The right to self-government

April 7, 2022 | 27 comments


In my prayers for resolution of the Ukrainian war, I frequently find inspiration in this quote written by Mary Baker Eddy:

“God has endowed man with inalienable rights, among which are self-government, reason, and conscience. Man is properly self-governed only when he is guided rightly and governed by his Maker, divine Truth and Love”
(Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 106).

I pray that the one Mind of Truth and Love guide and govern the thoughts of all peoples on both sides of the conflict. That the future of mankind is not one group of people controlling another, but one God inspiring everyone to think and act in the best interest of all around them.

The right to self-government, under God’s government, is inalienable. It is never lost or stolen.

27 thoughts on “The right to self-government”

  1. Right! That’s so helpful, not only for Ukrainian people, but for those of the so-called aggressor country. Woke up feeling fear and aggressive fearful thoughts about upcoming undertaking and big changes in my life due to financial and family situations, but quickly recognized these thoughts of near terror surrounding the many tasks and uncertainties of this adventure as aggressive suggestion that God’s child or ideas can ever be anything less than completely governed by Love each step, or mile, of the way and that all are directed and protected and governed in safety,, wisdom, intelligence and brotherly kindness and care ever moment of the day and night. Oh gentle presence, peace and joy and power, oh Life divine that owns each waiting hour, quickly came to thought, as the opening line of a beloved hymn written by the author, Mary Baker Eddy. Thou Love that guards the nestlings faltering flight, keep thou my child on upward wing tonight,, it continues. I was surprised as it came out my lips at 4am, but it was my perfect answer of Loves presence, protection and care for myself and my loved ones and our world. Thank you Evan and all here in this community of Love and peace! 🙂

    1. I have “O gentle presence” going through my thoughts (and out my mouth) this morning too! One Mind, governing all – sending those thoughts around the world.

    2. Dear Still Learning, I empathize with you. I’ve found that early morning is a time when error thinks it can get a foothold into thought and tries to be aggressive. Of course the Truth is that in the early morning (or any time) we can only hear of goodness, newness, freshness from God.

      “Cause me to hear Your Lovingkindness in the morning,” (Hymn 457 and Psalms 143:8)

      Good to read how you recognized and turned away from the aggressive mental suggestions and regained your God-provided Peace (never lost but momentarily forgotten). Thank you and thanks to Evan. As always, so glad to be part of this wonderful group of spiritual thinkers.

    3. Many thanks Evan. This declaration of self-government under God! CAN NOT be lost or stolen!
      and thanks to Still Learning
      you shared your prayer and insights — so helpful!

  2. Thanks Evan! This is an important prayer for here in the US as well. It certainly seems like one group is trying to force their religious beliefs on others in many states. The best, and really only, thing to do for the world, is to insist that God is the one in control, and all that seems unjust will be righted – because it cannot exist under God’s control.

  3. Thanks Evan and all, I especially appreciate Ellen’s comments. The Spirit View went right on my Home Screen so I could see it frequently.
    Many thanks!

    1. Yes Nadine. The hymn helps me remember “His arm encircles me and mine and ALL.”
      That includes “powerful President of Russia”
      The TRUTH of God never created a Goliath
      nor soldiers and citizens of both countries being used as pawns in an unjust war.

    1. Thank you Angie for this wonderful article.
      I love to read about God`s Law, because we know that it is the only Law which governs and guides!

  4. This passage from S&H has stood out to me and I have worked with it for some time. I think it is relevant to everything that has been happening since 2020. Not just Ukraine.

    The underpinning of my prayers have been about the revelation of TRUTH. In all things. The very essence of Christian Science is about discovering the TRUTH. In order for any healing to take place one must awaken to the TRUTH about ourselves, sin, disease, sickness or any other mortal event or belief that portrays itself as real. “Ye shall know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall set you free”.

    I continue to pray about the truth being reveled and demonstrated, as I do not believe we are being told the truth about many things, causing us to pray about and heal the symptom, and not the lie that caused it to present itself.

    1. I believe little by little the Truth Is being revealed and the underlying … lying… of so
      many issues are being exposed. I agree, Roger, that prayer is needed to get to the root
      of all of these issues, in order for Truth to “set [us] free.” Truth is being expressed along
      many avenues and sources, some one wouldn’t expect it to come from and this is so
      refreshing and empowering to see God’s work in action.

  5. Jesus says if we have faith the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountains.

    How then does the brutality continue? The crime? The government graft? So much corruption? Devoted spiritual seekers earnestly pray daily for the revelation of peace and justice. Don’t they have faith enough? How can that be?

    1. People’s prayers and efforts toward justice are making a huge difference. Evil has been around in very ugly forms for eons to the mortal sense of things, but it is getting less and less as time goes on and spirituality takes a wider hold around the world. Studies have proven that there are less wars on earth now than ever before in the history of humanity. Progress is happening! But we need a lot more. Keep praying and working for it! Your efforts make a difference.

      1. Thank you Evan for your clarification!
        I am very sure that all prayers in the world, and there are countless praying, have great healing effects on all present problematic situations . And we are taught by the Bible and Science and Health to pray without ceising. Yes we will do that ♡

        PROGRESS is of GOD/ “In Science Divine LOVE ALONE GOVERNS MAN.” (Manual p 40)
        We won’t quit praying — declaring That GOD GOVERNS!
        EVERY PRAYER HAS AN EFFECT somewhere is the world where it is needed!

  6. Both yesterday’s and today’s posts have been especially helpful in uplifting thought regarding the war in Ukraine. Thank you, Evan, and everyone who contributes to SpiritView, Angie, the article you shared this morning is perfect—healing and insightful. Over the years I have often wondered how people kept their faith during the horrors of World War II. This article offers how one mother prayed faithfully for her two sons who were in service at that time. Holding fast to our understanding of God’s ever present, ever operative divine law of good, of harmony, wholeness and intelligence, we can see beyond the startling images of the nightly news to the reality of God’s “truth already here.” (Hymn 527). I am so grateful for this forum.

  7. Thank you very much Evan for that passage from Science and Health, I felt love and safty and real care when I read it already in former times, because it says to me we can’t govern ourselves humanly. God alone governs, guides us and cares for us. That is such a wonderful nearness to our Father-Mother God!
    I am deeply grateful dear Evan, for your wonderful metaphysical support every day which heals and meets our spiritual needs!♡

  8. They Kingdom come, let the reign of Divine Life, Truth and Love be established in me! And rule out of me all sin! And may They Word enrich the affections of all mankind and govern them!

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