Pain in wrist healed

November 14, 2022 | 39 comments


A stabbing pain had developed in my wrist that was very noticeable when I played tennis recently. It didn’t stop me from using my wrist, but it continued to worsen over the period of a few days. I had a big tournament coming up, and knew it needed to disappear if I was going to play well in competition.

While playing tennis one evening, and tolerating the pain, but increasingly getting worried about it, I finally took some time out after practice to get my thought clear about my reality with God.

The human mind was telling me to take a break from playing tennis until my wrist got better. But my spiritual sense was telling me to see through the lie of pain to my reality as an uninjured spiritual idea of God. If I needed to take a break I would, but I wasn’t convinced that was necessary.

As I got quiet with God, I thought about my spiritual reality. In Truth, I was a spiritual being, now and always. A spiritual being does not get hurt or injured. A spiritual being feels good all the time, and that was my truth as a child of God.

When wondering if I should quit playing tennis for a while, I reminded myself that my spiritual truth was not going to be any truer tomorrow than it was today. I didn’t have to wait to become spiritual. I was already spiritual. The passing of time did not make me more spiritual. I was as spiritual and safe now as I would ever be. I already had everything I needed, as a spiritual creation of God, to feel fine, to perform perfectly, and to live without pain and suffering, I was sure. Why wait? It wasn’t necessary, I could see.

As I continued to pray, I lost track of the problem altogether, went home, and continued with my life as planned.

A week or so later, after finishing a vigorous practice of tennis, I realized that my wrist was in perfect health. I had not experienced any pain since that prayer session I had several days before. Evidently, during that prayer, I had an instantaneous healing of the wrist problem. I had afterward played tennis several times without any remembrance of having pain in the first place. The healing was quick and decisive.

Christian Science is awesome. It gets to the truth of who we are and eliminates what we are not.

39 thoughts on “Pain in wrist healed”

  1. I love ‘instantaneous’ realizations of who we are as spiritual beings. Thank you EM for this reminder and your proof of reality.

  2. What a simple and elegant Truth! Thank you Evan for this and so many other gems. Such a wonderful way to start every day.

  3. I love the truths you applied to this situation and have copied them down. As Cliff says, they can be used in any situation. Thank you Evan. Your messages each day are always so helpful and clear.

  4. Dear Evan you don’t know how helpful the treatment you shared is to me. My beloved Aunt Annie has been in the hospital almost 3 weeks with an infection in her spine and 2 bouts of pneumonia! She is not a Christian Scientist. I have been having a struggle how to prayer for her and even if it’s ok for me to pray for her. There are so many medical diagnoses/problems. My CS teacher used to say “you couldn’t have a problem if you didn’t have a person!” In addition to the health issues, she won’t be able to return home. Finding a nursing home near her family is another challenge. I adapted your wonderful treatment:

    As I get quiet with God, I am knowing Annie’s spiritual reality. In Truth, Annie is a spiritual being, now and always. A spiritual being does not get hurt or injured or diseased or old or infected (there is “no earthborn taint or fear”). As a spiritual being Annie feels good and has good all the time, and that is her truth as a child of God.

    The spiritual truth about Annie is not going to be any truer tomorrow than it is today. Annie doesn’t have to wait to become spiritual. She is already spiritual and perfect – free from whatever would weaken or impair her. The passing of time does not make her more spiritual or well. She is as spiritual and safe now as she will ever be. She already has everything needed, as a spiritual creation of God, to feel fine, to move perfectly, and to live without pain and suffering, to have home/her right place. I know it and I know I know it. If it isn’t going with God, it isn’t going with Annie His perfect reflection/image and likeness. Thank you, thank you Father/Mother God this is true NOW and always!

    1. Wow! Sharon, this is wonderful, your aunt Annie could not be in better care than held in your inspired thoughts. I am certain you will soon find the situation unfolding in harmonious and hitherto unseen ways
      Thank you so much for sharing ♡

      Thank you Evan for your wonderful testimony, just the ticket!

  5. I am so appreciative of your sharing of this healing. Your treatment has many helpful thoughts. Thank you.

  6. The statement that we don’t have to wait to become more spiritual as we are already spiritual has hit home in my thinking. Thank you for sharing this wonderful and complete healing treatment!

  7. Thanks Evan. When working on a problem for myself I find it easy to declare the truth immediately, to stand porter. The seemingly difficult part for me is where we hold to truth until we feel at peace – the “getting quiet with God” part that you mentioned. So, yes, we declare the truth immediately but stay with it until we feel at peace with God. I’m so grateful for your reminder.
    Thanks to all for your comments.

    1. Agree with you CRL on that being the challenging part. I like this comment: “There is one distinctive feature of a dream, — the fact that everything which seems to take place in it vanishes with the dream. Similarly, we can know that we are wide-awake only when the error that we have sought to overcome through spiritual understanding becomes unreal to us.”
      “Awakening from the dream”:

  8. Thank you Evan. This is a beautiful healing. Thank you for explaining the process. It is clear that when we hold unto the Truth, we find that we are always victorious, whatever the claim seams to present.

  9. It would be so helpful to hear how others think about and define what it means to be a “spiritual being”. Sometimes those words seem elusive and a clear understanding of that is clearly critical. When I hear the term spiritual being, I define it for myself as the CONSCIOUSNESS of all of God’s/Mind’s thoughts, ideas, and qualities. That awareness is what it means to be a spiritual being and this awareness and consciousness is what I am. Is that on the right track? Thank you all for helping to solidify understanding.
    I am so grateful for this blog, and haven so greatly appreciated all the comments and articles shared, although I have never posted before.

    1. Dear Ellen, I am happy that you were moved to leave a comment for the first time and for your expressions of gratitude.

      I agree that the term ‘spiritual being’ can seem unclear and hard to grasp materially. I think your definition is good. Sometimes it helps to approach it from the reverse. We know what a material being is — the (false) belief that there is a someone who is separate from God, with a separate mind, subject to all sorts of material and situational discords, ups and downs, good and evil, falling in and out of harmony, with no immunity to error’s dark offerings. We as spiritual beings are the diametric OPPOSITE of all of that which describes a material, mortal mind being. More to ponder. Lots of blessings to you!

  10. Thanks a lot Evan sir for sharing beautiful healing and inspiring to be quiet with God and knowing the spiritual truth of being.

  11. Thank you for sharing your beautiful healing, which is very inspiring! I especially love this: “…my spiritual truth was not going to be any truer tomorrow than it was today. I didn’t have to wait to become spiritual.” Truth, revealed, and Truth sustained!

  12. What a joy to realize we don’t have to experience time before our true health is expressed. Mary Baker Eddy said, “ Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.” That includes our need to express health , health now, not tomorrow or in 5-10 days. God created mankind to express all right ideas as his expression, now.

  13. No “Yeah, But…s”!

    Each healing is instantaneous because the truth makes the lie impossible. And the delay accepting the healing truth, trusting and thanking it, living it… is not necessary or worth it. The truth is true now and always.

    1. I’ve used that term “yeah, but” when things aren’t going as I think they should until a dear Christian Science friend reminded me that all false beliefs started with “but”, the very first word in Genesis 2.

  14. dear Ellen, you are on the right track. Having in mind and expressing all God’s good qualities makes you a being of Spirit, which we naturally are already, as God created man to His image and likeness and declared it “very good”.

    I stand always in awe before such a wonderful and perfect testimony. Thank you very much indeed for declaring us the truth thoughts which resulted in your quick and full healing, Evan.
    While I read this weeks Bible Lesson I noticed specially that the fifth section is almost just what you prayed and thought about the situation.
    And I also was very impressed by the wonderful thought that you need not to wait until the issue becomes better some time, rather that you are a spiritual being ” now” and always, and that your spiritual truth doesn’t get truer tomorrow than it was today . That is very helpful to me that you knew convincingly that you had no injury as God’s perfect child and which has always a spiritual unharmed and healthy being.
    Thank you deeply dear Evan!!
    And thank you all for your inspired comments . I agree with you all. ♡

  15. Thank you, Evan, for sharing with us the specifics of how you prayed and saw
    yourself as spiritual perfection. So helpful.
    I had broken my wrist, years ago, while at work. The visual seemed alarming,
    but I, too, kept seeing myself as spiritual rather than an injured mortal.
    My husband, who was with me at the time, insisted I have it checked and
    set and the ER said being I wasn’t feeling pain, there was probably nerve
    damage or that I would feel pain. I kept denying both of these predictions
    and seeing myself also, in a spiritual light. The following week, my
    customer was surprised to see my wrist in a cast and although she was right
    there when it seemed to have happened, did not realize the extent, because
    I continued to work after she had gone back in the house. I kept Knowing
    that there are no accidents in God’s Being.
    I am so grateful for the Truth shared here on SpiritView and if our view is of
    Spirit, no matter what things Appear to be, God’s perfection is always there
    in the Now.

  16. Dear Evan, My heartfelt gratitude to you for relating this beautiful healing, and for the many others that you have shared. Your loving way of explaining your prayer and thought process inspires inestimable confidence in the power of Christian Science to heal instantaneously. Love that your healing was so complete that you didn’t even remember the problem!

  17. Thank you Evan. I have taken up golf in later years and have now been playing on the bigger course for close to 20 years. Along the way I have dealt with the aches & pains that tend to restrict movement and now that the golf carts have to stay on the cart path, I have returned to walking the course. Over the years it was more will power than C.S. until this last year when I have accepted that I am a spiritual idea of God and I don’t have to accept being in pain. I am identifying myself with Caleb now. The walking is going better now that I know I walk with Love along the way. I have had those same thoughts that maybe I should just slow down and take things easier. I accept that when we are doing good that we don’t have to suffer. Also, now that I have accepted that we don’t start with the problem and try to change matter but start with an omnipotent omnipresent God I have been having better results. Thank you Evan for SpiritView and all that contribute.

  18. What a lovely example of not doubting Gods power! Thank you so much Evan for sharing this wonderful healing with us. Plus, the encouraging message it sends out to everyone. I particularly love the message that we do not have to wait for the harmony and perfection that is ours NOW❣️
    NB my first ( tongue in cheek ) reaction was…Well prayed Evan, as opposed to Well played. Apologies…

  19. Thanks for sharing this healing with us Evan. The way you explained your thought process and even forgetting it even happened was SO clear. We are God’s child N-O-W and there is no waiting to know this truth! Thanks to everyone for your special thoughts shared here.

  20. Thank you Evan for this detailed account of how specifically you prayed! It is very helpful.
    And thank you Sharon for sharing how you prayed for your dear Annie.
    I so appreciate this blog and everyone who contributes!

    1. Thank you for the loving support Syl – but it was how I prayed thanks to Evan putting me on the right path 🙂 Evan’s blogs are always so timely and helpful!!

  21. These comments are so helpful ! I might add that so many times when I am praying about a problem, and things “get a little better” or improve, I leave it at that….instead of understanding that I was never less than spiritual, perfect, complete, And in Science “there is no lapse from nor return to harmony”.
    Stick with the Truth until the complete lie is eliminated. Don’t settle for less or just improvement in matter. Thank you , dear Spirit View friends for sharing your insights.

  22. YES, Christian Science is all that!!! This message gives me courage to demonstrate what is needed in my own life. Thank you.

  23. Sometimes I find it convenient to look at it this way – I can fall into the temptation to feel that there is more than one God!

    That is, if I were able to be separate and unlike God as a material being, just a little bit, that would mean that God is not all. Perhaps that would mean that God is 99% all, and I am only 1% all. Heh, the ability to be separate from God, breaks the concept – the law – of one omnipresent God and his creation.

    Ridiculous of course. Sometimes it sets me straight hearing a fictitious comment from the one-and-only God, asking me “oh, so really, you think you got the chops to oppose me?”

    And then we both chuckle. 🙂

  24. Sharon – this reminds me of how I try to deal with random people around me that are seemingly having physical or mental issues when I come across them.

    While they have not specifically asked me for any treatment (I am not a practitioner), I will quickly try to realize the truth about them, but not linger on it too long since I respect their privacy.

    If I’m on my toes, I’ll follow up and give *myself* a quick treatment – that is, where is this seeming distress to another appearing? On a material earth? No, in my consciousness, seemingly through my eyes and ears.

    It helps, but honestly sometimes I forget to do that followup.

  25. J – late reply but thank you so much for that Journal link “Awakening From The Dream”. I have never read it before, and the further discussion about mind-altering drugs in it leading one to going back to square one with no progression was enlightening.

    (Growing up in the 70’s that was a big temptation.)

    Children’s rhyme story:
    As a teen new to Christian Science, my CS parents nearly had a physical altercation, and I was so distressed by that after it had calmed down that I did something dangerous. I mean the house was dividing itself right in front of me!

    I went outside and gave God a 30-second ultimatum to tell me just what happened and why or else I was going to “walk” away from CS together. And I meant it. My rage was over the top, where the symptoms of rage were such that I appeared calm. But it was of such intensity and disrespect, that I figured that if I were “struck-down”, I deserved it.

    I got an answer all right. I expected something deeply scientific.

    Instead, I got back the instruction to say “Row, row, row, your boat”. (in my own voice) That enraged me further, since I didn’t think of myself as a child, and was instructed to say it again. This time the last line was changed from “Life is but a dream”, to “life is *like* a dream”. Ie, life is real, but what I was experiencing is the mechanics of a supposed mortal existence and to calm down.

    I guess ask like an angry child (well as a teen), and get a childlike answer. Maybe it was all I could handle.

    I never gave God an ultimatum again however!

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