When applying for a religious exemption

October 8, 2021 | 25 comments


There is considerable misunderstanding in the public mind about what it means to apply for a religious exemption from the Covid vaccine when practicing Christian Science.

For many believers of the medical model, for a person to apply for a religious exemption from the vaccine is the equivalent of doing nothing to protect oneself from contagion. They can be relieved to know, that this is exactly the opposite of truth.

A practicing Christian Scientist that applies for a religious exemption, does so because he or she is already taking effective preventative action against contagion and carrying the virus.

The practice of Christian Science is a proven metaphysical means of preserving health and preventing infection. It does more than provide a temporary “shot” of hope that one may or may not be safe from infection. It demonstrates health to be spiritual, inviolable by a germ, and safe from contagion. It is a long term and permanent solution to any threats posed by a pandemic.

When a Christian Scientist applies for a religious exemption, they are simply saying, “I’m already covered. I’m already taking effective steps to ensure the safety of my health and those around me.” They are not asking for permission to do nothing. They are putting on record that they are already doing something that they know from experience, is by far, the best protection of all for them and those around them.

25 thoughts on “When applying for a religious exemption”

  1. Well said Evan!!! I like “not asking for permission to do nothing” because you have hit the nail on the head there…that is exactly what people think !

  2. Thank you for clarifying the distinction. Yes, we’re not asking to do nothing, we’re actively already doing something.

  3. Medicine only works when you take it and have faith in it. Mrs. Eddy even explains how a placebo works on the human mind by your faith in it.
    Christian Science only works when you live it, have absolute faith in it, and truly endeavor to understand it.
    Unselfed love reveals it’s absolute power.

  4. The only law is the law of God, material laws are no law of all. Although the law is establish by the Goverment for persons to take the vaccine, If it becomes mandatory, taking it can either do us any good or cause any adverse effect….
    Heath is a condition of Mind.

    1. Grateful you brought this concept up!! We needn’t be afraid of the vaccine, or mortal dis-ease, and we can obey mandates or requirements with respect and without fear, knowing health and safety are laws of God, Soul. We know that we cannot be harmed by being respectful and law-abiding. I’m knowing that violence about all this is diffused by infinite divine Love, and we reflect the power of this truth of Truth.

      1. Interesting question : what are we “ respecting “ and what “law “ are we abiding by ?

  5. Thank you Evan. Even if a Christian Scientist took the vaccine for reasons beyond their present control (non-CS family members, employer, etc.) they must remain vigilant in knowing where their true protection comes from!

  6. It’s sobering to learn some cities, i.e., LA, have mandated a rule of law discriminating against the unvaccinated. Praying this tide will turn.

    1. And praying that the prayers of Christian Scientists and all God-loving people will turn the tide to heal the fear of covid and the fear of the restrictions so that the advancement of harmony and health is demonstrated. I work daily to perceive Truth & allow Love to be expressed through me.

  7. I was vaccinated (protected, safe, etc.) the moment God made me (all men) in His/Her image and likeness. That’s never changed and it never can.
    Thanks for all the comments.

    1. Very well said CRL. Nothing can be added to us and nothing can be taken from us as we are whole and complete in God.

      It’s comforting to know that Christian Scientists in every part of the globe have been and continue to do wonderful work daily knowing the truth about their health and that of those around them, and those upon whom their thoughts rest. As Evan said, that is the opposite of doing nothing, that is in fact taking powerful action that does a tremendous amount of good. What a blessing.

  8. Yes, thank you Evan and wonderful commenters. These are great shares and so helpful in giving us quick concise answers to those who would detract on our Christianly Scientific reasons for not getting the vax.

  9. Thank you all. I am in good company and so very grateful.
    You are wonderful Evan and the sharing of your thoughts continues to be a blessing.

  10. There is another issue with asking for exemption from the vaccine which surrounds us and that is that non-faith-based constituents acknowledge the possibility of another perspective on how life can be protected from their own view. When people use true faith-based protection falsely, they also discredit what is the most powerful protection life can have. Christian Science has had a long standing acceptance for honest faith-based protection and healing because of our record to that authentic, honest living culture. As you indicate Evan, faith is more than doing nothing, it is being true to your commitment for belief in spiritual power over material perception. Thank you for this so poignant post.

    1. Thanks again, Angie. Beliefs in epidemic have been long time an element to be dealt with.
      Our earliest recognition is from the Bible. The prophets before and after Jesus healed them all.
      Now as afore time we take the Spiritual View as our protection. It’s comforting to know that real protection surrounds each spiritual enlightened individual and those in the realm of their thought the same immunity. Good work in keeping the faith that brings harmony to ourselves and to everyone. Affirm, affirm, affirming the Truth.

    1. Thanks for posting this from the Committee on Publication (TMC). Very helpful in pointing out one’s respect for and consideration of those in our communities regarding vaccinations.

  11. Yesterday I read a paragraph from Miscellany pg 128 that I
    Found most helpful. it says that Christian Scientist obey
    The laws of the land and continued by acknowledging
    that no evil can result from doing what is right without
    Recrimination. It is a decision in our province that seems
    Most right even though we do protective praying according
    To our understanding. Thanks for your arrive Evan

  12. My church has been getting requests from folks, some of which are in the medical profession, asking us to issue them a religious exemption. Pretty crazy. But that is what matter based thinking is, crazy. Thanks Evan for the post, and all the other great ones too.

  13. I very much agree, Evan. However, there are people who are misusing what the very essence of religious exemption means: they are, in fact, actually doing nothing and rather using this particular exemption dishonestly, as an excuse to avoid properly protecting themselves and others, whether through exemption and prayerful work or a vaccination. The former two work together: prayer and exemption, as exemption is inclusive, not exclusive, of prayer. That is the very key element lost on many who are misunderstanding exemption and using it fruitlessly and in vain.

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