Protection from Covid

January 24, 2024 | 20 comments

Do you have any concerns about catching Covid when circulating in public? If so, there’s an understanding of spiritual truth that can help you stay healthy.

From a metaphysical perspective, the spread of Covid is the spread of fear. When fears associated with Covid are conquered in consciousness with an understanding of spiritual reality, the effect from those fears vanishes. Health remains.

In telling us how to protect ourselves from contagious disease, Mary Baker Eddy writes, “At a time of contagious disease, Christian Scientists endeavor to rise in consciousness to the true sense of the omnipotence of Life, Truth, and Love, and this great fact in Christian Science realized will stop a contagion” (Miscellany, p. 116).

Take “the omnipotence of Life, Truth, and Love,” with you to the next public event you attend. Know your spiritual reality ahead of time. Breathe in the atmosphere of divine Love. Let your thinking be exposed only to the safety and protection of infinite Love. Strip any claim of power away from germs and see all power as belonging to Truth. Demonstrate spiritual immunity.

Don’t be a carrier of fear. Be an expresser of Truth and Love. The effect is much better.

20 thoughts on “Protection from Covid”

  1. WOW! What a beautiful and understandable truth you have expressed to us helping us stay on the right track. Many thanks…with appreciation and love❣️

  2. Protection from what? From ‘a great big ballooned up lie’, as a
    Practitioner once said to me. However big, and however many people
    believe it is real and fear it, by having our consciousness forever filled with
    “the omnipotent of Life, Truth and Love”, and particularly before attending
    any public event, protects us completely. Let’s be “an expresser of Truth and
    Love”. as Evan says, and let everyone catch that

  3. This would also apply to all sorts of beliefs: politics, government, family, climate, finance – anything that the suppositional mortal mentality “suggests” or scandals about.
    Thank you Evan … this is so very clear.

  4. Spread contagious calm, compassion, inspiration, freedom, joy— based on truth. That is the job of a street medic, a Peacemaker, a Christian Science nurse, a parent, teacher, wise one, good neighbor, public servant, and friend. Or even of a service animal or therapy horse, dog, pig. Or nature. It is natural and kind.

  5. Thank you all: The truth (reality) is: ‚We are forever perfect spiritual ideas and will never loose this state! God’s creation is finished and it was (is) very good.
    Spirit and matter (germs, etc.) no more commingle than light and darkness (science and health 281:4). Think also about the wheat and tares.
    God is Love and omnipresent; therefore we are always surrounded by Love and there is no room for anything else.

  6. The beautiful graphic this morning is like snow covered trees and fields outside
    the window, with a blanket of freshly fallen flakes – angel thoughts – blanketing
    thought with a protection from any sort of belief (as Fay so rightly mentions) that
    would try to harm us in any way. Thank you, Evan and all for the warm reminder
    of our God-given spiritual immunity and expression of Truth and Love.
    The peaceful feeling is softened by each flake collectively fallen that transforms
    our world into a beautiful snow globe that surrounds us with God’s protection
    and Love.

    1. Thanks a lot “J”. That article is so good and needed, must read it again.
      Thank you Evan, for your comfort and advice in today’s clear SpiritView .
      Mrs. Eddy says, if the fear is banished the patient is healed (so in this sense). But we know, and it’s in this week’s lesson that “Truth makes man free!” Am working to demonstrate spiritual community!♡

      Thank you all for your loving inspirations, they are very helpful!♡

  7. I’m so appreciative of this timely message and of J’s sharing of an excellent article by Nathan Talbot. What a blessing for us all!

  8. Take the Omnipotence of Life , Truth & Love with you wherever you go. Do not be carrier of fear. Thanks Evan for beautiful explanation. Whenever I go outside, I also try to remain with this truth- we live, move & have our being in Spirit which I learnt while following Christian Science & also with Hymn 144- In atmosphere of Love divine, we live, move & breathe. I feel safe.Thanks other contributors also

  9. Exactly, as children of Divine Truth, Life and Love, we are free from false witnessing the presence of something other than God’s kingdom. What has a false idea, thought healed? A false idea reinforced by fear has never restored any sense of the original spiritually created identity. Thank you, Evan for this insightful post.

    1. Yes, Josef, we must “monitor” the false ideas and lies and see them for what they are,
      rather than believing in them or thinking they can be transferred to anyone via untruths
      by any means. That is, stand porter at the door of thought, believing only Good, “seeing
      all power as belonging to Truth”, as Evan so rightly writes.

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