Rejoicing in the Easter message

April 16, 2022 | 14 comments


He is risen! The angel announced to the women who had come to find the body of Jesus after his crucifixion. After three days in the tomb, Jesus had come back to life and made a demonstration of spiritual life that has inspired billions of people since to seek the same.

Jesus proved that death is not an enemy to fear. It is not an end to life. It never touches our Life with God, which is eternal in Spirit.

May your every day be filled with living the Easter message of Life eternal. Have no fear of death. Enjoy living your eternal spiritual Life with God here and now. You don’t have to die to find it. Rather, live to prove it!

Happy Easter!

14 thoughts on “Rejoicing in the Easter message”

  1. Dear Evan. How lovely to find this Easter message today. Jesus’ resurrection can also be our resurrection, out of the false matter-based ways of thinking into the light of spiritual understanding. I am so grateful for SpiritView and for your loving dedication in providing it for us, to help us grow in our own understanding. A very happy Easter to you and Kathy and to all our family of SpiritViewers worldwide.

  2. HAPPY EASTER to you Evan Kathy and family. Your Spirit View posts are always uplifting.

  3. A joyful surprise today on Spirit View.
    ‘Enjoy living your eternal spiritual Life with God here and now!’… a message for everyday.
    Thank you Evan and Easter blessings to you, Kathy and all your family.
    Indeed Love to everyone here on SV across. The world.❣️

  4. Thank you Evan for this joyful surprise, the support is really appreciated. Happy Easter to you and All Spiritviewer !

  5. Thank you Evan for your wonderful posts throughout the year. They always help and support me and everyone how to to see , practice and experience our God given freedom as His perfect creation, spiritual and pure.
    Today it reminds me of a letter Mrs. Eddy wrote to a student,Pamelia Leonard, as documented in the book, Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Healer, page 236:
    “Never let a “scalding tear” fall on your dear cheek, but joy and rejoice in the God of your salvation all ways, for Christ, Truth, is the way, and you are walking in it and are well now.

    Do realize that the cross is over and you are risen. Matter has no part in your life work. Mind is all, and this Mind is Good, Life, Love. These you have now. Do not look into the past or future, “into the place where they have laid him”—-even the belief of substance or sensation in matter, but look to Mind, the divine Mind, that acts upon the human and causes it to relinquish the belief in disease, and to have but one Mind, one God. Keep this commandment.”

    1. What a wonderful Easter article! Thank you RH!

      Evan, Thank you for all the ideas you are sharing and for hosting a space to bring everyone together and share those ideas. Happy Easter!

  6. Thank you Evan for today’s beautiful Easter message.
    I love to think about the glorious illumination that Jesus must have experienced to be able to raise himself beyond the rock solid belief of death. How with the powerful impulsion of Spirit the stone rolled away,-and how in a state of holy transparency Jesus walked away from the tomb of mortality.

    Glory be to God!

  7. In the Manual of the Mother Church The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston Massachusetts by Mary Baker Eddy, page 60, Easter observances; ““Gratitude and love should abide in every heart each day of all the years. Those sacred words of our beloved Master, “Let the dead bury their dead,“ and “Follow thou me,“ appeal to daily Christian endeavors for the living whereby to exemplify I risen Lord.”“

  8. Glory to God, LOVE, and” peace to the struggling hearts! Christ has rolled away the stone ! “
    Thank you, Evan, Kathy, my dear brothers and sisters!
    Last week I read an account in which Mrs. Eddy called Jesus her brother! What an amazing thought!
    Love and endless gratitude to all who contribute and share the beautiful unfolding ideas.

  9. Happy Easter to you dear Evan, too and also to all SpiritView Friends. Today on Monday, in Germany is another holiday, namely Easter Monday.
    This week’s lesson sermon has the toppic “Probation after death “, which says principally, there is no death but only Life, as God, the all in all, is eternal Life, our creater!
    Am very grateful God put me into Christian Science!
    Thank you RH for the link to the Easter message ♡

      1. Thank you Evan, for giving us this loving special Easter message – with gratitude and much love to all!♡♡♡

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