being ever-present.

      1. I don’t know what happened to my reply – all that has come out is thewords “margaret” which I didn’t write down.

        Anyway, what I was trying to say was, Carol, that I find Mrs.
        Eddy’s logo about the cross and the crown helpful, because
        she explains that we have to hold up the cross in order to
        wear the crown. In other words, we have to be courageous
        in holding up the fact of the nothingness of all the threats and
        claims of matter, impersonalise them – and keep the crown
        in view that we will get to wear when we persevere with
        holding to the spiritual facts in our thoughts.

  4. Yes…Jesus was not at all impressed by what the material senses told…Like our master we too should soar above, higher and higher in the realm of spiritual sense….our thoughts should rise higher and align them with God’s thoughts. See everything as God sees, with pure eyes..then we see our true selfhood made in the image and likeness of God…whole, harmonious, perfect and complete.
    Thanks Evan for the lovely reminder and the very apt picture, teaching us to rise higher and higher above the material picture and keep our eyes focused on the spiritual reality, to experience peace, health and bliss.

    1. Nergish I liked what you said, “See everything as God sees, with pure eyes.” Made me think of, “Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on wickedness.”: (Habakkuk 1:13)

      Error will say many things to us, about us, and they are never nice. It tries impersonate itself as our own thoughts. But it’s important to pass everything through the filter of Truth, does God see us that way, did He make us subject to this or that? If not, it can be immediately rejected as no part of God’s dear child, which we all are, always.

  5. Thank you Evan. Thank you Janet and Maggie. When we constantly reverse evil suggestions in our thinking and get a right view of things in our own thoughts then we are striving to live in spiritual sense.

    For sometime now, a suggestion has been coming up in my thought, that a relation of mine is very selfish and cares for no one, but herself. Once this comes up I say no, to it, and will say, ” mortal mind, you cannot force me to know what God does not know about this lady. More still the divine Mind has no opposite..” I kept on holding unto this lady’s perfection as God’s image and nothing else.

    I have been standing firm against such aggressive mental suggestios for sometime now. Today I received a gift from her. I am full of joy because I understand, healing has taken place in her and in me.

    1. That is beautiful Grace, thank you for sharing how you stood firm in Truth and had a great demonstration.

    2. Dear Grace,, I will join with Rose, in thanking you for for sharing your testimony – very well done,
      A good demonstration on how worthwhile it is to stick with the Truth, and see the problem resolved..

      1. Yes, that is lovely, Grace. It proves that with One Mind, One God,
        we are all guided by Love’s guidance to do God’s One plan.
        My cousins are running a little late because of traffic, but.
        I am so much looking forward to seeing them. Still have
        some last minute preparations, but wanted to check in
        here for such lovely inspiration , first.

          1. It was great! Thank you for asking. They would still
            be here looking at old family photos, had they not
            had a 2 1/2 hour drive back home and the brother
            a 5 hour drive. It was wonderful visiting with them
            and I loved being in their presence. She brought
            along letters we had shared when we were both
            in college, so they were fun to read. (Stamps were
            8 cents back then!)

  6. All good examples of divine Love in action and in the form of freedom from matter based supposing.

    Thank you everyone for the freeing ideas that has come or revealed to you to share.

    Much love to you all!

  7. Thanks Evan sir for sharing your spiritual idea into a wonderful view and picture and Truth shared by you . How beautifully this picture inspires to come out of material boxes to free birds guided by God . Similarly this will help me to rise up from my human willingness, dreams and thoughts to Supreme power Who governs all and good alone. Thanks once again.

  8. Thanks J for the link to this outstanding article on liberty. It was so
    nice to see and hear from practitioners around the world. And,
    thanks to all who have commented and shared here.

  9. Mrs Millgaard from Winnipeg was a most diligent worker for freedom of right and man’s exemption
    From wrong doing. After her son was exonerated after many years of persistent proclamation, she
    Worked with the judicial system to review all the prisoners who maintained their innocence. The lawyer,
    A Jewish man was so convinced of this boys innocence he worked Pro Bono for many years until DNA
    Samples proved the boys innocence. This truly was a demonstration of patient persistence of mans
    Freedom. I will always remember this demonstration

  10. Birds fly so high .. why? Air …. up coming is so good on the wings of
    angels ~ God’s thoughts….Like with a spiritual viewpoint to be above
    errors of any kind. To soar above the din and clamor of mortal
    mind’s trying to keep us grounded in matter. We have to watch
    our thoughts in heavenly thoughts of Truth and Spirit.

  11. Thank you for this reassurance and answer to doubt about my own understanding. I realize I do understand spiritual sense even while wanting to know more.

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