You’re healthy because God made you healthy

July 2, 2021 | 18 comments


If you’re healthy, it’s because God made you healthy!

Strength, fitness, mobility, coordination, freedom of movement, and their kin, all originate in Mind, the source and creator of Life’s faculties and abilities.

When you feel strong and healthy, be sure to give God the credit for your health, for God is the source of all good health.

Mortal mind mistakenly gives matter the credit for health. It might attribute a burst of energy or period of strength to diet, a drug, or a therapy. Any effect from these temporal aids is temporal. It comes and goes. It’s not true health. It’s a temporal sense of health.

If one believes their health comes from something material, they are open to believing they could lose that health when material conditions change. That’s not a secure way to live.

The wiser way is to be clear on where health comes from in the first place. Direct from Spirit!

Real health is spiritual. It comes from God, and it sticks.

People often give time and the body credit for health. If they fall ill, and think, “I just need to wait a few days, and I’ll feel better,” and after a few days, they feel better, they feel their faith in time and the body was justified. However, any good health they gain did not come from the passing of time or anything the body did. It came from thought moving back into line with the fundamental fact of being that God made us healthy and keeps us healthy. The laws of Spirit’s nature are at work and have a positive benefit, even when we don’t understand those laws.

To stay healthy, it helps to be clear about where real health comes from and what the power is that sustains it.

God is the source of all real, long-lasting, and enduring health.

Give credit where credit is due, and you’ll find the demonstration of true health much easier to make.

“Many years ago the author made a spiritual discovery, the scientific evidence of which has accumulated to prove that the divine Mind produces in man health, harmony, and immortality” Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health, p. 380.


18 thoughts on “You’re healthy because God made you healthy”

    1. Angie, thanks dearly for your loving digging out so inspiring suitable articles for is all every day!♡

  1. So, so true Evan…and so, so helpful. You explain things so clearly and expound the truth of our being so profoundly. Thank you ❣️
    ‘ Truth; God makes us continually new”. 11 Cor ;4

    1. That’s exactly what came to mind for me, too: health=wholeness=holi-ness, a continuous spiritual state of oneness as reflection expressing the I AM that is THAT I AM. “There is no life, truth, intelligence, no r substance in matter.”

    2. Thank you Josef. I did read somewhere that the words Health, Wellness, Wholeness, Wholesomeness and Holiness all come from the same root and so they are pointing to the same truth — our unchanging holy nature in God. That’s a joy to ponder!

      Thank you also to dear Angie for your kindness and love to share these articles with us, they are gems of love. Blessed weekend to all.

  2. Thank you Evan for reminding us whose we are and what we “owe” to our Father/Mother God. This recognition and and our grateful response keeps us safe in the straight and narrow way to our true identity.

  3. Yes! Let’s give all the credit and glory to God as the source of every expression of good — good health, good finances, good opportunities, good thoughts, good experiences, good relationships, good spirit views. God is the only cause of all these things.

    Evan you said that when people have only a material view of health, even when they think they felt better because of the passing of time or something the body did, the real reason they felt better is that their thought came back into line with the truth that God is the cause and maintainer of good health. Fascinating, I would have thought they felt a better sense of health, though temporary and unreliable, because of their belief in laws of matter, and that belief manifesting. If they don’t understand or know anything about health from a spiritual perspective, how does this work? Isn’t an awakening or change of thought necessary? Thanks so much.

    1. Thank you Rose for your comments – appreciate them all! I’m with you on the questions you are asking and am not understanding how that works…

  4. I have long relied on God for health, but I have also long relied on exercise for fitness and strength. I am very grateful for being nudged toward a more spiritual concept of my wholeness.

  5. “ Health, Wellness, Wholeness, Wholesomeness and Holiness” also correlate to the idea of integrity— of perfection, honest, oneness, allness, integrated wholeness or completeness. Not just good enough and enough, but also “Just right” and rightly just/merciful justice. The revealing of perfection that is healing.

  6. Thank you very much for this uplifting and healing SpiritView, dear Evan!
    It is so good and I feel safe in that absolute Truth!
    I like Josef’s short however profound truth thought!
    I am very grateful to my Father-Mother God for health, one of God’s most precious gifts to His children. In relation to fitness I remember that Mrs. Eddy wrote that Christ Jesus never proposed fitness training, He rather healed through divine Mind alone. I can always only say how grateful I am for Christian Science and that God lead me to it!♡

  7. Thank you, Evan, for a very inspiring piece for today, greatly appreciated. Thanks to Angie too, for that great article.

  8. What a great point! We do sometimes just accept that we are healthy, but without giving thanks to our Creator for that realisation. I’ve already read this through twice and it’s perfect for me as I rarely feel particularly “healthy”. I’m also reminded that Jesus thanked God FIRST so we should do the same every day ..say the thanks even before we see it humanly.
    I read your Spiritview blog every single day and so appreciate your constancy and ideas Evan

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