You are God’s presence

July 20, 2021 | 27 comments


If you’re ever tempted to feel separated from God, be quick to refute that wrong suggestion and remember all the ways that you express God’s presence every day.

When you show care to others, greet them with a smile, and extend a helping hand, you are expressing the love of God.

When you solve a problem, you utilize the intelligence of God to figure out what to do.

When you look for good qualities in your neighbor, you are using your God-given eyes to see what God created.

When you listen to a family member’s ideas, and aren’t sure you understand what they are saying, or don’t like what they say, but know there is something good in them to appreciate and honor, you are using your God-given ears to hear deeper than the material senses are reporting.

When you work-out and keep your thought in an elevated place with every step on the treadmill or lap across the pool, you are expressing the vim and vigor of Spirit to bring about a good result.

God would not exist without you. You are a part of God’s completeness. You can’t get away from God, and God is never separate from you. Like a circle is round, you and God are at-one.

Honor God’s presence. Acknowledge God’s presence. Enjoy being God’s presence. That’s what you were created to do!

27 thoughts on “You are God’s presence”

  1. AMEN, so be it!!! Thank you once again Evan for your clear and succinct expression of the Truth of our being.

  2. What a glorious way to start the day! Thank you for reinforcing the good feeling of waking up from a good night’s sleep and looking about for true ideas. My little cat, Sandy looks hopeful and I can too. God’s presence says to me “permission granted to feel good about yourself today, spread the feeling around to others”. Thanks again..

  3. Thank you Evan!!!
    I see a little better how I should think about our God and myself and others.

  4. I so appreciate Mrs. Eddy using the term “coexist”.
    “Man and the universe coexist with God.” ‘00 4:26.
    And I love the phrase “This little light of mine I’m going to let it shine.”
    What a joy we are that light of God and we are going to let it shine.

  5. Thanks again Evan. The circle is a cymbal of infinity. It is blue, the color with highest frequency.
    Unlimited frequency and without beginning or ending. Oneness with our creator. Presence, Divine ever presence, a present. Eternal now, at-one with our God and with one another.
    Rejoicing, elevating reassurance much needed today. Finding much lovingkindness here this morning when there is a great need. Gratitude….

  6. Super reinforcement of the reality of our being. So important for me to read the para …..
    ‘God would not exist without you. You are part of Gods completeness. You can’t get away from God, and God is never separate from you. Like a circle is round you and God are at -one.’
    Fundamental …beautifully put…thank you Evan.❣️

  7. Very full and deep reflections expressed in this Evan. Thanks for your insightfulness and ability to verbalize it!!!

  8. I’m agreeing with every idea you wrote as all are absolutely true and valuable. Seeing God at work in us is the greatest protection there is. We are safe from error’s hatred of the Truth.

  9. In an interview with former editor of the periodicals and practitioner-teacher Geoffrey Barratt in the Journal, he related God’s presence to healing which correlates with Evan’s blog post on God’s presence:

    “Could you talk a little about how spiritual healing takes place?

    It takes place because spirituality is a transparency for Spirit. Healing gives God an opportunity, shall we say, to be Spirit, to be present. And to operate. Whereas materiality would keep God away, keep God distant. And it’s the presence of God—the presence of God understood, acknowledged, and felt—that heals.”

    I read this last night and wrote it down – wonderful to think God’s presence is what heals.

    1. Lindajane, thank you for sharing this – it’s a keeper! Definitely writing it down too.

      Evan, great examples of expressing God’s presence. Looking for good qualities in our neighbors definitely resonates with me, especially with working from home. Thank you.

      Angie, thank you for the article from Mark Swinney….”God’s love is absolutely infinite, so there is enough to wash clean all impressions of evil, hatred, or selfishness as belonging to anyone”. Amen!

  10. Today’s SpiritView is one of the most compelling, powerful, and enabling concepts that I have ever come across in my lifelong involvement with Christian Science! Thank you Father Mother God.

    1. Agree totally Robin, I felt the great and broad power of today’s message deeply, it was very much needed and spoke directly to my heart. Grateful to Evan for this divine inspiration.

      I’ve been dealing with a belief of bad headaches, that seem to not yield to truth. That thought itself (that they won’t yield to truth), I now see is a big fat lie. As Evan said, God would not exist without me (without all of us). That is a huge, radical statement of Truth, infinitely bigger than a lie about headaches. If God would not exist with me (His expression), then what can I express or experience but His good?

      I also re-read an article which was kindly shared here a few days ago called ‘All Figures are Drawn on Infinity’ (actually listened to the audio, which I appreciated, as it was hard to read due to the “headache”).

      While at first the article appears to be just about overcoming wrong ideas related to money and lack and supply, it is much broader and deeper, showing the infinity of God’s abundance of good — not matter — as the source that provides for ALL human needs. Very helpful and comforting. Love to all of you for being here!

  11. Watching the lift off of Jeff Bezos in his rocket along with 3 other people aboard, reach the edge of space, then land just about 100 miles south of here this morning, as well as the success of space flight since the first launch where I was even closer to the spot where it took place years ago helps me understand the spiritual presence of God, unconfined, unfettered, keeping us in his everlasting arms of Spirit, encircling us and all.

    1. Thank you Chilesands. I hadn’t been following this story but after reading your comments I’ve been watching newscasts and reading about this historic flight. Very exciting, and one special aspect was that 82 year-old female Mary Wallace “Wally” Funk was on board. She is the oldest person to ever travel into space. She has an extensive and impressive aviation background, having achieved many firsts and youngests in her career, even training in a Women in Space program in the 1960’s but never had the chance to go into space, till today. I listened to her comments after the landing, what a character and an inspiration to never give up on your dreams and defying mortal ideas about age.

  12. Love It, Thank you !!
    This one is a Print-up, Pin-up Gem !
    Wow so Awesome :))
    I’m in visioning Snoopy in the Charlie Brown series
    dancing lol fun !
    Cheers ♡

  13. Thank you very much, Evan for this SpiritView! I so love the truth thought to be God’s presence! Actually that is very natural when we remember Genesis 1 : verses 27 and 31. God created us to His image and likeness and found it very good. As God’s likeness we are like Him in all our being and doing, expressing Him. We are the rays of the sun and the drop of the water. In other words, we are the presence of the sun and of the water. For instance, as Jesus talked often in parables. But yes, we have to demonstrate this wonderful Truth.
    Am grateful that there is a problem solved through the wisdom of God today. An
    electric switch was not working anymore. My dear neighbor had a new switch in his cellar and hi built the new one in and it works and looks more beautiful then before. This was a nice demonstration of orderlyness. Thank you God and dear neighbor!
    Yes and I am praying to see another neighbor as a loving one though she troubles ne sometimes seemingly and I am happy to be able as God’s reflection to see her in Love. I am grateful to be more and more aware of my inseparability from our loving and guiding Father-Mother God.
    And I am grateful for your last paragraph up here, Evan; and I am totally going conform with it! Thank you for it!!
    How interesting are the comments here – thank you all – with Love! ♡

  14. Thanks Evan, we are God’s Presence (Expression), creation cannot be complete without each of us
    When I discern God speaks in my mind “Peace, be still, KNOW that I am God”, Harmony Reigns right where error was, the experiences I had causes me to understand I can never be separated from God’s Presence, and this reveals my heaven on earth.

  15. Evan—I appreciate all your writing but this particular Spirit View really touches me and is especially inspiring. I appreciate every word of it! Your reference to God-given ears and God-given eyes is just what I needed to hear. This article makes our daily purpose so clear! Thank you!

  16. I love this and all the comments!
    Lindajane, can you tell us where to find the interview with Geoffrey Barrett in the Journal? Thanks!

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