Take your safety with you

October 6, 2021 | 18 comments


If you ever worry about your health safety, there’s a spiritual perspective that can take those fears away.

Health is not a variable subject to conditions around you. Health is a fixed constant coming from God that is permanently built into your being.

Learn how to take your health with you wherever you go, and keep it safe from threat.

This vlog was filmed at the Homolovi State Park, Arizona, when my wife and I passed through in May 2021.

18 thoughts on “Take your safety with you”

  1. God is my Health, nothing can be added to me or taken from. Heath is a state of Mind. And Mind means God’ thought.

  2. Thanks Evan for your sharing safety as built in. Declarations of our protection as Truth, ever present and a part of our being.
    Another lovely park, too. Thanks for taking us there with you.

  3. Thank you Evan…very timely for me while visiting so many places and old friends up here in the Scottish Highlands.
    Goes well with today’s daily lift about overcoming any thought of alienation. We are never separated from God , our source and have the constant ability to tune into the truth of any situation❣️

    1. Thank you Barbara for reminding us that God gives us, “the constant ability to tune into the truth of any situation.” That is a very empowering fact. We don’t have to be tricked into believing a false, material, world view picture of life. The so-called world views about safety, or anything, melt away to reveal the SpiritView, God’s view, which is always the present reality. Sending greetings and love to all today

  4. Lovely, thank you Evan, everyone everywhere has a divine right to know
    this truth and take it with them as well.
    We can be sure that this leaven of right thinking is having a healing effect
    in the hearts of all mankind.

    1. Thank you Angie for that very good and helpful article on the one and only Cause. which is of cause GOD. It is so clear and understandable explained.
      Thank you,, Evan for your wonderful Vlog. The landscape is beautiful indeed! And while I drove to church and later back home I worked with the healing truth you are giving us today. Am very grateful to you for your priceless metaphysical help for us all. ♡

      1. This morning I just read the lesson sermon. Then afterwords I listened again to this healing Vlog up here. After studying the lesson I feel safe in Truth and Love and am ready to express it , as I will go out shopping soon. I know God is right with me and all around me. Thank you dear Evan, it is so helpful; and thank you dear God!♡

  5. Uta from Germany–I was thinking about you and Times Square as I read Evan’s article from the paper again last night from of the blog regarding “‘Feeling close to God” that was shared last week. . You were looking for the Vlog from 2017 that included Times Square. In case you didn’t find it, here is the link: https://spiritview.net/find-peace-life/.

    Now, after listening to and viewing Evan’s wonderful Vlog today and thinking about being safe and healthy in God’s constant presence, I am reminded of the experience he had there at Times Square. That really is what we need to do in meeting all suggestions of error, whether it be a need for safety, health, or to put down resentment, anger, weather, news, political proclamations, economic woes, whatever. We need to totally shut out the aggressive mental suggestions and fill our being with the spiritual sense of God that gives us the Truth to deny all kinds of lies.

    I find that much easier to say than to do at times, but I will keep working at it. Persistence and consistency are my goals right now in using the wonderful thoughts that are presented in SpiritView each day. Thank you all. I am grateful for your sharing.

    1. Thank you Pat W. for sharing. It resonated with my study of Christian Science.
      Thank you Evan for your consistent sharing of Christianly Scientific thoughts and the daily emails.

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