What about doctors

March 18, 2020 | 34 comments

As a Christian Scientist, I’ve been asked the question by inquiring neighbors, “Are you one of those people who don’t believe in doctors?” The question is easy to answer, but also requires some further explanation to clear up misunderstandings in the public mind about the practice of Christian Science.

In this vlog, I share one way I might answer the question to clear up misunderstanding.

I filmed this vlog on the shore of a beautiful lake in B.C. Canada on our road trip home from Alaska last September.

“What about doctors”

34 thoughts on “What about doctors”

  1. I remember being asked that question before and I replied, “why, yes I believe they exist” …. and I went on to explain that while I know they do the best they can but I have discovered a method of treatment that goes beyond the limiters of human ways and means and so far, it has not failed me.

  2. Thank you for your affirmation of the good we see daily in all whom we meet! God truly loves all His children.

  3. Chuckle here, too. So grateful for doctors for who they are and what they do. But also believe that God heals. And a nice part about spiritual healing is that there are no bad side effects! 🙂

  4. When asked this type of question I say, “Of course I BELIEVE in them and they do a great job helping as many people as they can…but a doctor isn’t my first port of call in any situation. Also, a doctor isn’t always available or know what to do anyway…but GOD is always available. As you said, Evan, if my prayers do not seem to be “working” and the situation seems very dire, personally I wouldn’t choose to leave this stage of my life earlier than necessary just for the sake of some kind of false pride so I could say “I would rather die than go to a hospital”. I would prefer to stay here and do more good work , learn more about God while here and learn how to get that kind of healing through prayer. Some people would think I am appalling for saying this but I am being honest.

    1. Saying that there is a dire situation that God cannot handle is total animal magnetism. Radical reliance on God is the only way in Christian Science. Once you go to a doctor and seek help it opens the door to other problems. “What God cannot do man need not attempt.” That’s a direct quote from Mrs. Eddy. Christian Scientists are the ones that prove that with God all things are possible, even DIRE situations. Jesus never thought a situation was dire. If you don’t believe what you say then you are an ology or ism in the world. If something isn’t being healed then it’s a digging deeper and keeping with it. It’s not giving up and saying well, I can’t take this anymore! That’s what animal magnetism would want us to do is give up and think that seeking a doctor’s help is the right thing. Yes, doctors are real people doing what they think is helpful but we as Christian Scientists can rely and should rely on God for ALL needs, period.

  5. Thank you , Evan , and particularly Diane for her response. I have been in that situation before, and I chose to suffer it to be so now…so that I could continue to serve and to grow deeper in my understanding that God is my life. Even the Drs had no explanation as to why I was alive, but my dear practitioner and family did know. That is just one instance. We all must adhere to our highest sense of right at any time. God blesses our efforts where we are!

  6. Gratitude, Evan & Friends. I’m also grateful when I had an “emergency” situation my children didn’t call the ambulance but my practitioner. I’m stilling “working out the problem of being” but the CS way. As all have noted, each one, including the doctors, is striving to bless his neighbor . T’yall!

  7. Thank you for sharing this, Evan.
    I used to work for surgeons, and one of the transplant surgeons once told me that he always prayed before performing a surgery. I tell people that Christian Science is about turning to God’s power of healing first, and then, if need be, turn to a doctor as the next step; however, I have found that the second step becomes unnecessary. God’s divine power of healing does the work.

  8. To all who are listening and watching this clear and loving message from Evan, as it concluded, YOU TUBE immediately popped up with another You TUBE video from FOX NEWS, and four “talking heads” showing FOX NEWS Daily Show, one was host, one was Joe Biden, one was President Donald J Trump and the 4th one was another Fox News host; HILARIOUS, and tickled my funny bone, that THEY were all listening to Evan Mehlenbacher’s vlog about believing in God who heals us spiritually. Next to President Trump was a title of their “Daily Show” titled Trump’s “Cringey Choronavirus Address.” I truly believe that the rest of the world is listening, to learn how to heal spiritually, and that the news channel wants to hear from us and they want to be healed. That’s my prayer take away from this vlog. Hope they learned from Evan that God heals. Now I’m going to find out how to block YOU TUBE from linking to my email site.

  9. My preference is to rely on God for healing and the
    Comfort provided by Christian Science is essential
    and a step up from medicine .Doctors are necessary
    as they know the physical aspect and many have
    faith in God’s power.Your answer, Evan is assurance
    of the need for humility.Thanks for lovely picture of
    reflection as well.

    1. Yes you are absolutely right. While I was in hospital I learned a valuable lesson not to tar doctors and nurses with the brush of agnosticism! I had several WONDERFUL discussions with nurses who told me they rely on God to get them through all sorts of problems and one said, “God never lets me down”. Another told me not to feel bad about having to be there instead of at church because (and she then quoted this to me! ) “There is now NO CONDEMNATION to those who love God”! The day I was being released an Indian or Sri Lankan nurse I’d never spoken to came in to do paperwork and remarked I’d been there quite a long time. I said “Well it was SUPPOSED to be a day or so!” She replied “Oh well don’t stress over that..God has His plan for you..I guess you were meant to learn something while you were here. Do you think you know what it is?” SERIOUSLY you could have knocked me over with a feather! I said “Yes I learnt not to be judgemental!”

  10. Thanks Evan and all of you who commented. This is a healthy discussion.
    I attended a conference a few years ago, called Spirituality and Healing. It was organized by the Faculty of Medicine, Continuing Education , at a University in Canada.
    There were many speakers beside the keynote speaker. One session I attended was a medical doctor from Toronto, a Christian, , who said he always asked his patients if they would like him to pray for them/with them. Most of them wanted prayer.
    He spoke of three “incurable” cases, where he prayed for the patient, and all three of them were healed. He is still a doctor, but his trust is in God, and was, when “all else failed.”
    Another of the speakers was a Christian Science Lecturer, whose message was heard by the people who attended his session, as well as in a final open session, where he was singled out and asked for his comments on the topic relating to healing and health .
    Yes I do believe in doctors and nurses, who are out there doing their best to help and heal.
    And I too am “one of those people who believe in the Almighty healing power of God!” So thankful!
    Love to all, Joy

  11. One of my best friends is an M.D., and she has developed a more ”open” approach to how she handles her patients spiritual ideas with her. Once we traveled together to St. Louis, where she was searching for a care home for her aging father. After researching many in that city, we visited Peace Haven together, which is a Christian Science care facility. Almost from the moment we entered Peace Haven, she declared “this is the place I would choose for my father.” She FELT the LOVE expressed there, and became interested in the manner in which Peace Haven’s guests were treated. She approved of not providing medication, as she knows it rarely improves health.
    We Christian Scientists have so many opportunities to share and, therefore, bless others, while honoring our friends’ and associates’ sincere desire to heal and be of service.

  12. thank you for this. I think material medicine is good for trauma. I think the ‘doctor’ that is always available is the one Mind No need to stop prayer because you are in n emergency room. As MBE said she supports anyone who relieves suffering. I had a situation many years ago with one of my children that was serious. I only knew a little bit but stuck with it. I know the situation was reduced and my child saved because I turned to God in the small way I knew

  13. Thank you, Evan, and everyone! What wonderful comments and inspired sharing! We can indeed respect all the medical professionals who are striving to help humanity, and continue to strive through our own practice of Christian Science that it heals and blesses all universally.

  14. I have visited that beautiful lake with the amazing mountains off in the distance that is in British Columbia, Canada….it’s name: Moraine Lake.
    Thanks to everyone for their comments today.

  15. Enjoying your sense of humor while filming this vlog and loving the clear water in the background that reflects the mountains! Beautiful! Thank you Evan!
    Doctors spend a great deal of time in their education because they want to bless people but they see healings from the material point of view and that is why they spend so much time learning about the material body. Mary Baker Eddy’s Scientific Statement of Being declares man (and women) as spiritual. If we are spiritual, a material remedy would not seem to be the way to go. But, if we believe we are material, it seems logical. If one believes they are spiritual, it might seem crazy to use a material form of treatment. And, if you think you are material, it might seem crazy to apply a spiritual treatment. May we learn to understand no one is crazy but just has different beliefs about their identity. Then perhaps the world will open their eyes to the possibility that we are spiritual.

    1. YES spot ON Kirsten! I had to learn that myself…get rid of the judgemental attitude..it’s not loving or understanding and if we don’t want to be judged….you know the rest! As Jesus said…DO NOT JUDGE OTHERS!

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