Conquer selfishness for successful practice of Christian Science

April 21, 2020 | 36 comments

For those who wish to be successful in their practice of Christian Science, Mary Baker wrote this sobering statement, “Selfishness does not appear in the practice of Truth or Christian Science”
(Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 410).

Selfishness is focus on the mortal self. It’s interest is “all about me.” It’s desires are immersed in questions like, “What about me? What can I get out of this? What is the other person going to do for me? How can I get more for me? How can I get what I want?” and so on. It’s the belief of a mind apart from God that is seeking happiness and success through material ways and means.

The practice of Christian Science is exactly the opposite of the practice of selfishness.

In Christian Science, a thinker gets immersed in seeking answers to questions such as, “What about God? What can I learn about God? What does God have to say about this? What is God’s will here? Where is God taking me? What does God want me to do? What is true with God?”

Immersion in self is absence from God. Immersion in Truth is absence from self. To practice Christian Science successfully, thought centers on Truth not on self.

Seek Truth over the indulgence of self and find better success with your practice of Christian Science!

36 thoughts on “Conquer selfishness for successful practice of Christian Science”

  1. Thank you Evan. This is just what I needed today as I was getting worried about my sons who still have to go to work daily. It has made me think “what does God want me to think about this situation” Of course the situation is wholly harmonious, protected and useful in Truth.
    Love Spirit View for its inspiration and everyone’s comments. ❣️

  2. 2 friends and I have been discussing this idea over the last 2 days. And unsefishness isn’t something I’d have thought of in relation to CS, until now, however, on thinking about it….how unselfish are those who do the work of “running” the branch churches, the services, the huge commitment of the Readers and practitioners to the public?! Christian Science teachers, lecturers and those running the Mother Church are totally devoted to this work and I know that many of these are not paid “normal wages”, or have given up more financially rewarding employment to work for church or are not paid much compared to the hours put in. THIS IS unselfishness on a grand scale! And as you say, we then have to take it further and give up the sense of personal self in order to do that work and heal and learn about God. Thank you Evan for bringing up a concept I’m sure many haven’t thought of in connection with church and life. Also this post is very timely re the conversations my friends are having now.

  3. Oh I meant to say, I know also that no one resents working for church when they have a demanding role to play…the reward is far more greater than money because we are here to learn after all ! Having said that, I believe that Readers and practitioners should be paid a reasonable amount these days as we are no longer in the 19th century when married women, for instance, did not go to work. It is expensive to have a good standard of living these days, so when some people say that readers should not be paid or that practitioners charge too much, that is a whole other level of selfishness on that person’s part.
    When you can call a practitioner at virtually ANY time and be helped immediately, this is beyond wonderful!

  4. Amen to what Diane W wrote, giving back abundantly for treatment, what the receiver feels the results of the service provided, cannot impoverish the giver; in fact considering the results enhances the healing. Blessings are infinite including us all. Freely give, as ye have freely received.

        1. Thank you very much Karen!
          As it is evening here I can read that article now in a quiet moment.
          Thank you very much Evan for this very inspiring SpiritView today. The 4th paragraph touches me a lot, and it is my Intention to pray for it and do so. Am really thankful for your loving and healing SpiritView!

  5. What a sweet photo depicting unselfishness! I love the photos chosen to go
    along with the inspiring messages. They add so much to the theme of the day.
    Also the additional thoughts that are shared through comments, are so helpful in
    elaborating on the topic. Thank you all who share and to those who ponder these
    selfless gems.

  6. We’re not a mortal working to overcome sin (selfishness). We truly are never separated from God. In this Oneness there is no selfishness. The recommended Seeley article brings out this Truth.

  7. Sam Cooke:

    And I am just a country boy, money have I none.
    Oh, but I’ve got silver in the stars
    And gold in the morning sun,,,,,

    All around us are wonderful ways to give and love doing it. Joy to see gladness in those you seek to bless. Give them confidence. Give them thanks. Complement them for the good they do.

    Selfishness is the extreme opposite of sharing unselfishly. Everyone really wants and needs to be generous with what he has to give. S & H pg 518: (and) through 19, ” And blessed is that man who seeth his brother’s need and supplieth it, seeking his own in another’s good.”
    “Giving giveth the giver!”

    The whole paragraph on 518 is a gift to us, when we “go and do likewise” as it lifts our hearts to gladness.

    I’m at a point in my life where great changes are taking place. As a result I have given all of yesterday’s belongings away to anyone who needed them and wants them. Last week 4 pickup truck loads went out to friends and neighbors. I have sold my estate for enough to pay off all creditors and to purchase a house trailer. A place with all we need. A sanctuary for living and studying. And a whole new life is going on..

    I’m very grateful for the untiring support of a practitioner who continues tirelessly to support my spiritual growth. This wonderful help radiates out to whomever I seek to bless.

    A door is opening to a light seen only occasionally, I know it’s ever present Love always with each of us. A glimpse of eternity, a beckoning, a drawing to a much improved self hood..

    Everyone needs a pat on the back. A smile, a handshake, (when appropriate!). Encouragement and so many other readily available spiritual things.

    SpiritView is a tremendous unselfish giving. Much thought and inspiration, planning and reflecting on the each situation requiring healing work is going on here. And all the distribution of Christian literature throughout the world.. I’m told S & H is the second most held and read book in the world, second to the Holy Bible. And that Christian Science is the world’s leader in distribution of Christian literature. However reminded that we’re to be qualitative, not quantitative.

    Thank you for the photo of the little ones embracing the rabbit. My Grand Daughter’s raise them and all their friends have at least one! How wonderful is that?

    1. Thank you, David Brandon, for giving me and my husband a chuckle. We
      dreamed for years of selling/giving away everything and living in a trailer,
      one in the north and one in the south. Condo living has changed our perspective,
      but we are happy that you are living that dream for us.
      “I’m very grateful for the untiring support of a practitioner who continues tirelessly to support my spiritual growth. This wonderful help radiates out to whomever I seek to bless.”
      I, too, am grateful.

  8. Thanks, Evan. Great reminder, as usual. We do, indeed need to get “self” out of the way. Mrs. Eddy, in one of the biographies, talked about the benefits to her of “getting Mary out of the way.” And she tells us: “the human self must be evangelized” (254:19). Further, the chapter title Prayer in SH starts off by telling us that healing prayer, in part, is an “unselfed love.” And lastly, she tells us: “The nature of the individual, more stub-
    born than the circumstance, will always be found arguing for itself, – its habits, tastes, and indulgences” (Mis 119:11 ).

    Obviously, this ol’ “personal sense” needs to be disposed of because it blocks our true Christly reflection.

  9. Giving unselfishly of your time. Talents, church work etc. is a natural outcome of gratitude to God for the good one has received. When truly grateful, the heart overflows. I read at my church and feel I am receiving just as much as the giving! The spiritual uplift is so fulfilling! So is praying for others and the world! It blesses oneself as well – everyone lifts up!

  10. Thank you everyone for your gems, and to David Brandon – what a courageous act – sure to bring you and everyone blessings.

    I’ve just discovered a lovely article which relates to this weeks Lesson in First Section from Ecclesiastese and fits in with this topic.

    Learning to Give
    From the December 19, 1931 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

  11. Beautiful topic. I’m so grateful for the timeliness of it. Self-importance has been on my mind for several months (I’m pretty sure it’s God giving me a push and saying “okay time to be honest and work on this.”) and especially right now. For me it feels like a constant battle to let go of a personal sense of myself. What’s interesting to me, is that it can feel like the hardest thing to do, ever (error digging in to not be kicked out), but when I do it, I feel so wonderful, light, and free, like a child of God, my true nature perhaps. 🙂

    Another thing I’d like to point out is for me, sometimes I am too hard on myself expecting that I should be at the place of complete understanding/demonstrating. Yes, in an absolute sense my true nature is already there. But I have to demonstrate that in my daily life, not just say it now and then to excuse myself from working on it. So I guess what I’m saying is I find it to be an intricate balance between challenging myself to go further in understanding and demonstrating, but also being gentle and forgiving to self and others. I notice the harder and more rigid I am to myself, the harder and more rigid I am with others in my thought, not helpful. I love the great reminder that is in the lesson this week Science and Health p. 485:14-19 “Emerge gently from matter into Spirit. Think not to thwart the spiritual ultimate of all things, but come naturally into Spirit through better health and morals and as the result of spiritual growth. Not death but the understanding of life makes man immortal.” I don’t want to be like a hard nosed Pharisee, repeating words and laws, but in no way living and learning them. I want to be graceful and loving like Christ Jesus.

  12. I love to give! Jesus said, “ freely ye have received, freely give”. At this point today I’m finishing up 450 face masks for those in need. I do not charge for them, although I don’t turn down donations as it supports fabric, elastic and mailing across the US. These masks aren’t for the wearer, they’re for the person that comes in close contact. They send out an unspoken message that says, you don’t have to be fearful and I won’t cough or sneeze on you. It’s so basic in saying, I really love and care enough for you that I will protect you and your fearful thought. So, dear CS friends please wear one just to say, I care enough to help you not be afraid and I love you, whoever you are.

  13. It is necessary to daily know yourself as one ofGod’s Children
    In order that you can see yourself and others in this light. Didn’t Jesus
    Say to-love others as you love yourself. This is wisdom not selfishness..
    To know your true self takes time to understand your relationship to God. Then you are more useful to yourself and others. My teacher in
    Christian Science was insistent on treating ourselves daily ….understanding our relationship to God and seeing mortality as a
    Mis identification.. Not always easy but necessary.
    Thanks all for input on this blog. Very interesting.

  14. About 43 years ago, I was diagnosed with “an inoperable, incurable condition and given 3 months to live.” Women were lining up to marry my husband, waiting for me to die. Not
    having any reason to doubt the x-rays, my husband asked me to help him find a mother for
    our then young children. These women appeared desperate to me and, therefore, unsuitable
    to raise my beloved son and daughter. I prayed for each of the 5 most persistent ones – marrying them off, giving one a child – all gifts from God. When the moment came that I was told would be the way I would die, I said to God, “Holy Father, if you want me, I surrender my life to you. But I have not yet had time to find the best mother to raise my children. You choose.” I felt an instantaneous healing. God had chosen me!!! New x-rays showed nothing aberrant – my doctor said, “The diagnosis must have been a mistake.” Years later, while sharing my story with my C,S. teacher in Primary Class, she said to me,
    “If you had begged for your life, Lisa, you’d be gone. But because you prayed unselfishly for your children, God saved you.” This lesson in unselfishness has guided my life. I share it in hopes that it will guide yours, too.

    1. Thank you for sharing this experience. I rejoice with you in the gratitude this healing has established in you since that time. What a perspective in life this must have given you! I am sure it continues to bless you and your family!

  15. Thank you for the reminder that we must act with self-less-ness–that love and kindness must lead the way in our lives. I think often of the place in Matt 25:31-41 where Jesus taught a lesson to his disciples about helping others and pointed out when they act with kindness and selflessness in their dealings with others then it is as if they are putting into action this loving kindness as they would give to him [Jesus]. I think of this as following in the foot steps of Christ Jesus. It has motivated me to give more attention to the needs of others even when my first instinct might not have been one of action. It is feeling and knowing that the love of Christ is the mover and motivator and to let go of self! Then I turn to God & follow His direction Often it is a quite interesting adventure that I may not have had if I did not listen!!
    Here are the links to the two articles mentioned in the comments earlier: copy and add to your browser.
    Our Father’s Demand—Unself Mortality
    Learning to Give
    Click here to view:’

  16. Where is God taking me? A very thought provoking question, Evan. The comments today have been outstanding and the article food for thought. A sincere thank you to all for your generous sharing!

  17. Wonderful inspiring blog with adorable photo. Thank you Evan. Thank you all who commented, especially Lisa from Vancouver, Tyke, and David Brandon.

  18. Thank you Evan and all contributors, i look forward to SV each morning. A special thanks thanks to David, I hadn’t heard that poem before and your courage to take all the steps/changes that will only bless. And to Trista who wanted the best mother/wife for her family and God heard her and provided just the right one, her!

  19. Evan,
    This Spiritview was eye-opening (pun intended). 🙂 It made me think how Jesus did not bear witness of himself but of the Truth. So, perhaps bearing witness to what the material eyes tell me is bearing witness to what “I” see instead of Truth or spiritual discernment. Thank you for this Spiritview. Very thought provoking! 🙂

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