Know that God’s promise for your life is fulfilled

May 18, 2020 | 25 comments

A man told me that he was feeling very fearful about dying prematurely. “I’m too young to die,” he said. For no apparent reason to him, he had become afraid that his life would end earlier than it should.

With all the Covid-19 fears circulating in public thought these days, I saw his fears as a possible sign that he was unconsciously picking up on the belief that death could happen without warning.

We talked about the importance of defending his thought from outside mental influence!

There is only the one Mind governing your life, I reminded him. God has Big Plans for you, I said, and God gives you everything you need to fulfill those plans.

He started to feel better.

In my prayers, I prayed to see that no public fear, virus, unknown threat, omen, or disease could rob him of fulfilling God’s plan for him. He was not living on his own, but because God gave him life, including strength, health, safety, and protection to fulfill whatever work God had appointed him to do. His lifework would not be cut short. It would be fully supported to fruition, I knew. God’s promises are fulfilled, the Bible reminds us.

His fear lifted and he found his joy again.

25 thoughts on “Know that God’s promise for your life is fulfilled”

  1. Thank u Evan for your experience with the fear we all may have been through at some time in our life about our mortality. As I wrote this I realized I should have stated that differently, our immortality.

  2. Thank you Evan, just what I needed today.
    I read again this “classic” always so inspired and timeless : God’s law of adjustment by Adam Dickey ” All the power, action, intelligence, life, and government in the universe belong to God and have always belonged to Him. He is the Supreme Ruler, and does not share His power with another.”

    This is the day the Lord hath made,
    Be glad, give thanks, rejoice
    Stand in His presence, unafraid
    In praise lift up your voice.

    Hymn 342, my program for today !

    1. Yes! This version of God’s Law of Adjustment is read by Sandy Sandberg, Karl Sandberg in the CS Journal. His reading is so comforting. I have this one on my homepage on my cell phone – A Favorite!
      I love the idea of Mary, who sat listening to Jesus. Rather than the sister Martha who was so busy and burdened. Actually every Mary in the Bible is a pure example of how to live.

      Just yesterday, I was mentioning to a couple of friends that I missed hearing from my brother, who lives in Rhode Island. Our last conversation about 2 weeks ago, he cut me off short. He called me this morning telling me of a neighborly dispute that got out of hand. (Now Preston is the one that took up the study of CS. first, while in Cambodia/ Viet Nam war). So, he was very receptive to my sharing of getting still and quiet and listening. He thanked me with tears.
      –Sorry I don’t have a link, but Martin Luther King also has an article, Blueprint for Life.
      Thank you Evan, for your ministry.
      The support from this beautiful blog is why it has become my “go-to” that I cherish. Smiles and Hugs!

    2. Adam Dickey’s other article, Possession is also a keeper! They were both in the same pamphlet- back when there were CS pamphlets.
      “ All sickness is due to a wrong belief of things, and the only remedy is to get the right idea. Because there is a right idea of heart and a right idea of stomach, we can understand what our Leader means when she says, “Divine Science . . . excludes matter, resolves things into thoughts, and replaces the objects of material sense with spiritual ideas” (Science and Health, p. 123). If there were no spiritual ideas with which to replace objects of material sense, our diseased beliefs could never be corrected and our bodies could not be scientifically healed. God is not separate from His ideas; the right idea of anything carries with it the power and activity of infinite Mind, and when brought to bear upon the false belief, it produces a harmonious result.

      If it is true that a wrong belief concerning body manifests itself as a disordered material condition, then the right idea which corrects the false belief must produce an improved physical manifestation. We can never heal by attempting to exercise the power of Truth on a sick body. It is the exercise of the power of Truth on a belief of sickness that produces the healing results”.

  3. What a beautiful message..God has big plans for you and God gives you All you need to fulfill those plans! Thank you Evan. I will hold this constantly in thought for a son who returns to work today after several weeks house bound.
    Today is big with blessings for everyone!

  4. This is a great message! I know of a few people lately who have suddenly been feeling overwhelmed by sadness and fear for no reason at all, unconsciously picking up on world thoughts, as made clear in your message. Thank you so much for the way you are being led to deal with these false claims in your excellent blogs, which then also help us to be alert with what needs to be weeded out and handled.

  5. Just to let you know I posted a comment but it has not shown up. But thank you very much for this inspiration anyway!

  6. Our life’s work can never be cut short as our life is infinite and eternal. I love to think of the seagull flying over the horizon…we no longer see it but it goes on discovering and living life in a different place unseen by us. I had to think and pray long long long and hard after my brother, who worked tirelessly for the CS church, passed on suddenly. Eventually and gradually I came to know that his life’s work is still being done and that his work was not cut short just wasn’t being done in the place and way we expected. One of his favourite things to say was “When things don’t turn out the way you hoped , it’s GREAT! That means God has something better in store just around the corner!”
    SO we must always go for life unafraid and knowing God has our back …and OUR plans are not always what happen, but we can choose between falling in a heap when it all seems to go horribly wrong or you are afraid like Evan’s caller..or you can simply say “What do I have to learn from this event, feeling, comment, mistake?” and go on knowing you have an unending LIFETIME to achieve what we need to..a life time that includes no time, no limitation, no backward steps. God does not stop guiding us ever, we canNOT lose Oneness or our true being and identity. It’s time this word “death” was eliminated form the English language! There is no beginning and no ending, but there IS progress, continuation, transition, learning , action, change, expansion…but not death…No.

    1. Really wonderful Diane. Thank you for sharing. Daily I recognize the need to continue my quest in understanding all that you shared. Reading it is a helpful reminder and I am grateful to you.
      Happy day❣️

    2. Thanks, Evan, for your message, and, Diane, for your followup. Both so helpful to me today and I know to many others.

    3. Loved your blog, Evan, and Diane’s response. Thank you both so much! It’s wonderful how the CS -inspired truth of “passing on” rather than “died”, has caught on mainstream. When very close dear ones have passed on, it’s always been the GREAT GRATITUDE of what I learned from them, that has healed the grief. These dear ones are always with me, and the joy and love of their unique, divine expression, continue to brighten my days.

  7. Thank you for this reminder of Loves ever presence and guidance. And thank you commenters for you uplifting thoughts.

  8. Thank you for all the reminders. I always feel a little ‘sick’ when I leave a store and I know it is the heaviness of thought. Adam Dickey was one of the first CS I read over 30 years ago and each time I read his article I glean even more understanding and wisdom.

  9. Thank you Evan for the powerful reminders to defend our thoughts daily against the current “fears circulating in public thought..”. Love’s armor is so needed now! And Martine, so grateful for your post of “God’s Law of Adjustment” by Adam Dickey. Finding this pamphlet many years ago was my introduction to Christian Science, and reading it now has brought gentle corrections to my thought to a seemingly discordant situation in my experience. I feel so blessed to have recently discovered this Spirit View website through a dear practitioner, Evan, your daily treatments,- and SV family, your loving replies, have brought such inspiration to my mornings! Thank you all!

  10. This is absolutely beautiful and true for EVERYONE!. Nothing can rob anyone, at any time, of fulfilling God’s plan for each individual. I love this! Thank you so much for sharing this, Evan!

  11. Cathryn, I’ve seen the grace and strength you express about the passing of your son. After your childhood healing, you have been a student of Christian Science. Living faith.

    Mary B. Eddy writes in Science and Health, p.96: On one side there will be discord and dismay; on the other side there will be Science and peace.

    My parents lost a child to a drowning. This was a church picnic. My parents turned to alcohol but it never rid the beliefs of guilt, shame, blame, the fear and false sense of responsibility of raising children. Later, the alcohol and brutality of my stepfather just turned me more to running away. Ms Anna was my saving grace and I escaped on my horse daily.

    This is all the mortal dream. Divine Love was present always. Much later, before my mother’s passing, we shared a beautiful restorative relationship.

    The Christ is here, all dreams of error breaking. MBE

    1. Yes, Jo. Hymn number 412, one of my favorites, is so comforting, healing and freeing. “The Christ is here, all dreams of error breaking…” Helping us to see the Christ,Truth is here, to wake us up from the dream of life in matter. It’s no different than the sleeping dream…it never had any reality. So happy to hear your relationship with your mom was restored.(=
      So grateful for this blog and all the comments.

  12. Thank you, Evan! I have some moving plans that seem to be thwarted by the virus. It’s good to remember nothing will stop God’s plans… and not at any apparent age.

  13. Thank you Evan, a very timely message. Grateful to all the commenters.

    I too have been experiencing periods of heavy, dark fear and sadness that seem more than just “my own” feelings. Of course even my so-called own are not real because there is only One Mind and it is all good. But to unknowingly take on a collective dark world thought can seem overwhelming.

    Thank you for good reminders to keep our joy and peace intact by affirming we are securely held in God’s embrace. That is all the protection we need!

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