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February 1, 2021 | 21 comments


There aren’t many active Christian Science bloggers that I know of, but one active contributor is Elaina Simpson, a Christian Science practitioner who works and lives in the Washington D.C., area.

For one of her weekly posts, she interviewed me about sharing Christian Science with others. Is it important? Does it matter? How to do it fearlessly?

Here’s a link to the interview, “Sharing comforting ideas, sharing Christian Science.”

21 thoughts on “Sharing Christian Science”

  1. Elaina Simpson and Evan’s talk concerning sharing C. S. is enlightening. Thank you for having us on board to enjoy that interaction between two professional practitioners.
    I have shared with many and often the blessings that I have experienced as a student of C. S.
    Keeping a few copies of Science and Health on hand has helped.
    I met a man and his wife last week. After performing a service for them they asked my age. I told them and then I said it was not wise to record age. Then I asked if they studied the Bible. They said yes, every day. I had a copy of S & H in my truck in a holiday bag. I simply handed it to them and went on my way. I trust it will help them immeasurably.
    Once in awhile there is acceptance and how wonderful it is to share with others. Knowing all the while it has had an effect. Even if there’s no interest the work will present itself better than any salesmanship.
    Last week I received a most wonderful message, From a man whom I hadn’t seen for many years. He was taken by chewing tobacco, I invited him to dinner. He refused a copy of S & H. But I expressed nothing but kindness. That was months ago, but messaging him “Truth with floodtides of Love” he finally sent me this text message.
    “Hey Dave just checking in. Hope you and yours are doing well. Wanted to let you know I have been feeling absolutely wonderful lately. Made some big lifestyle changes and as a result I am back to being my old self again! I like to think that you and others out there helped play a big role in that. So again thanks for your prayers, and keeping me in your heart and mind.”
    This is a wonderful fruition!
    Never be reluctant to offer Truth and Lovingkindness to your fellow man. It comes back an hundred fold in blessings!

    1. Lovely demonstration!
      “Hear these imperative commands: “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect!” “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature!” “Heal the sick!”“ S&H pg. 37:28-30 Be

  2. Thank you Evan and Elina, a beautiful expression of Gods love for us all. Also David, that’s a great example of fearless sharing. Brilliant! We are all so blessed.

  3. Evan thank you for sharing this interview. I loved when you said that “everyone is enveloped in Love, walking in an atmosphere of uncontaminated Love”. Also grateful to read Elaina’s own testimony about dealing with the virus in her own family.

  4. EXACTLY what we need Evan…Jesus said to “preach to EVERY creature” or something like that…these days it’s a great way to become a social outcast in about 10 seconds flat……so you definitely have to choose your time, place and “creature” carefully! We are going to have a meeting after church sometime soon to talk about exactly this because people often do not feel comfortable being in the Reading Room in case someone comes in and asks a curly question that they cannot answer…so as a result, our RR is usually closed. But the Reading Room is the front door of the church so its very important that people come in and get their questions answered well. Fortunately our librarian and our practitioner are both well fitted to talk to us all about this . We must be prepared to answer questions in the right way confidently, rather than try to avoid them.

  5. Thank you, Evan, for opening up this conversation and I will listen to the interview.

    I was able to share Christian Science with two people in my last place of work. To one in my locker room, I gave a copy of Science and Health, she had a health problem and I wanted to help her. Another, I invited to a Christian Science lecture as I noticed him reading a book on prayer, one break time, and he gratefully attended.

    When my branch church “live-streamed” our lecture a couple of years ago, I sent flyers to friends and family who I hadn’t opened up to about Christian Science before. A cousin who lives a distance away enjoyed the lecture with a neighbour.. We have since emailed each other, I sent her a copy of Science and Health and she has had several healings!

    I’ve also had interesting conversations with a couple of people from a different religion, who knocked on my door to talk about their faith. I was able to share a couple of Christian Science Sentinels with them. They hadn’t previously heard of Christian Science and we’re interested to know it was Bible based..

    I used to worry that I wouldn’t be able to answer questions when I served in the Reading Room, but I have found that when you speak from your own experience the answers come. Christian Science has been so important in my life I would love everyone to know about it . “Love inspires, designates, and leads the way.” Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health, Page 454.

  6. This is very timely for me as I had to consider how to include CS when a friend was suddenly gravely ill. I admit that I had to ask for guidance from a practitioner to deal with it, but with advice and reading the interview between Evan and Elaina , plus other commenters experiences it does just make so much sense. Mind is in control and Love will show the way. Thank you Evan for helping us deal with such an important topic of helping others bring healing prayer into their human experience.❣️

  7. Thank you for this wonderful collaboration between two fine spiritual thinkers! Elaina’s testimony is really strong and honest.

  8. Thank you Evan for sharing this interview with us! The many ideas expressed will be very helpful in answering questions from neighbors, family, and in the Reading Room such as, “Do you believe in virus?”, “Have you had your first shot?” and so on. Just loving, taking thought off self, and wrapping all the blanket of Love will help to remove fear and let the Christ speak for itself. I feel we are blessed to be a blessing, and appreciate so much your timely, wise, loving, humble, and valuable coaching.

  9. This has been terrific. I’ve never felt reluctant to share Christian Science, though usually in language which seems most understandable to whomever I am speaking with- from casual conversations, to brief encounters, to long, deep discussions. I learned about CS myself from someone who was willing to explain their joyful & healing practice. CS is so logical, I finally found a concept of God which held no contradictory beliefs, such as I had learned as a child (why would one pray to a changeable, inconsistent or retributive god? Not me!) CS was the answer! And continues to provide the perfect avenue to Sharing openly and unselfconsciously. It’s being that transparency- the clear window through which Light shines.

  10. Evan, Thank you for sharing this! Amid all the news of fear and destruction it is wonderful to know about another resource of Truth. 🙂
    “The floods have lifted up, O Lord, the floods have lifted up their voice; the floods lift up their waves.
    The Lord on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea, than the mighty waves of the sea.”
    Psalms 93:3-4

  11. Great topic! Since I was an active member of the CS. Organization at my college, sharing the comforting truths of CS has always brought the greatest joy. Obeying Jesus’ command to share the good news and Mary’s command to give a cup of cold water in Christ’s name enlivens us as well, because we know we’re sharing the highest good, and fulfilling our natural, divine purpose.
    Three of my closest friends, one Catholic, one a Methodist w a theology phd, and one Jewish, all really appreciate CS, have attended lectures, read articles, and have asked me to pray for them in times of need. Sharing CS is natural. No need to wish they would convert. Just gratitude that God is loving and caring for all his children, no matter what religion.

  12. Thank you for sharing this interview Evan.

    I’ve also been praying about this idea of sharing Christian Science. I need more clarity and healing in this area so I can share Christian Science truths more freely and overcome fears about being judged or misunderstood. The things you discussed were helpful, especially focusing on the other person’s need and not on “me” and how “I” will come across. That is error, self will, human outlining. Trusting God is needed here, to trust that He will put forth the right words in the right way through me at the right time, place and to the right person. To get out of the way and let God work through me. It is self will to think the words are mine or even that the words are what is most important. It’s the intention and the feeling of love and goodness towards others that matter. I don’t even have to manufacture the feeling of love towards them, it is natural, baked into us as His children. We are not the doer. we are the vehicle for God’s doing.

    Appreciated your comment in the interview, “I pray that more people discover it, practice it, and reap its healing benefits!” That is my prayer too. I watched a wonderful live online lecture over the weekend by Christian Science practitioner Alexandre Fischer. The replay is available at I had typed in a comment that I was frustrated that so many people are unaware of Christian Science, especially at this time when it is so needed, and that there are wrong ideas and beliefs out in the world about what Christian Science is.
    He responded by saying that there are so many ways to share, big and small, and we don’t necessarily even have to mention the words Christian Science to share comforting truths. I am praying to see that nothing can keep us all from knowing what is true, that ALL IS WELL, there is no force that can keep all from knowing what is so natural, that as God’s expressions we cannot be stuck in a material, limited view of life, but see the high vistas beyond the mortal view.

    From Psalms 139:7, “Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence? Love and blessings to all the Spiritviewers!

  13. I am looking forward to hearing the conversation soon. I just want to say that I have been the librarian in our small New England town for around 12 years. I have had some extra-interesting conversations, and I will say that humility and listening for inspiration have brought good ideas to my thoughts and appropriate words.

    1. Thank you Curran, for your comment. I had some similar conversations with foreigners who came into our reading room, and I explained CS in a manner they could understand. It is a blessing for both of us.

  14. I was playing bridge with 3 friends and the subject of a school which my great granddaughters attend being open to classes. They asked which religion was my family following?
    I was so grateful to be able to say that I was a second generation Christian Scientist and 2 of my 5 great grands were following the 3 generations that are coming along after me.
    With this my bridge partner brightened up and told us that her best friend as a preteen was going to the CS Sunday school and she had gone with her.
    It has been the topic of more conversations during games. We as active members of our church have more chances than ever to offer Zoom meetings for anyone who wants to know more about our healing religion.

  15. Yes thank you Evan; I tune in to Elaina Simpson’s gratitude and also thank you for all you do, to bring LOVE to the world. As also Mrs Eddy says, the world needs it very much! And I thank you and Elaina very much for the Interview about how to give Christian Science to the world. If I sum it up, it is listening to God’s guidance and with love to this Science and to my neighbor. It is a helpful and lovely Interview. Thanks very much indeed, dear Evan for sharing it with your SpiritView friends!. ♡
    And by the way, the Sentinel issue from 18th and 25th January contains an article by Elaina Simpson with the title “Isn’t healing just acoincidence?”. Very interesting!♡

  16. I had a strong sense that I had arrived, just in time, as I parked my car in front of a local grocery store, mid morning.
    On my way to the entry, I saw a man lying down, in front of the store, alive, but still, and there was some equipment hanging close by which was also not moving, but it was not clear why the man was there, lying on the parking lot pavement.
    The thought that man is not fallen, but upright, pure and free came immediately to my mind, reflecting the spiritual picture that I was seeing, not the mortal lying down. As I passed by to enter the store I immediately prayed silently, declaring that the LORD’s PRAYER was governing all present, right then and there, that it was true.
    After I exited the store, two firetrucks, and many police cars were gathered around him, as he was being cared for in preparation for being transported by ambulance. I again didn’t pause walking, as I continued to pray the Lord’s Prayer, surrounding the scene with the spiritual Truth.
    In my experience we have the finest firemen here, highly trained to provide complete care to a fallen victim. I call them my heroes for all that I have observed over many years. The man was protected by their training and human care to provide him with immediate relief. I drove out of the parking lot, unsure if an object had collided with the pedestrian or there had been a fall from a height. My thought was on his true spiritual self right then and there.

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